Friday, October 30, 2009

80's Flashback Friday

So the girls at Body Glove International thought in the spirit of Halloween it would be a good time to break out all the Body Glove fashion pieces from the 80's.

Allen Sarlo debuts "Work To Surf"

Almost ten years in the making, Work to Surf chronicles the life and
times of Allen Sarlo, one of the surfing world's most accomplished and
committed performers. From the earliest days in Venice's Dogtownr
haunts to earning his place in the legendary Malibu lineup; from the
birth of professional surfing to the cutting edge of big wave tow-in
surfing; from ultimate local to consumate world traveler, Allen 's
story is as diverse as the sport itself. Yet Allen's has not been the
typical surfer's path. The foundation of his lifelong obssession has
been an extraordinary work ethic that has afforded Allen the balance
necessary for an intregal surfing life—the true measure of success and
an inspiration to surfers and non-surfers alike.  Shot and edited by
renowned surfing cinematographer Dave Ogle , Work To Surf takes us
from the beaches of Malibu to hidden barrels in Mexico, from Oahu's
thundering North Shore to the wild islands of Indonesia, from desert
Baja pointbreaks to 30-foot Island outer reefs. Featuring the surfing
of Mark Foo, Kelly Slater, Jay Riddle, Rob Machado, Yadin Nicol, Pat
O'Connell, Bobby Owens, Jay Adams, Peter Cole and Derrick Doerner,
mixed to a dynamic soundtrack that includes songs by Ben Harper, Work
to Surf is a colorful portrait of a surfer who has made it work, year
after year, swell after swell, wave after wave.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Photos of the Body Glove Team

Here are some random shots I got today of the whole surf photo session this morning. Not much to show for this time.
Our new staff water photographer, Matt "Chewy" Chernega. He was fired later that morning.
Here's a shot of Matt shooting Holly. Although I didn't see it on the Flash Card of his shots so I'm guessing he wasn't pushing the "shoot" button.
Not much action shots so at least we can get some "lifestyle" Baywatch style walking down the beach shots. Here's Chandler and Holly working for their close up shots.
Shot of Holly pulling in and then it closing out on her.

Holly after her surf session.

A View from Matt "Chewy" Chernega Eye

So we had Matt "Chewy" Chernega swim out and try and get some water shots of our two female team riders, Holly Beck and Chandler Parr this morning. This is what he came back with.
Holly Beck telling Chewy what she thinks about his shots.
A shot of Chandler from below.
Matt wishing someone was in there to shoot.
Thought a good mug shot would be good.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Body Glove and Holly Beck's Shark Diving Trip

Body Glove sent Holly Beck and our expert dive team down to Mexico to go diving with whale sharks and great whites!!! Check out some of the behind the scenes footage Holly shot during this once in a lifetime trip!

Body Glove Water Filters Take 2nd Place!

Very cool article on Body Glove Water Filter packaging and its second place finish at the 2009 Pack Expo! Environmentally friendly right down to the packaging!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Body Glove Water Bottles

Body Glove portable water filter sports bottle provides convenient water filtering while on the go. Save time and money with a reusable water filter bottle. Each filter bottle eliminates 300 plastic water bottles from landfills. The Body Glove water filter replaces up to 378 half liters of bottled water. Bottle is recylable and BPA-Free. Read more about it here:

Body Glove Waves At Orlando WWA Show

The Body Glove Waves team was recently out at the WWA show in Orlando. They had a great showing and are excited about the future of the Body Glove Wave machine. To see the machine in action go to:

Bryce Lowe-White Photography

The last few surf photo sessions, photographer Bryce Lowe-White was out there with us getting some water shots. Check out Bryce's website and see some more of his amazing photography. Go
Mike Losness

Matt Chernega
Matt Pagan

Alex Gray

Monday, October 26, 2009

Diving with Sharks

Our team at Body Glove has always been involved in conservation efforts, especially related to the ocean. Recently we have started working with the organization IEMANYA that works towards shark conservation. Professional surfer, Holly Beck, videographer, Scott Smith and I spent the last ten days immersed in sharks. We joined the team at IEMANYA on a whale shark tagging expedition, free diving with these large and gentle creatures. Too add to the adventure we joined Bob Meistrell on the Nautilus Explorer and spent three days cage diving with Great Whites. More stories, pictures and videos are coming to the website soon!

Photo by Bernie Campoli

~ Jenna Meistrell

Mike Losness and Alex Gray

Couple of shots from Mike Balzer of the Thursday morning surf session photoshoot.
Mike Losness

Alex Gray

Sequence shot of Matt Pagan

Nice sequence shot of Matt Pagan shot by Mike Balzer from this past Thursday down in the South Bay.

Dusty Payne Photoshoot

Greg Browning and photographer, Mike Balzer met Dusty Payne down in Ventura this past Friday to get some product shots for the upcoming year.
Making sure he got all his sponsor logos on his board.
Suiting up for the surf session.

Dusty in the new colorway Vapor for 2010. Keep an eye out for it.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Body Glove's Looking for a few Good Interns!

Body Glove's looking for a few good interns to help us for college credit. Check out the listing at

Friday Flops

A few outtakes from the last few days of surf shots. It's Friday and we're ready for the weekend.
Alex about to get slammed.
Probably would never make a editorial shot. Alex doing the cockroach.
Alex Gray about to blow out his ear drum.
Mike going big without his board
Mike Losness flopping around in the shorebreak.
Matt Pagan straight leg and board.
Matt Pagan jumping on the wave.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mike Losness

A few pics from today of Mike surfing in Torrance.

Photos: Mark Kawakami

Thursday Surf Session

Back out again on Thursday morning. This time Mike Losness joined the crew to get some shots. Greg Browning swam out and did some filming. Tomorrow, cross your fingers, we shoot with Dusty Payne.
Matt Pagan getting his close up.
Mike Losness checking Mike Balzer's shots to see if he got "the" shot.
Mike Losess getting some camera time.
As usual, Matt Chernega was out there supporting the team.
Alex Gray and Matt Pagan clowning around as Alex was coming in.

The crew was done and coming to shore. Matt Pagan and Matt Chernega stayed out a little while longer