Friday, October 24, 2008

Drop Zone Premiere, Las Vegas

Drop Zone Supporters: Jim Miller, Nancy Miller, BGI's Hillary Meisels, Hillary's friend that she hasn't seen in 21 years, and Charlotte Lesser.
Body Glove Entertainment's Scott Smith.  Toasting to a successful night.
Billy and Jenna Meistrell and friend on the end.
The Joint-Where The Drop Zone premiered and everybody had a good time.

Drop Zone Premiere, Las Vegas

Billy Meistrell and Dive N Surf's Tracy Meistrell
The Body Glove Family Leaders: Patty and Bob Meistrell

Alex Gray and his girlfriend

Robbie Meistrell and his daughters

Drop Zone Premiere, Las Vegas

Bob Meistrell being interviewed by Chris Cote.
Body Glove Wetsuits' Todd Richards, Kurt Rios and Greg Browning
BGI PR and fashion stylist: Sarah Lalau
Shelly Meistrell, Jenny Looney from Dive N Surf and Ronnie Meistrell

Jeff Browning (Jeff created and organized the music for the Drop Zone) and BGI and MWRC web site specialist guy, Jeff Miller.

Drop Zone Premiere, Las Vegas

Patty Meistrell, Dive N Surf's Dave Jensen, and Bob Meistrell
Bob Meistrell and Dive Photographer legend, Wes Skiles
The Body Glove Watch team.
Body Glove Entertainment's Scott Smith and Linda Sue Dingle

Cheyne Magnusson with his girlfriend at the premiere.

Drop Zone Premiere, Las Vegas

Chris Cote interviews the people who made it all happen.
Greg Browning (the creator and director of the Drop Zone) and Alex Gray
Chris Cote from Transworld Surf Magazine
BGI President, Russ Lesser and Easy Reader, Kevin Cody

BGI team leaders: Robbie Meistrell, Scott Daley and Billy Meistrell

Drop Zone Premiere, Las Vegas

Garrett Quon (Garrett did the motion graphics for the movie) and his girlfriend.
Matt Walls from Body Glove Wetsuits and wife.
The crowd waiting to get their free t-shirts shot out to them.
Free T-shirts were shot out into the crowd.  Holly and Alex loading up.

Holly, Cheyne, Alex and Chris Cote.  After the movie they got up to talk to the crowd.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE - Redondo Beach, CA Congratulations Body Glove rider Dusty Payne on the huge win at the Oakley Pro Junior in Bali. All of the hard work has paid off.

Dusty is one of the world¹s most rippingest free surfers and works super hard for us, so we just want to say congratulations and a big thank you on the huge win. Body Glove is stoked to have you on the team for at least
another two yeara and can¹t wait to see you win more comps!

Congratulations from the entire Body Glove family!!!!

To see pics and videos of Dusty ripping go to

Rays Apparel to shut down

As reported on 10/15/08

I’m sure many of you have heard the rumors about Rays Apparel, the U.S. licensee for Split.

Jim Stark, who runs Rays Apparel, responded to an email I sent him last night and explained the situation. I also asked him to clarify the relationship between Rays Apparel and Rays Group.

Here is Jim in his own words:

“The situation is fairly simple. Rays Apparel, Inc. and The Rays group are the same company. Rays Apparel Inc. is the U.S. licensee for Split Apparel. Rays Apparel, Inc. has made a decision to close the company. The closure will take several months to complete as Rays will continue to ship the Split product through the end of the year and possibly into 2009. I would think that during this period the Split Brand would be sold to another buyer to keep the brand within the market.

“The reason to close the company was simple. Rays Apparel, Inc. has always been a very profitable company. But the economic factors that have effected both retail and wholesale caused Rays to experience losses during 2008. In looking to future, we did not see any improvement in the situation that could reverse the recent patterns of losses. Therefore we decided to close the business rather than risk further losses. Our employees were given 60 days notice yesterday.”

“As for the relationship with other boardsport companies in Orange County, there are none. Rays is a stand alone entity and does not have any relationship with 686, KR3W, Supra, or any other brand in our industry. 686 does rent space from the same building Rays is located at, and we all manufacture with the same overseas manufacturer for our sportswear product.

“The decision to eventually close Rays was a very difficult one. We have had a wonderful working relationship with our many long time employees and retailers and we sincerely appreciate each and every one of them.

“I hope this clarifies everything for you and helps you avoid any rumors and bad information which sometimes gets rampant in this industry for no good reason at all.

“This is a sad day for Rays and I would hope that people would respect that.”

Monday, October 13, 2008

Revised Magnum Ad

Final version that is going to Transworld Surf Mag. That's Grayson Daley with the helmet (Scott's son) and Jack Daley in the middle and Parker Browning on the end (Greg Browning's son).  It was a day of trial and errors but we finally got it done.

New Magnum Ad For Transworld

Next ad featuring the Magnum wetsuit in Transworld Surf Mag.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Drop Zone Movie Poster

We are getting things done for the movie premiere of The Drop Zone.  The movie poster was finished today and will be going out to the printers tomorrow.  Cheyne Magnusson, Alex Gray and Holly Beck will be on hand at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas to sign the posters.

Drop Zone VIP Invite

Invite to a few select people for the Premiere showing of The Drop Zone at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas.

New Sport Diver Ad

We are gearing up for the premiere of the new Body Glove and partners Dive N Surf movie.  Here's is the latest ad to hype it up.

New ad for Sport Diver Magazine.  If you would like the artwork from this ad please contact Nate VanHook at

Monday, October 6, 2008


New POP Layouts created from Body Glove Wetsuits USA for rep James Bruce up north.

New Body Glove Master Craft Boat

Billy Meistrell has put together another deal with Master Craft for a new Body Glove boat.  It just got finished getting the new graphics applied.  

Friday, October 3, 2008

Dusty Payne Re-Ups with BG thru 2010

October 3, 2008 Dusty Payne Re-Ups with Body Glove through 2010 Redondo Beach, CA - Body Glove is stoked to announce that Dusty Payne has extended his contract with the world’s first wetsuit maker for another two years. Dusty has been a part of the Body Glove wetsuit team for the last three years.  

Greg Browning of Body Glove, said, “Dusty is a great surfer with an incredible career ahead of him and we’re really excited to be a part of that.”  

The Hawaiian phenom is one of the best free surfers on the planet, travels the globe on photo shoots, and is a constant presence on Surfing Magazine’s Hot 100. Dusty has a solid future in the world of surfing and Body Glove is ecstatic to be a part of it.  

To watch videos of Dusty surfing in Tahiti go to Check out the rest of our team at  

Photo props to Tom Carey  

About Body Glove Founded in 1953, Body Glove is a leading, worldwide action sports brand specializing in wetsuits, swimwear, clothing, footwear, accessories, and technology accessories. The company sponsors one of the most respected surf and wakeboard teams in the industry with such powerhouse names as pro surfers Bruce Irons, Mike Losness, Dusty Payne and Holly Beck and pro wake boarders Rusty Malinoski, Shelby Kantar and Jeff McKee. Through Reef Check, SIMA’s environmental fund, and the Surfrider Foundation, Body Glove works to preserve the purity of the waters it loves. Body Glove products are sold in the U.S. by a network of independent retailers. Body Glove is also sold in approximately 50 countries internationally.  

Media Contact: Sarah Lalau 
310-374-3441 x270