Thursday, June 28, 2012

Garrett McNamara Interview on Big Wave Surfing

Check out Garrett's interview on Fox Now about riding the world record tallest wave! Fox Now says he is "either amazing, gifted or just plain crazy and is called the 'Michael Jordan of Surfing.'" 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Garrett McNamara Takes a Trip to Nicaragua

Garrett and his manager, Nicole, took a trip to Nicaragua and here is a story from their trip. 

"Last summer the idea of a family occasion was being discussed. In the past this trip was always made to Costa Rica, but this year everyone decided to live a little and be adventurous so we headed over to Nicaragua for two weeks. This is not typically the ultimate surf destination for Garrett so fortunately we were blessed by the wave Gods with an amazing swell that had the outer reef at Popoyo breaking with some great back side barrels to warm up for Fiji. He had his SUP board so he was a happy camper. The consensus at the end of the trip was that Nicaragua was a beautiful untouched country with beautiful people. The only negative was the trash issue. These small little villages sitting in the middle of a coastal paradise are littered with trash… plastic bags, plastic bottles, candy wrappers etc.

Anyone who knows Garrett will understand that after this small wave trip he really didn’t have an interest in returning. The only way he was going back was on a mission. So when the family started talking about a return trip this summer Garrett was admit on having a purpose and making a difference. The best way to create change is through the youth. The idea developed into going into these small fishing villages and talking with the local children about the life cycle of trash, teaching them that everything thrown on the roads will end up in the ocean. So that was the plan and that is what we did. We also organized a cleanup with the village so we could “practice what we preach” with the kids. On the first day we had over 150 kids come and collect over a ton of trash and the second day we had about 100 kids come and collect and equal amount. All of the children who participated received new hats and slippers and the most popular item was their personalized poster from Garrett. It was definitely a success and we were amazed when we returned home to find an email from the children of the homemade rubbish bin they made out of recycled bottles!!! The way we look at it is if we activate at least one kid and he ends up in office or creates a business that provides a trash service and a recycle program we hit a home run!!! 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Who is JOB 2.0: Growing Up At Pipeline - Episode 12

In the newest episode of Who is JOB 2.0, Jamie O'Brien shares his childhood of growing up at Pipeline and dominating surf contests in all categories. From broken legs to massive barrels, Jamie O'Brien has experienced everything Pipeline has to offer.

2012 Rock 2 Rock Paddleboard Race

Last Sunday on Fathers Day, paddlers from all around Southern California united on Catalina Island for the Rock 2 Rock Paddleboard Race. Starting at the Isthmus of Catalina at 6:30 am, 113 participants raced the 22.17 mile course to Cabrillo Beach. 

This race is unique because of the variety of divisions it offers, ranging from several different lengths of Stand Up Paddleboards and Prone Paddleboards. The Rock 2 Rock race is also special because it is one of the qualifiers for the Catalina Classic in late August. 

Below is a group of paddlers racing out of the Isthmus for the front spot going into the channel.

Body Glove would like to congratulate one of its own, Matt Walls for placing first in the Solo Unlimited Paddleboard division. 

We would also like to congratulate Body Glove family member Daley Meistrell for completing his first Catalina channel crossing. Below he is pictured with his family watching on  from the Disappearance. 

A special thank you to Bob Meistrell for supporting our sport! This years Catalina Classic will be Bob's 25th year as the lead boat.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

International Surfing Day- June 20th

Every year sometime around the summer solstice, surfers and ocean enthusiasts celebrate International Surfing Day. This year on June 20th, International Surfing Day will unite surfers around the globe for a fun filled day full of surfing and learning about sustainability of the ocean.  

Here is how a couple of Body Glove surfers are celebrating International Surfing Day.

“Everyday is International Surf Day in my book! I spend most of my time in the water and if it's flat, I'm at least looking at the ocean somewhere. ISD to me is a day where I want to spend time in the ocean surfing somewhere and also a day where I can give back to something that has given me so much. Whether it be picking up trash, donating to a local cause and/or educating myself on something I didn't know about the ocean, that's how I plan to spend my day!”

“I plan on surfing whether its flat or not just to get in the water. ISD is an important day to surf with your friends and get involved with a beach cleanup.” 

“ISD means a day to celebrate surfing and all the joys it brings.  It also raises awareness for our oceans and what we can do to prevent our negative impact.  The oceans are such a blessing, so to be able to give back a little bit is awesome. On ISD I am going to help out with the Surfrider Foundation and do a video interview with Transworld.”

Check out the ISD web-a-thon available live via the internet on,, and

Also listen in to KNX 1070 at 8:20 am to hear Alex Gray talk about International Surfing Day with anchors Dick Helton and Vicky Moore. 

For more information on International Surfing Day please visit:

To view events near you, go to

Monday, June 18, 2012

Body Glove/Lost Demo Day Sunset Beach 6/15/12

Despite the light drizzle and clouds we still had a sweet turnout for the Body Glove Wetsuits/Lost Surfboards/Future Fins Demo Day this last Friday down south at Sunset Beach 

We did not come unprepared, coffee & doughnuts, fuel for the morning surf

Our set up...Lost Surf Boards/Future Fins/Body Glove Wetsuits

Our first groms of the morning!! They were super stoked on the suits and boards!! And now they know their local shop, Katin, right down the street, has these suits, boards and fins available to buy!! Like Mike V says, "you can test drive a car, why not test drive your suit & boards..."

Body Glove Wetsuit Sales Team Jex & Mike V.

Team Riders Cheyne Magnusson & Matt Pagan came out, surfed & hung with locals...

Local surfers Brandon Crumby in the Body Glove Prime Short Arm Full & 
Justin White in the Body Glove CT Full

Huge thanks to everyone who came out!!! We hope to get to do it again soon!! 
Keep surfing & "Stay Rad!!" as Mike V. would say 

Anthony Walsh Wins in Chile

Congratulations to Anthony Walsh for winning the ASP 3-Star Maui and Sons Arica World Star Tour in Chile. Walsh's incredible tube riding helped earn himself a combined score of 19.45 in the finals beating out Eala Stewart with a 18.35. 

"im super happy, it feels unbelievable," said Anthony Walsh. "The waves were incredible and this was one of the best contests I've ever participated in. I live in Hawaii now, but I am definitely coming back here next year. Not just because of the waves, but to defend my title as well, you can count on it."

Celebrating International Surfing Day

Check out this video from SME celebrating International Surfing Day, June 20th, with a special thanks to all the fathers out there who got their kids in the water.

SME Live Covers Body Glove, Lost & Futures Fins Demo Day

Check out SME's video of Body Glove, Lost and Futures Fins Demo Day... featuring Lost's Benny Bigler and Body Glove's Mike Vavak.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Tomorrows Bad Seeds New Album out 6/12/12

Body Glove Family members 

new album "The Great Escape" drops tomorrow 
June 12th on itunes & everywhere!!! 

Official Listening party tomorrow night in Hermosa Beach, CA

Come say bon voyage to the guys as the get on the bus
for their summer vacation on the Vans Warp Tour 

Oakley Surf Shop Challenge

Big props to Jack's Surf Team for winning the Oakley Surf Shop Challenge presented by

photo courtesy: Level 10 Fitness 

photo courtesy: Surfer Mag

Body Glove team rider, Matt Pagan and fellow Jack's teammates Bobby Okivist, Vance Smith and Chris Waring put on an amazing show taking 1st place in the West Regional Champs and will be competing for the National Championship in Bali this October. 

Team Manager, Matt "Chewy" Chernega sat down with Pagan to snag a couple questions about the Oakley Surf Shop Challenge.

Chewy Q
Going into this highly competitive event, what was your strategy and did you guys have high expectations?

Pagan A:
This was the first Oakley Surf Shop Challenge I have done, but I knew we had a solid team going into the event. I honestly didn't know Bali was a possible outcome until the day I got there. That was definitely fuel to our fire. My teammates have participated in the surf shop challenge before, which added to our confidence and structure to our game plan. Our strategy was to have our first two surfers lock down a 5.0/6.0 ride as quick as possible, then have our whammy surfer (where the score is doubled) do the same or better, leaving our last surfer with enough time and opportunity to capitalize on the situation at hand. With having a solid team and a plan we believed in, our expectations were high but we definitely had to be on our game with the high level of competition.

Chewy Q:
How many teams participated for this region, and how competitive was the event overall?

Pagan A:
There were 8 surf shop teams in the West Regional champs, with Spyder Surf Shop being the defending champions. The final was highly competitive and the moral was high. Bobby's last wave heroics got him 7.33 which pushed us to the lead and the win by 4 tenths of a point over Katin Surf Shop, with Huntington Surf & Sport and Spyder Surf Shop finishing 3rd and 4th respectively. 

Chewy Q:
What are your final thoughts on the Oakley Surf Shop Challenge as a whole and what do you look forward to most about Bali?

Pagan A:
The Oakley Surf Shop Challenge is such a unique event in that there are 4 surfers per team working together in a 60 min time frame, vying for a chance to win their region. Oakley has done an amazing job with these events and I cannot thank them enough for the opportunity they've given us to compete regionally as well as internationally in Bali for the Nationals. I haven't been to Bali before, but I am so excited to go with a group of friends, compete along side with them and surf one of the best waves in the world (Keramas). 

Make sure to check out the Oakley Surf Shop Challenge National Event in Bali, this October and good luck to our team riders Matt Pagan (West Region) and Dayton Silva (SouthWest Region) as they duke it out with 7 team for a chance to win $10,000.

New MTV Series - Wake Brothers

Check out the trailer of MTV's new summer series, Wake Brothers, featuring professional wakeboarders Phil and Bob Soven.


Who is JOB 2.0: Surfing Nias, Indonesia

Jamie O'Brien enters the Innersection video contest that is voted on by people around the world. Will Jamie's section from Nian, Indonesia be enough to win the big prize?

Friday, June 8, 2012

Wake Team Making Magic

"Find out why James Balzer is the way he is in this Firsts interview on"

"Harley Clifford blowing minds with the first ever nose grabbed crow 9, not to mention his wake to wake indy double tantrums. He's a child prodigy for sure…"

"Team rider Jeff McKee has been busy for the last year riding in and producing Slingshot's first team film "Lipsmack" which is now available for download in the iTunes store. With tons of creative new rail riding and Jeff's classic wake riding style, this film is fast, fun, and funny as hell. Exactly what the wakeboard industry needs." 

Lipsmack Trailer: 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bob Meistrell on Vlogger Video

Vlogger Ladie Dottie spent the weekend with Co-Founder Bob Meistrell this past weekend and added some of their conversations to her newest video blog. Bob comes in the video at 4:00 minutes. Check it out.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Making Headway

Body Glove team rider, Matt Pagan has been on a role the past few months. He's been up and down the coast leaving his mark final after final. Congratulations Matt Pagan!

In between events, Matt joined Team ZICO at the Santa Monica Pier during the "Pedal on the Pier" charity benefit for the Harold Robinson Foundation . 

2nd Place at Freedom Artist Stop #2, Zuma Beach CA.

1st Place "King of the South Bay" South Bay Surf Series Event.

1st Place Freedom Artists Stop #1, Westward Beach CA.
Big thanks to Pascal Stanfield for putting on a great surf series!

For more info: Matt Pagan Twitter or Facebook.

Body Glove and theBlu Celebrate World Oceans Day

Body Glove is excited to join theBlu's global online celebration of World Oceans Day on June 8th. The event will unite individuals, communities, and organizations all over the world in a globally shared moment celebrating the beauty and significance of the world's ocean.

TheBlu turns the internet into a globally-connected 3D digital ocean. Your ocean. Every species and habitat is an original work of art created by a global community of artists, animators and developers, including Academy Award winners Andy Jones and Kevin Mack. Purchase the Killer Whale Ambassador species in theBlu to make a difference for the world's oceans.

Other  notable organizations joining the celebration include WildAid and OceanElders. OceanElder members are: Sir Richard Branson, Jackson Browne, Dr. Rita Colwell, Jean-Michel Cousteau, Dr. Sylvia A. Earle, Graeme Kelleher, Sven Lindblad, Her Majesty Queen Noor, Nainoa Thompson, Ted Turner, Captain Don Walsh, Neil Young and founder Gigi Brisson.

For more information on theBlu and how you can help, please visit:

MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour #2

Congratulations to Harley Clifford for winning 1st place at the second stop of the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour in Fort Worth, Texas. Harley is off to a great start after winning the first  PWT event in Acworth, Georgia two weeks ago. Fellow Body Glove team rider Rusty Malinoski also performed excellent in Texas taking 3rd place at the event. Like Harley, this is Rusty's second consecutive podium finish this year. 

Click the link below to watch video of Harley Clifford at the PWT event in Fort Worth, Texas.

For more information on PWT events and results, go to: 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Another Shade of Blue with Ty Sawyer

World famous adventure writer and photographer, Ty Sawyer, is On Assignment in Another Shade of Blue with Ty Sawyer. Join Ty as he travels to the planet's most remote, real, and raw outposts in search of experiences, unique culture, oceans, rivers, villages, and the people that bring these locations to life. 
Credits: Wright Productions

Check out the BG gear that Ty wears on the shows at