Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Seal Beach Surfing Championships

For the last fourteen years the Seal Beach Lifeguard Association (SBLA) has held the annual surf contest, "The Seal Beach Surfing Championships", to raise money for local charities. This years waiting period for the two-day event begins January 7th, 2012, and runs through February 25th, 2012. The event will be held on one the weekends during this waiting period. The waiting period will allow for the best possible surfing conditions.

2012 Seal Beach Surfing Championships divisions will consist of: Men's Open Shortboard, Men's Open Longboard, Master's Shortboard, Master's Longboard, Seniors Open, Women Open, Juniors, Grom and Menhune.

This year contest directors have added a new "Best Trick Contest" presented by Body Glove.

With each entry, every surfer will receive a contest t-shirt, and a meal at the awards banquet. Sign-up forms are available at local sponsors - Katin Surf Shop, Harbour Surfboards, Z-Pizza, Hennessey's, Bruce Jones Surf Shop (sunset beach, Yucatan Grill, and Lifeguard Headquarters (888 Ocean Ave).

Competitors can also go to our website: and download an entry form. Many updates will be fed through Facebook and Twitter as the contest waiting period approaches…

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Innersection Premiere- Vote for Jamie O'Brien

The World Premiere of Innersection is November 30 through December 2nd. Log onto to follow the voting and see if there is a local Innersection event near you. Vote for Body Glove Team Rider Jamie O'Brien.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Harley Clifford Scores Wake Magazine Cover

According to the Wake Magazine cover shot, "Everyone Wants to be Harley". Congrats Harley- we are stoked to have you part of the Body Glove Family. We can't wait to see how your hard work pays off in 2012!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mike Losness and the Waste to Waves Campaign

The words of Mike Losness himself... "I want to introduce you to Waste to Waves. It is a campaign put together by sustainable surf that helps to eliminate Holiday styrofoam waste from gifts being sent to the landfill. We will be dropping off collection bins at surf shops between San Francisco and San Diego this week. Marko foam will be collecting the waste and up cycling it into new epoxy surfboard blanks. I have been surfing on one of these recycled blanks... the board works insane!"

Waste to Waves(TM) is a program to recycle your waste packaging foam into new EPS surfboard blanks. This can reduce the overall environmental impact of the blank by over 50%, and rides and shapes the same as any other blank.

Step #1: Bring your waste packaging foam into your local participating surf shop

Step #2: Marko Foam and Sustainable Surf collect this foam, grind it up, and make new recycled EPS blanks from it

Step #3: Sign up for the free surfboard raffle

Step #4: Order your next surfboard with a Waste to Waves recycled EPS blank from Marko Foam

Monday, November 21, 2011

Vince Costa Wakesurfing in Austin, Texas

Check out some photos of upcoming wakesurfer Vince Costa at Waketoberfest riding Canyon Lake in Austin Texas.

photos by:
Courtney Slade

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Alex Gray North Shore Afternoon Delight

Alex Gray and some friends have some Afternoon Delight on a small day on the North Shore. To keep up with Alex be sure to check out his new blog, Turkeymelt. We think that soon the afternoon delights on the north shore will include 8 foot Pipe and massive outer reef bombs.

Afternoon Delight from Turkeymelt on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Harley Clifford Liquid Force Video

Check out our main man, Harley Clifford's, video from our friends at Liquid Force. The kid is going ballistic. Watch Harley shred the silky waters of Bull Shoals, Arkansas in his Body Glove vest.

Harley Clifford at Bull Shoals from Liquid Force on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Brennan Aubol wins the 16 and under CFS at 9th Street in Huntington Beach

Congrats to Brennan Aubol who won the 16 and under CFS this past Saturday at 9th Street in Huntington Beach!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Ezekiel Lau Wins ASP 4-Star HIC Pro

Congrats to Ezekiel Lau who won the $85,000 HIC Pro Presented by Vans, held at Sunset Beach. Lau, who attends Kamehameha School, posted a convincing win over 15-year-old Maui schoolboy Ian Gentil; Kauai’s Kamalei Alexander, 33; and defending HIC Pro champion Billy Kemper (Maui, 21) respectively. Lau is focused on his opportunity to compete in the prestigious Vans Triple Crown of Surfing that begins next week. This is Lau’s second ASP victory this year, having taken out the equally rated 4-star Copa Quiksilver El Salvador event back in July. “This is my first year doing a lot of the WQS events,” said Lau. “I got a lot of opportunities to travel more and I had a good summer. I did this event last year and it was totally different. I was struggling through the whole event. I just wanted to come over this year and improve on last year. I did that and I’m happy with a win. I’ve been looking forward to this my whole life pretty much, watching everyone get out there and get in the Vans Triple Crown, so just to get in it, I feel honored.”

Wake Team Update: November 2011


By Bob Soven

Every year we go through the same routine. Anxiously anticipating the season’s end to get back into a routine lifestyle, then dreading the colder days of winter and excited for the next season to begin. We find ourselves at the beginning of our off-season now, figuring out ways to productively pass the time.

I have caught a cable park fever which has accounted for my wake productivity. Along with that, Rusty Malinoski and myself are the ringers on an 0-8 softball team ready to make a legendary playoff run, come November.

Harley Clifford has been shipped back to Australia to keep flipping and spinning with his never ending summer; the kid has an addiction.

As for James Balzer, if you follow him on Instagram (“snappybalz”) you can see Balzer-style documentation of "the kid" growing up. Good work Balzer, you are the king of baby making.

Jeff McKee has been documenting other team happenings on, including an interview with our new favorite NorCal ripper, Trever Maur. Also keep your eyes peeled for LipSmack, a Slingshot team video starring McKee himself.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Statement about Jamie O' Brien Photo

Body Glove has long held the relationship with the ocean as sacred. Body Glove is a family owned business with an almost 60 year history in the ocean. It is our belief that protected species such as turtles in any ocean across the globe should not be touched, taken or disturbed.

Jamie O’Brien tried to use his brand of humor in an effort to bring awareness to fibropapilloma, a herpes-type infection, that is afflicting the endangered sea turtle population. We believe that he could have achieved his goal in a much better manner. We treat our athletes like family so like a family we have addressed this situation internally and directly with Jamie.

We do not condone this activity and have taken the proper internal steps to inform Jamie of the seriousness of this activity. We do not believe this specific photo accurately depicts Jamie’s relationship with the ocean and its’ inhabitants and know that it does not reflect Body Glove's relationship with the ocean.

We thank the concerned public for their messages, input and for bringing this photo to light and hope that it can be used as a learning experience for all people who enter the ocean with the amazing creatures in it.