Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holly Beck Launches New Blog

Holly Beck lives an amazing life and she has launched a new blog to chronicle it better than her last blog. Bookmark it and come back often as she will keep you up to date with surfing in the South Bay, China trips, beer tasting, rock concerts, shark diving, The Drop Zone, beer tasting, Mexican food, yoga, modeling and more.

Check it out at

Happy Holidays from the Body Glove Family!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Anthony Walsh Re-Signs with Body Glove

Anthony Walsh Re-Signs with Body Glove

Redondo Beach, CA (December 20, 2010) – Australian ripper Anthony Walsh is the latest athlete to extend his sponsorship deal with Body Glove International. Walsh has signed a 3-year extension and an upgrade, to a full package athlete for wetsuits, apparel and boardshorts.

"In 2010 Anthony was always able to put himself in the right place at the right time. Incredible images of Anthony in the barrel have resulted. We are extremely excited that Anthony is part of the team," said Scott Daley, VP of Marketing.

Walsh has big plans for the coming 2011 season and beyond with Body Glove. His second place finish at the 5-Star Pipe Line contest last year has reignited his passion for contests. He currently sits among the top 120 ASP WQS surfers and plans to better that position in the coming season on tour.

There is a lot of traveling in the future as well. Along with hitting the ASP circuit hard, his focus remains on as many trips and filming he can hit in his schedule. He has plans to travel his native Australia and other major heavy surf location with FuelTV.

Body Glove is stoked to have Anthony and his new family as a part of our family. Here’s to a great 2010 and a Happy New Year!

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Freediving Sharks Cove on the North Shore

The Body Glove crew had a nice relaxing last day on the North Shore of Oahu. The team went free diving at Sharks Cove. Check out some of the photos below.
Holly Beck and Kailee getting ready for a Body Glove Fins, Mask and Snorkel photo shoot.
In front of the camera.

Team rider Anthony Walsh swam out through an underwater cave.
Anthony Walsh getting his underwater foam hand shot!
Jenna Meistrell freediving with the hand.
and getting the shot!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holly Beck and Chandler Parr Stand Up Paddle

Body Glove girls Holly Beck and Chandler Parr took Body Glove's new stand up paddle boards for a test drive. It was a bit of a rocky start but the girls got a hang of it and caught some waves.

Photos by Mike Balzer

Monday, December 13, 2010

Body Glove Boardshort Shoot at Rocky Rights

"Amazingly fun," said Matt Pagan about the waves the team surfed yesterday at Rocky Rights. "The surf was so good for so long that I changed my trunks 4 times. "

Matt Pagan, Cheyne Magnusson, Alex Gray, Anthony Walsh, Holly Beck, Chandler Parr, Darshon Gooch, and our reps Jex McCartney and Keith Terriberry surfed long rippable rights for hours... with an occasional left.

Anthony Walsh
Holly Beck
Alex Gray
Darshon Gooch
Chandler Parr

Matt Pagan
Cheyne Magnusson getting some air!

Photos by Mike Balzer

Walshy re-signs with Team Body Glove 2011

Anthony Walsh and his family have been spending time at the Body Glove house. Anthony has confirmed that he is going to be a full package Body Glove team rider for 2011 and into the future. " In 2010 Anthony has always been able to put himself in the right place at the right time. Incredible images of Anthony in the barrel have resulted. We are extremely excited that Anthony is part of the team," said Scott Daley, VP of Marketing.

Anthony Walsh and Crystal Dzigas with son Damien.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Monk Seal in front of the Body Glove House on Sunset Beach!

Today we have a Monk Seal hanging out in front of the Body Glove house on Sunset Beach. It is known to Hawaiians as "llio-holo-i-ka-uaua" or "dog that runs in rough water." The monk seal is among the most endangered of all sea species.
Drew and Parker Browning with Shakas next to the Monk Seal.
Scott Daley with Drew and Parker Browning.

Our buddy, the Monk Seal.

Sales Manager Matt Patterson says goodbye to Hawaii!

After a week of surfing, shooting photos and hanging with our retail partners, sales manager Matt Patterson is heading home.

“Coming here to the North Shore each winter is a gift, and I’m just incredibly fortunate and grateful to be a part of it”, said Patterson. “We bring a few of our retailers here and we surf, dive and hang out”.

Team riders Cheyne Magnusson, Alex Gray, Anthony Walsh among others have been hanging out with Matto at the pad. The Body Glove team wants to acknowledge the personal effort and diligence Matto put into getting all shots for wetsuits and accessories while he was here.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Body Glove Oahu Dive N Surf Adventure

After five days of surfing on the North Shore the trip has finally made it full circle with a Dive N Surf adventure. Scott Daley and Jenna Meistrell had an epic morning of diving with Dave Kohler and Jordan Dossett from Island Divers Hawaii.

They started with a dive to 107 feet to the Corsair Plane Wreck. The plane was in great condition and has turned into a underwater habitat for fish, eels and other ocean creatures. Their second dive they went through a huge sea cave where they saw white tip reef sharks and a few massive sea turtles.

"The visibility on the south shore was amazing! When I put my mask on and looked down to the 107 foot depth I could see the plane with full visibilty. Then the giant cave that we dove through at a depth of 60 feet was the size of a large building with incredible sea life. To put it lightly they were in the top five dives of my life," said Scott Daley.

A special thanks to the entire crew at Island Divers Hawaii in Honolulu, Oahu for showing us an amazing morning!
Dave Kohler from Island Divers with Jenna Meistrell and Scott Daley.
The Corsair Airplane Wreck at 107 feet.
Jenna Meistrell and Scott Daley in front of the Corsair Wreck.

Dave Kohler and Jordan Dossett from Island Divers.
Jenna and Scott full of smiles or experiencing the side effects of nitrogen narcosis after checking out the Corsair Wreck.
Jordan Dossett with an octopus on his arm.

Scott Daley hanging out with a sea turtle.
Jenna hanging out with Body Glove colored fish!

And of course they had to make it full circle and finish the day off with a surf for the ultimate Dive N Surf adventure!

Dive photos by Dave Kohler, Dive Instructor, LA Country Lifeguard, Scuba Ambassador

Matt Pagan splits his lip!

Yesterday morning Body Glove's surfer Matt Pagan paddled out at Rocky Rights. It was a really fun day and not too crowded. He was driving through a couple barrels but one in particular ended his session. It was a pretty small barrel that closed out. As he came up from the water the board was still under water. The board shot up and hit him in the lip splitting it into a T. That was twenty minutes into his session. He has been hurt every session so far. Matt Chernega, Surf Team Manager took him to the Kahuku ER. Pagan had the same nurse he had two weeks ago when he went to see if he had a concussion.

They stuck the numbing needle into his lip and turned his whole mouth and tongue numb. Overall it was pretty minor and he only needed one stitch. He is now happy to say that he is back out in the water.

VP of Marketing Scott Daley checking out Pagan's lip.
Before getting stitched up.

Taking the pain away!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Andrew of Surfer Supplies gets the FUNK out.

Andy Funk from Surfer Supplies in New Jersey is the epitome of a hard core surfer. He’s been coming to Hawaii with Body Glove for six years and rode juts about every board in the house including a star-studded-super-session at huge Sunset on the SUP board. “This has been the most productive trip I’ve ever had here in Hawaii, as far as surf goes” commented Andy. “Having dealers like A. Funk hang out with us in Hawaii is what makes Body Glove TRULY a family, and not just a company”, said Matt Patterson, director of sales. Andy flew 12+ hours to surf the North Shore for a week – worth every minute of it !

Aloha Sean Weiman from Liquid Surf Shop

Sean Weiman from Liquid Surf Shop in Carmel has been coming to the North Shore for nearly 20 years, starting with an original voyage with friend Paul Smith who is currently a North Shore lifeguard, manager at Cholo’s and instructor of yoga as a resident here on the Shore. Sean spent most of his time here at the Body Glove house surfing Backyards, Aligators and Rocky Rights. “I timed the swell perfectly”, remarked Sean, when asked about his lucky timing with the swell. Seans last night was celebrated in fine style with the premiere screening of Drop Zone. “We hope he is back here with us net year”, said Matt Patterson, director of sales. “But you never know, that guy catches a lot of waves”.
Matt Patterson and Sean Weiman

Drop Zone Fiji Screening at Banzai Sushi in Haleiwa

Drop Zone Fiji premiered to a packed Banzai Sushi in Haleiwa, Hawaii. Professional Surfers and stars of the film, Alex Gray, Cheyne Magnusson and Holly Beck were in attendance. It was an amazing turn out and as you can tell by the photos below a lot of FUN!
Matt Patterson and key Body Glove retailers.
Keith Terriberry

Banzai Sushi

Scott Smith, Jenna Meistrell, Scott Daley, Holly Beck and Matt Pagan
Dancing with the foam hands!

Scott Daley, Aaron Checkwood, Matt Chernega and Matt Pagan
Greg Browning with sons Drew and Parker.
Jenna Meistrell and Cheyne Magnusson representing with the foam hands.
The Body Glove Crew!

Darshan Gooch and Brandon Bowden