Friday, February 27, 2009

Cool Article on the Body Glove Water Filters

Green down to the packaging......Happy Friday!!!!!

Tyler Smith Photoshoot

Drove up to Mt.Baldy this morning to shoot Tyler Smith in the 5/4/3 Hooded Vapor.  Look for the photos to be in the upcoming Body Glove Ad campaign.
Scott Smith and Greg Browning filming Tyler Smith.

Scott was totally sick the whole time with some exotic virus.  But he made it through the whole shoot and went home to sleep.

Body Glove Adds Two to the Force

Redondo Beach, CA – Body Glove is excited to announce the addition of the newest sales reps to the Body Glove family, Scott Overland and Jono Craig. Scott will be handling Orange to San Diego County with the help of his sub rep Jono.

Scott has been repping for the last 15 years and says, “I’m excited to be a rep for a line with this much heritage, the product looks amazing and I’m stoked to bring it to my accounts.”

Jono is newer to the game, having worked with Scott for the last year. But the world of surf is not new to him, “The bigger picture is more than just surfing, stickers and clothes. I appreciate the people that make the sport what it is and Body Glove is an awesome core brand. They have gotten to where they are because of those core roots in the surf industry.”

Scott and Jono will be ripping through the southern most parts of California showing off Body Glove’s wetsuits and accessories to specialty and core surf shops.

“These guys are awesome. Very authentic, real surf enthusiasts, they wake up every morning and think about surfing,” says Matt Walls, Surf Brand Manager, “This is something to be said about a person who can follow his passion and make it his career. These guys are well polished sales reps and I look forward to surfing and working with them for many years to come.”

Body Glove extends a warm welcome to the family Scott Overland and Jono Craig and here’s to making it a great year!!

California Surf Team

The Body Glove California Surf team was in town yesterday for a morning of surf and then a team shot later in the afternoon underneath the Manhattan Beach Pier.  Will post photos from the shot later next week.  The Body Glove Entertainment group is on a road trip today to do a photoshoot with Tyler Smith.  
Alex Gray surfing in the All New "Improved Stretch" ECO fullsuit.

Tyler Smith wearing the 5/4/3 Hooded Vapor fullsuit.
More action photos to come from Mike Balzer of Alex Gray, Tyler Smith, Chad Jackson, Nate Yeomans, Mike Losness, Cheyne Magnusson and Austin Ware.  

Monday, February 23, 2009

Alex Gray Nabs cover of Surfer

Alex Gray snagged a great shot on the cover of the April 2009 Surfer Magazine!!!! And BG's resident Lobster Cooker helped take home the Iron Chef Award for Body Glove on the North Shore.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Body Glove teaches the Girls Next Door how to dive!!!!

Check out Kendra, Holly and Bridget learning to SCUBA in BG bikinis and wetsuits!

a href="">The Girls Next Door - Taking the Plunge

The Girls Next Door - Slippery When Wet

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Body Glove Team Down at Tavarua

Cheyne Magnusson and Dusty Payne are down at Nixon's Tavarua Dream Trip.  Check out more photos on Surfer Magazine's website.

El Porto Morning Session

Getting a surf in before going to the office this morning down at El Porto in Manhattan Beach.
Scott Smith: Body Glove Entertainment Film and Editor
One of the Brewer twins.

Matt Chernega: Body Glove Team Manager

Monday, February 16, 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009

Clyde the Wonder Pup!!!!

WOOF. HI!!! My name is Clyde. My dad is professional surfer Cheyne Magnusson. Well my dad and mom, Erin, are off to FIJI which leaves me in a bit of jam… Who is going to take care of me? What will I do? Who will play with me? When we stopped by dad’s sponsor BODY GLOVE’s offices on Thursday they were literally FIGHTING over who would get to puppy sit me. The lady in the front office won [I think she may have bribed them] and I am happy to say that I will be staying with Aunt Hillary and her 2 other dogs and 2 cats. I will pop in periodically to let you all know how it is going. But I have been promised walks, visits to the dog park, even a SPA DAY at Bubbles Pet Spa…There will be some chewing going on if they don’t deliver – I am already missing my folks but I am excited to make some new friends and hang out at the Body Glove offices with the nice humans there. I tried to be brave when my parents left and Matt Lane did his best to distract me. I will miss them, but I think I will make the best of it and have some fun. Talk to you later!!

The Wonder Pup

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gabe Kling and Mike Losness surfing Salt Creek

Gabe Kling and Mike Losness were out today surfing Salt Creek.
Gabe Kling
Gabe in the Body Glove Vapor Fullsuit.

Mike Losness
All photos: Mike Balzer

Dusty Payne Photoshoot

Dusty Payne was in town a few weeks back and was out with Photographer Mike Balzer shooting in Ventura.  Dusty is wearing the Body Glove Vapor Slant Zip fullsuit.  Look for more shots coming up soon in a new ad featuring Dusty.  

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

BG Bikini Top in Surfing's Swimsuit Issue

Cheyne Magnusson and friends score south of the border

Cheyne Magnusson and a couple of his O-side friends travel south of the border in search of amazing Baja weather and barrels.

Breathing Underwater Video

Mike Losness and Austin Ware tell us about what it's like to breath underwater while getting certified to Scuba Dive.

R.I.P. Jeremy Lusk

Monday, February 9, 2009

Body Glove Signs Gabe Kling

Body Glove International is stoked to announce Gabe Kling has signed on to the Body Glove team. For 2009 Gabe will be rocking Body Glove wetsuits.

“It’s really exciting to have Gabe as a part of the family,” says Greg Browning, “He is an incredible surfer with great style. We’re looking forward to his ride on the WCT in 2009.”

Gabe won his first title, ESA Jr Men’s Champ, back in 1997 and has worked hard everyday since then. With a tremendous 2nd place showing in Portugal on the WQS in 2008, he’s keeping that momentum going in 2009.

Gabe is an awesome addition to the growing Body Glove team; he is going full force on the World Tour this year with Body Glove’s full support.

Welcome to the team and the family Gabe Kling!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Body Glove Myspace Page Updated

Check out the Body Glove Myspace page.  It has been updated with a new look.  Will have some new photos posted up in the photos section soon.  Check it.

Dive Training Day 4

The last day of dive class with 2 more dives.   Mike and Ally Losness, Austin Ware and Matt Chernega all passed and are now certified divers.  Congratulations to them all.

Dive Training Day 3 Pt.2

More photos from Day 3.  
On The Disappearance the crew gears up.
Scott Smith giving the class a few instructions.
Matt Chernega putting his gear together.
Austin getting lathered up.
Mike Losness ready to go diving.
The group getting ready to drop down the anchor line.
Greg Browning was down there ready to film the class.
Scott Smith conducts class under water.  Performing the skill tests.
Austin Ware clearing his mask.
Matt and Austin checking their navigation skills.
Mike with a starfish.
Austin giving the thumbs up during the dive.
Mike and Ally during the tour part of the dive.
Austin and Matt having a good time.
Mike and Ally.
Ally and Mike with new found friend.
And I think this is Austin.  It gets hard to keep track of who's who underwater.

The class touring through kelp.