Friday, January 29, 2010

Mike Losness Website

Body Glove team rider, Mike Losness has his own website. Not only is Mike a great surfer, but he paints pretty well too. Go check out his stuff here.

Holly Beck's Blog

Check out Holly Beck's blog. Go here.

Where's Erica Hosseini? Blog

Follow Body Glove Team Rider, Erica Hosseini's blog. Check it out here.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Body Glove Swimwear Releases New Styles for '10

Ocean Beach Surf & Skate

We just installed a new window display of Body Glove team rider, Nate Yeomans at Ocean Beach Surf & Skate store. They have a new shop at 4976 Newport Ave in San Diego. Check them out.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Matt Pagan-Fusion Neo Zip Wetsuit

Body Glove Team Rider, Matt Pagan was out at his local favorite spot wearing the Fusion Neo Zip Wetsuit. Go to to buy yours or find a surf shop near you.

Natalie Anzivino-South Bay Team Rider

Local South Bay team rider, Natalie Anzivino, was out there taking advantage of the recent winter swells.


Redondo Breakwall

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Outer Island-Mexico-Alex Gray

Alex Gray took a surf trip to Outer Island, Mexico for some big wave riding a few weeks back. Photos by Ryan Young

Best Winter Ever-Part 3

Couple more shots from the recent weeks of surf in the South Bay.
Mike Losness and Dave "Nelly" Nelson hooking up for the water shot. Manhattan Beach.

Alex Gray. Manhattan Beach.

All Photos Mike Balzer

Ken The Flattop Pinstripes Body Glove Wetsuit

Body Glove Japan has a piece running in "Blue" magazine with Pinstriper Ken The Flattop. It was done with their "Secret Spot" sponsor, "VADO".
Check out the video of him at work also.

Best Winter Ever Morning Message from Holly Beck

Here is a nice morning update from Holly Beck about her epic winter. Stay tuned for more to come

Happy best winter ever in Southern California! Even though I haven't been home nearly enough to fully savor it, the days I have surfed close to home have been pretty darn amazing. Hope you've been scoring as well. If this morning's ridiculously high tide has you waiting around in front of the computer like I am, here are a few links you could check out while waiting for the tide to drop.

1. A really detailed audio and visual jaunt through pre-earthquake Haiti. You've seen nothing but destruction and chaos on tv lately, click here to see how it looked before the ground shook and the buildings fell, along with a taste of what the waves are like. Turn up your volume. The accents of my fellow travelers are definitely entertaining.

2. A quick little feature on my travel philosophy and addiction. No surprise to many of you, but a nicely put together article and photos.

3. unfailingly supports women surfers, even the dedicated ripping girls you've never heard of, unlike the rest of the surfing world. They put together a cool feature comparing the answers of an incredible number of surfing females to the same five questions. Here's a link to my answers, then you can scroll down to a list of names of others who answered as well.

4. Finally, with a couple weeks at home I got to work updating my blog.
Click here and scroll through for the three most recent posts:

or pick and choose from what you find most interesting:

I'm not afraid of Great White Sharks:

Spending ten days in the same pair of jeans in Baja:

I'm not a model, except when I am:

That's all for now. Time to skate down and check out the ocean! See you out there!
: )

Monday, January 25, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

Gabe Kling Back In Action

After working through a injury last year, Gabe Kling is back out surfing. He recently was down in the South Bay and hooked up with Mike Balzer for a few days to get some shots. They scored waves at Redondo and Manhattan Beach.

A day in the life of Body Glove's Bob Soven....

A Day in the Life of Bob Soven from Liquid Force on Vimeo.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Best Winter Ever-Part 2

More shots from recent swells on the West Coast.
Tyler Smith. Photo: Dave Nelson. Santa Cruz

Jaime Meistrell. Photo: Mike Balzer. Redondo Breakwall
Flea. Photo: Dave Nelson. Santa Cruz
Nate Yeomans. Photo Tom Carey. Hammerland
Mike Losness. Photo by Tom Carey. Hammerland

Viva El Ginger

Cheyne sporting his own one-off t-shirt for his recent trip to Mexico.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Best Winter Ever

The past few weeks the Body Glove team riders have been scoring some of the best winter waves ever. This was a session from a few weeks back over at Hammerland.
Alex Gray
Alex Gray
Mike Losness
Mike Losness
Matt Pagan
Nate Yeomans

Nate Yeomans

Body Glove Fantasy Surfer Sky Box Pipeline and Overall Winners Announced

Body Glove is stoked to announce the winner of the Pipeline Event and the Overall Sky Title for the Body Glove Fantasy Surfer Skybox. James Helm and his team "Carolina Beach" from Carolina, NC scored a new Vapor 3/2 Fullsuit for winning the Pipeline event and Michael Fishman's Team MEF from New York City took home the overall Body Glove Skybox title and scored himself a new Vapor Wetsuit and a package of other Body Glove swag.

We caught up with James after his big win and he said, "I am really excited about the wetsuit and pretty shocked that I won. I couldn't believe I got lucky and actually picked the top 5 guys at Pipe. It is a little cold this time of year for a 3/2 here in North Carolina, but it will be sweet in the spring. I have heard from the guys here at our local shop, Island Kite and Surf that the Vapor is a great suit and really looking forward to trying it out. Thanks again and definitely going to play again next season.

We also caught up with overall winner Michael he said, "I am really excited to win. There was tough competition in the Body Glove Skybox. I look forward to the prize package and can't wait to defend the title next year.

Join the Body Glove Fantasy Surfer Skybox in 2010 and see if you can take out James and Michael at the next event on the Gold Coast in Australia. Body Glove will be offering more great prizes and special offers in 2010.