Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hyper Crush CD Release Party at the Roxy

Join the Body Glove crew for the CD release party for our friends Hyper Crushes new record, Night Wave. Friday the 3rd we will be cramming into a party bus and heading to the Roxy in Hollywood to party with the band who helped our 8-Bit video win the Imaginarium contest with their song Arcade. Tickets are going fast, so buy yours and come party with us.

Imaginarium 2011-Body Glove 8-Bit from Body Glove on Vimeo.

Brennan Aubol wins first place at North County Grom Bomb contest

Congrats to team rider Brennan Aubol who took 1st place in the North County Grom Bomb contest. For all the 2012 Grom Bomb results click here
And for more information about other Body Glove Team Riders go here 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Bob Meistrell Dives 300 Feet in a Submarine Video

Body Glove Positive Energy Tour-Japan

A few months back Team Body Glove boarded a plane and flew to Japan for the Body Glove Positive Energy Tour fueled by XS Energy Drink.  Jamie O'Brien, Cheyne Magnusson, Alex Gray and Anthony Walsh went out and explored the Amami Island, Chiba and Tokyo.  Traveling around Japan in search of surf, sumo wrestling and go cart racing.  The is a piece written up about the trip in Surfin' Life Magazine as well as a DVD.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bob Meistrell at the JMMF Ocean Therapy with Wounded Warriors

Bob and Patty joined Jim Miller and the other JMMF volunteers yesterday for the JMMF Ocean Therapy with the Wounded Warrior Battalion. The Marines were thrilled to meet the living legend. Bob regaled the group with great stories of inspiration, and of course diving and surfing. By coincidence, the topic for our discussion group--what the Marines affectionately call the Kumbaya sessions--was overcoming injuries and what inspires recovery. Bob's story of breaking his neck and back at the first high school football game, and then recovering for such a long and successful life, was perfectly awesome.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sean Herman Battles mushy waves in Newport Beach

Sean Herman battles mushy waves and anxiety while hanging in Newport Beach with side kick Porter Hogan.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Frank Gromling Hangs with Body Glove Family

Nature Calls!

~by Frank Gromling

January 23, 2012: Off the Southern California Coast

With Bob Meistrell

This past week was a whirlwind of activity for me, and next week will be more of the same. But, I’ve always figured that moving forward is better than standing still, except when staring at a sunrise or sunset, when just watching is demanded.

Anyway, I had the benefit of a quick trip to Redondo Beach, California to visit with Body Glove International, a major company in the surfing and diving industries. As part of that visit, I had the great pleasure to join company co-founder Bob Meistrell and several family members and others on a dive trip. We took the 72’ Body Glove dive boat The Disappearance out of King Harbor and lazily cruised south to a favorite dive spot off Palos Verdes Point.

The Disappearance

Bob Meistrell in command

On board were Bob and wife Pattie, Bob’s nephew Billy (vice president), Jim Miller (advisor), Billy’s daughter Jenna (communications director) and son Daley, plus six other friends. Planning to dive were Billy, Jenna, Daley and friends Stefan and Tony.

Divers ready to go under

We anchored in 60 feet of ocean and soon all divers were off the swim platform and under the surface. While the divers moved silently off in search of lobsters and other adventures, I took turns discussing business with Bob and Jim, reviewing a new project I had brought them.

Later, while out on the back deck watching the ocean and diving birds, always a possible sign for the presence of whales, I saw a spout that could only have come from a whale, not a dolphin. I focused on the area and was rewarded by another spout and the flash of black, shiny skin. I had a whale!

It was over a half mile away and heading farther north from us, so I began to “wish” it to turn around and head our way. Not five minutes later I saw a spout closer to us and soon realized that, indeed, the whale had come about and was slowly making its way south toward our location. I love it when whales know I’m around and have to come say hello!

Gray whale just offshore Palos Verdea

Although my iPhone camera lacks distance capability, it was the only camera I had, so I snapped a few shots of the whale as it surfaced about 50 yards away. Although it doesn’t show well in my pictures, there was a fairly deep cut on the peduncle, the top of the whale near the tail, which looked like a keel strike. The cut had healed, but it was evident a boat had crossed paths with the whale at some time in the past.

All of us on deck watched as the young gray whale swam slowly south, just off the kelp line along the coast. In a few minutes it had vanished in the distance, but remained the topic of our amused conversation. When the divers surfaced a few minutes later, they had not seen the whale from below, but caught a parting glimpse as it moved into an area of bright sunlight on the surface.

Gray whale moving south

What a great day! The ocean swells, sunshine, new friends having a good time, and a whale swimming by to say welcome to the west coast. Once again, I was in my element and loving every minute of it. Even the return to King Harbor, with the painted mural of gray whales off in the distance, was a special experience as we passed the Portofino Hotel and glided past boats of every description.

It doesn’t get much better

Until next time, remember to do one little thing to help Nature have a better day.

Frank Gromling, Publisher
Ocean Publishing
386-517-1600 / Fax 386-517-2564
Making waves with quality books!

Jason Feist boards at J7

Santa Barbara's Jason Feist has been shaping amazing shred sleds for over 10 years. Check out the latest and greatest J7 designs at his new retail location down in Santa Barbara's Funk Zone. While you're there, you can also check out a wide selection of Body Glove wetsuits at J7 after you pick up your new sled.

Built To Ride - Vol.1 from + M productions on Vimeo.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Hunter Roland gets the Cover of Stuart Magazine

Ohana Surf Shop’s, Hunter Roland is turning a lot of heads in Stuart FL. So many that Carrot Cake landed himself the cover of Stuart Magazine’s February issue. Body Glove is honored that Hunter is now representing us on the Right Coast.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Emily Jackson Update from Mexico

Emily Jackson, one of our newest members of the team, is a 21 year old 2X World Champion Kayaker. She is also a 7X Teva Mountain Game Winner. Her father was the perfect teacher, being a 4X World Champion and an Olympic paddler himself. She recently went on a trip down to Veracruz, Mexico and gave us an update and some pictures.

"Veracruz, Mexico : A Paddlers All- Around Destination and One of my New Personal Favorite Locations
My husband leaves me for Veracruz, Mexico about 4 times a year. I have been a couple times but only to play the kayaker’s wife who has food and beer for him at the take out and a back massage because he landed too flat off a big waterfall. Not this time. This I went down to hold my own and although I didn’t run a 70 footer, or launch off the biggest rapids in the biggest rivers. I did get my own adrenaline thrill and enjoyed doing so!
 Because we were helping to promote all levels of boating in the Veracruz region I got to paddle many jaw dropping class 2, 3, 4 rivers. These rivers were not only amazing because of the fun whitewater they had to offer but because the scenery was indescribable. 
 I ran three class 5 runs, the Upper Jalacingo, the ORO, and the Road Side Section of the Alseseca and each had me slightly nervous but excited at the same time.  I am that person that screams the whole way down and then cries afterwards when I get forced onto Disney’s Tower of Terror. I am also the girl that throws up looking at intimidating horizon lines. I also don’t get too worked up until right after I run something. It’s pretty funny actually, the timing in most videos where you see a kayaker fist pump after nailing a line, you see me hugging my boat and trying not to let everyone around me know I am sniffling back tears. 

Normally muttering something like why did I just do that that was scary. But it’s the little stuff in between that reminds of cool it is to be in such a unique canyon in another country, with my family and friends and doing what Eleanor Roosevelt said to be necessary in every day. “Do one thing a day that scares you.”  One thing that tends to keep me off the class 5 creeks is that thinking of that one rapid that I absolutely don’t want to do. The one rapid defines the whole run because it’s all I can think about, even if that rapid is easier than the one I just did. 

But I was very excited as this trip was one of the first times I managed to take each ripple at a time and I realized how much of it I truly enjoyed the river and felt I was in my comfort zone.  I also realized that as much as I can trust the boys to tell me what I would and wouldn’t like for a majority of the runs, that sometimes I can surprise them, and myself. After doing some sketchy seal launches and big slides, I looked at the famous log drop on the Jalacingo and decided out of all the things I have done in the day that it looked nowhere near as bad! My line wasn’t epic but I was proud in myself for looking and deciding based on me and not what people tell me. 
I also walked certain rapids on the Road Side section but overall was amazed at how much fun and accessible all the drops were.  If I didn’t want to run something, the walk was as simple as portaging could be!
The easier runs that I enjoyed paddling and really soaked in the landscape were the Pescados, Phillabobos and Octopan. We did multiple sections of the Pecados and the Phillabobos and each had their own unique feeling. From the rock formations, elephant ear size ferns to the rapids themselves the rivers will always be remembered as a fantastic life experience.

If anyone is every wondering where to go to eat fantastic and I mean truly fantastic food, drink good cheap beer, paddle down some insanely beautiful rivers, and enjoy the adventure that a personally new location has to offer, Veracruz, Mexico has it all….."
Emily Jackson-Troutman

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rusty Malinoski 4X Exposure Meter Champ!

Congrats Rusty!


Seal Beach Surfing Championships

The Seal Beach Surfing Championships is on for this weekend!!!! The 21st & 22nd will go down in Seal Beach legendary surf history! Make sure to get your entry forms to Seal Beach Lifeguard Headquarters as soon as possible. Spaces are filling fast, don't miss out on your spot!

Come down Sunday to witness the Body Glove Best Trick heat.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Body Glove and Transworld Surf Karaoke Party

It twas a night of Epic Proportion... check out some of the photos.

Jeff McKee rocking the best Duet of the night with his wife.
The Body Glove crew
Transworld's Jason Jackson going for it... I think he has done this a time or two.

Pink Transworld Hat, Purple Wig... check!
Mike Vavak and Jenna Meistrell
Jason Jackson, Matt Chernega and Jeff McKee
Yep... that is our team manager.