Monday, July 30, 2012

CA 1nvasion Tour- Southern California

The Body Glove California Invasion tour strikes again. The second stop of the INVASION started in Orange County with coffee and donuts at Bliss Magazine. "Hide your kids and hide your wives cause we are back on the road" said Body Glove professional surfer Cheyne Magnusson.
The team at Blisss Magazine.
This part of the tour went from LA to San Diego with Jamie O'Brien, Anthony Walsh, Matt Pagan, Nate Yeomans, and Cheyne Magnusson.

"The goal of the tour is to create awareness for the brand and to give back to the stores that have been supporting us for almost 60 years", says Matt Walls, the West Coast Sales Manager.
The team with some local groms.
Saturday morning saw the team in Huntington beach at the Mauiola Foundations event taking kids with cystic fibrosis surfing. "I was one of the first people to work with the foundation in California so to get another chance to help out really meant a lot", says Jamie O'Brien. It seemed like every professional surfer in California was out here today, which is really great to see."
Mauli Ola Foundation Day at the Beach with the Body Glove Crew.
The tour headed back up to LA for the re-grand opening of ET surf in Hermosa Beach. ET has been one of our greatest retailers over the years and we were really stoked to be a part of the day with all of our team", says VP of Marketing Scott Daley. Body Glove is still a family owned business and that is seen more on the road then any other time with second generation owner Ronnie Meistrell at the helm of the bus. "Its the greatest way to really show people what the brand is about. We have a great group of athletes who really represent the brand like my uncle and dad did when they started it", says Ronnie. 
The crew at ET Surfboards
This is the second part of the tour for the team and the same question still remains, "Where is JOB?" Sunday night was sushi and karaoke with Transworld Surf in San Clemente. JOB started off the night with his version of Ace of Base "All That She Wants". Theres nothing better than karaoke to see the real side of someone and that was very true when Matt Pagan went up on stage as DJ Smooth Skin. We've spent a lot of time standing on the beach filming Matt surf but had no idea that he had that in him. "And the captains hat just put it over the top", says Body Glove entertainment's Scott Smith. 
Sushi night!!!!
Transworld Karaoke Night!
The team then headed down to Oceanside to work with the Jimmy Miller Foundation and the Wounded Warrior Ocean Therapy program. The Body Glove team spent half the day surfing with marines who have been injured during their service to our country. "The professional therapists and volunteer surfers of the Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation were thrilled to have the help and support of the awesome Body Glove team. The Body Glove surfers were great in the water and genuine in our unique Kumbaya discussion sessions with the wounded ill and injured marines." says Jim Miller. 
Anthony Walsh with a marine.

Body Glove Team riders on an Amphibious vehicle at Camp Pendleton
Wounded Warriors Ocean Therapy Session.
Next stop was one of the most iconic surf towns in California, Ocean Beach. "Its like going back in time when you get into town", says Greg Browning. "It was probably my favorite stop on and such a great last day!" About 100 kids got autographed stickers and T-shirts. Another successful tour in the books. Thank you to everyone for their help on the tour. 

Ezekiel Lau Wins ASP 4-Star Billabong Pro Tahara

Ezekiel Lau battled Hairil Anwar in the finals of the Billabong Pro Tahara. Down early, Lau fought back with a big air scoring a 7.83. Immediately after, Lau caught another wave combining his two waves for a score of 14.5. Anwar was unable to battle back and Lau was crowned the winner. 

Harley Clifford Wins Pro Wakeboard Tour Season Title!

Pro Tour season results: Harley 1st, Phil 2nd, Rusty 3rd

Harley Clifford just won Pro Wakeboard Tour stop #5 in Knoxville, Tennessee last weekend, which gave him the MasterCraft Pro Tour season title and puts him in a great position to win the King Of Wake series as well.
“This year was by far the gnarliest season on tour, Harley said. “I actually won this title in my rookie season, then it has eluded me for the last two years. So I’m definitely pumped to be back on top right now.”
Also follow Harley and Rusty Malinoski on the King Of Wake tour. With two events left (Nationals & Worlds), Harley and Phil Soven are deadlocked in a tie for first place.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Anthony Walsh- Tahiti GoPro Video

Anthony Walsh and Team Body Glove went to Tahiti for a boardshort photo shoot . While they were there, Anthony shot some incredible surf footage with his GoPro and put together a real nice video.

To view more of Anthony Walsh's surf videos, click here to visit his YouTube page and subscribe to his channel.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Who is JOB 2.0: Episode 14- Diving and Spearfishing in Indo

While waiting for the next swell to hit Indo, Jamie O'Brien goes underwater for some diving and spearfishing.

To wear the same boardshorts as Jamie O'Brien, click here to view our selection!

NSSA National Championships 2012 Video

Check out some of the stand out performances from the NSSA National Championships, featuring team riders Imaikalani Devault and Zeke Lau

Monday, July 16, 2012

Surfside Seventies Contest

The 14th annual Surfside Seventies contest went down last Saturday, July 14th and the waves were pumping from the first heat to the finals.   Body Glove regional rider Jake Baker made it to the Semi-Finals and Body Glove Wetsuit Sales Manager Mike Vavak made it to the finals ending up in 6th place.

1: Bradie Shemke
2: Casey Wheat
3: Lance Albright
4: Benny Bigler
5: Sam August
6: Mike Vavak

Check the Surfside Seventies Facebook page for over 1000 pictures from the event.

See you next year!!!!

Vavak and Casey


Sam August

Tim Stamps

Harley 1st, Rusty 2nd In "Boat" At Red Bull Wake Open: Photos & Video

Blue skies and calm waters set the stage to kick off the Red Bull Wake Open on Thursday, starting with the Boat event towed by a Malibu Wakesetter MXZ. Red Bull chose a scenic mining location north of Tampa, Florida with fresh, blue/green water and white sand beaches.

A new format was implemented, which gave riders two passes, and their best five-trick pass would be scored. With plenty of room to land five tricks comfortably, this format encouraged style, individualism and huge airs into the flats. One requirement changed this event in a big way; riders had to include one trick consisting of a 360 or less. We saw lots of stylish straight airs, backside 180’s and boned out 3’s, all way into the flats.

Arriving straight from Australia, just in time for the event, Harley Clifford was adapting well to the new format, starting out his finals run with a massive stalefish backside 360. “Yeah, the format was sick and it was cool to see everyone’s different airs. Rusty [Malinoski] was doing that rad melon to indy backside 180, and just everyone was mixing it up.”

Adam Errington also launched the biggest airs of the day, boosting a nose/indy backside 180, and a crazy heelside 360 rewind. All the riding was captured with the best high-speed action cameras in the world and the footage aired live on NBC as part of the Red Bull Signature Series last Saturday.

The four-man final consisted of Harley, Rusty, Adam and Raphael Derome. Taking third, Raphael was really pumped considering this was a huge score to add to his odds of winning the coveted overall title with Big Air and Park events remaining. Rusty looked really strong all day and had an unfortunate crash on his huge stale roll to blind. That may have been the deal breaker that landed Rusty in second behind Harley Clifford’s five-trick banger pass and double up.

Harley was super pumped on the Boat event and has a great perspective on the remaining events, “This really pumped me up to try and do well in Big Air and Park, which is an environment I don’t normally compete in, but it’s going to be really fun.”

1. Harley Clifford  (AUS)
2. Rusty Malinoski  (CAN)
3. Raphael Derome  (CAN)
4. Adam Errington  (SCT)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

South Bay Dozen SB12 7/7/12

South Bay Dozen SB12 7/7/12
Waterman/Waterwomen Competition Torrance Beach CA
12 events Men & Women with a "Bakers Dozen" 13th Event with a mix of everything & everyone at the end of the day...All proceeds go to The Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation JMMF...

A beautiful day at Torrance Beach, couldn't ask for better weather

Hard at work representing the "Any hand, Anywhere..."

Baby Girl Finn Murphy having a fun time with the Body Glove hands

JMMF Intermission to let the families know why we are there, and to give thanks to all the sponsors 

The "13th" event

Lifeguard Tom Seth's board repping Body Glove

Body Glove HS Team Rider Rachel Tominaga participated in the days events...

A great day of sun & family fun!!!! Thanks SB12 & JMMF for letting us be apart for your awesome event!!

Mauli Ola Surf Day w/Alex Gray 7/1/12

El Porto CA 7/1/12
Mauli Ola Surf Day w/Alex Gray

"It's my favorite way to make an instant best friend. That day of surfing allowed the kids to skip their typical day of therapy with ocean therapy. Rewarding from both ends..." Alex Gray about the Mauli Ola Surf Day back on 7/1/12

Cheyen Magnusson also made is way out to the Surf Day with Alex & the kids, he was the last one out of the water!!

Carly Rogers from the Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation & Alex 

3rd generation Body Glove family Matt Meistrell with Alex 

Long time Mauli Ola volunteer & Body Glove team member Reno Makani

All the guys who came out to donate time & surf knowledge to the kids, huge thanks!!! See you at the next Surf Day!!

About Mauli Ola:

The Mauli Ola Foundation began as a group of surfers who banded together to introduce surfing as a natural treatment to people with cystic fibrosis. Since 2007, Mauli Ola has taken nearly 1,000 CF patients surfing at nearly 100 Surf Experience Days and has now expanded it’s reach with hospital visits and other activities that touch the lives of kids with cancer and a variety of other health challenges. In 2010, MOF was awarded The Agent of Change Award by SURFER Magazine for its positive contributions and example to the surfing community.

SoCal 1NVASION Road Tour- July 20th

Get ready for Body Glove's Southern California 1NVASION! Team riders Jamie O'Brien, Anthony Walsh, Alex Gray, Nate Yeomans, and Cheyne Magnusson will hit the road in the Body Glove RV July 20th beginning their tour with a Breakfast at Bliss at 9:00 am. They will continue on to several surf shops down the California coast at a specified day and time. At each stop there will be opportunities for product giveaways as well as autographs from your favorite Body Glove surfers.

Check out the video from the NorCal 1NVASION Road Tour!

                                   CA Invasion Tour - Episode 1 from Body Glove on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WakeBrothers Premieres July 25th

MTV's new summer series WakeBrothers is set to premiere July 25th at 8:00 pm PST. This 12 episode season will feature the life of Body Glove professional wakeboarder Bob Soven, and his older brother Phil. Between their competitive rivalry in the water, and the insane pranks they constantly pull on each other, this is a must watch tv show this summer.

25th Anniversary of "North Shore"

25 Years after the release of North Shore staring Matt Adler, Gregory Harrison, Nia Peebles and John Philbin (Turtle) the cast reunites all together for the first time joined by writer Randal Kleiser (Grease, Blue Lagoon, Flight of the Navigator) and Director William Phelps (Bob Marley, the Legend Lives Documentary) for a special screening to a sold out audience followed by Q and A.  Since the movie’s release in 1987 it has gained a cult following of surfers around the world. The cast talked about their experiences making the film and the impact that it has had on their lives over the last 25 years. Event was hosted by the American Cinematheque of Los Angeles 

The cast and crew including Body Glove VP of Marketing, Scott Daley, who appeared in the movie. 

*Pictures provided by the Hawaiian Autism Foundation 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Who is JOB 2.0: Episode 13- Finless Surfing in Indo

In the 13th episode of Who is JOB 2.0, Jamie O'Brien travels a long way to Indondesia. When he gets there, the waves are perfect so of course Jamie whips out some ancient surfboards and rides them without fins.

If you liked any of the boardshorts seen in this episode, click here to go to the shop page. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

14th Annual Surfside 70’s Contest

Body Glove is proud to be part of the 14th Annual Surfside 70’s contest. The contest is going down Saturday, July 14th at Anderson St in Sunset Beach, CA and you can sign up early at the Katin Surf Shop.

Come down and have a great time competing on boards from the 70’s or just hang on the beach and enjoy the vibes.

Below are a few photos from the 13th Annual Surfside 70’s contest. See you there!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Zeke sweeps NSSA


Ezekiel Lau has put an amazing show as the NSSA National comes to an end. For the past 2 weeks zeke has pushed through heat after heat finishing 1st in open explorer. It came down to the last 30 seconds where Zeke had to get a 6.5 or better. A wave came in the nick of time where zeke pulled off a 3 hit combo which gave him the well deserved win.

Zeke with his family, before he paddled out for the Explorer Final

 Following his Explorer win Zeak pulled off another show with amazing power and finesse winning the Open Men's which is the most prestigious win for the NSSA Nationals

Congratulations Ezekiel Lau as your new NSSA Open Men's Champ