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OAKLEY Doing "Very Well" In Second Quarter

As reported on June 30th 2008
Oakley’s new owner, Luxottica Group, hosted a conference call last week to reaffirm its guidance for the second quarter and year. I listened to a replay of the call this morning and read the company’s recently filed annual report and found a few interesting details about Oakley’s and Luxottica’s business.

Luxottica owns 6,200 optical and sunglass stores around the world including the Sunglass Hut and Lenscrafter chains. It also owns Ray-Ban, Arnette and Revo and makes and sells licensed brands Bvlgari, Burberry, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana and others.

Luxottica executives said:

- Market conditions remain tough in North America.

- Sales in Italy and Spain have been tough due to bad weather but have improved in the past 15 days or so. The company believes those countries can meet plan.

- The rest of continental Europe and Northern Europe are keeping a “good pace.” Emerging markets are also doing well.

- Oakley’s integration into the Luxottica structure in Europe will be complete today. Luxottica has created a new sports channel to fully leverage Oakley in Europe. Oakley is “more visible than before” in Europe.

- Luxottica’s sun business is doing better than its optical business and premium is doing better than its licensed brands. Luxury sales slowed a bit.

- Oakley and Ray Ban are doing “very well.”

- The company launched several projects in North America in March, April and May to gain efficiencies. Those projects are now being implemented in other parts of the world.

- For the second quarter on a pro forma and at constant exchange rates, Luxottica expects low-single digit sales growth in its wholesale division and negative low-single digit comp declines in its retail division. Overall, that translates into flat total company sales for the quarter.

- The tough economy lead the Luxottica team to create a contingency plan at the end of last year and the beginning of this year. That plan has now been implemented and is becoming a platform for long-term efficiencies. Areas where the company found cost savings were in store labor, merchandise and product mix, supply chain and factory planning.

- It was the first time in four years that the company looked deeply at its operations to gain efficiencies. Previously, the company was focused on building capacity to satisfy demand as annual sales grew in the high teens.

- The overall message from the call is that top line growth for the company this year will be more challenging than the bottom line.

Luxottica’s annual report

In addition to the operating synergies to be gained with the Oakley and Luxottica merger, there were a few other more subtle advantages mentioned:

Luxottica believes it can help Oakley with its women’s glasses and prescription eyewear because of its expertise in those areas.

Oakley can help Luxottica brands with brand building and grass roots marketing methods.

Daniel Doud Riding at Parker

Shot this photo of Daniel on our last day in the morning at BIlly Meistrell's Tiki Shack in Parker, Arizona. It was a great few days to spend with the wakeboard team and we got a lot of photos and video from that trip. Check out to view some of the videos filmed and edited by our Body Glove Entertainment team, Greg Browning and Scott Smith.

Wakeboarding Mag Body Glove ECO

A little piece done on the ECO vest a while back by Wakeboarding Magazine

A Moment With Jim Miller

Jim Miller, member of the band Thin Ice talks about Body Glove and Body Glove President Russ Lesser's commitment to the marine environment, their support of Reef Check, and their creation of the Year of the Reef Song. Reef Check and Body Glove worked to organize the attendance of the Chesapeake Bay Middle School to the official U.S. launch of the IYOR 2008 in Washington DC where the children sang the IYOR Song.

Mike Losness Lightbox for Jacks Surf Shop

Lightbox image for Jacks Surfshop in Huntington Beach, Ca done by Body Glove Wetsuits.

Tyler Smith In Surfin Life Magazine

Here is Tyler Smith in a spread for a story titled "Winter Monsters" in Japan's Surfin Life. Thanks Yugo for sending this in.

Friday, June 27, 2008


As Steve & Barry’s LLC inked partnerships with high-profile celebrities including Sarah Jessica Parker, Amanda Bynes and Venus Williams, the retailer neglected to pay its contractors, vendors, and even advertisers, according to new information obtained by The Wall Street Journal, which first reported that the company might have to file for bankruptcy on Monday. The company needs a fast injection of up to $30m to keep from filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, and with debt owed to a number of vendors, the reality behind Steve & Barry’s media success is looking quite grim.
As reported on Style Sight- June 27, 2008
When Sarah Jessica Parker appeared on the “Today” show to promote her new collection for the store, Rhode Island contractors who assisted in preparing the Manhattan store for national television were owed $4,000. They, and many others, were never paid, according to the newspaper.
“They’ve never paid on time and always had some excuse, so when they were on the ‘Today’ show we felt really proud, but at the same time, it felt like the emperor had no clothes,” Laura Johnson, owner of carpentry firm Ottmans Services, told the newspaper. Steve & Barry’s also owes Ottmans Services $23,000 for a job completed in December, and has stopped working for the company.
Steve & Barry’s, which neglected to pay small vendors across the U.S. as well as manufacturers overseas, or allowed months of time between payments, has been banned from advertising in the University of Michigan student newspaper, The Michigan Daily, because of its unpaid debt.
Steve & Barry’s was the largest advertiser for the newspaper during the 2006-2007 school year, and fell behind on $36,000 worth of payments. Newspaper business manager Elaina Bugli, a senior at the University of Michigan, told the WSJ that the company still owes $20,326 for ads purchased over one year ago.
“It’s by far our largest unpaid debt. They owe us more than we set aside for all unpaid debts for the year,” Bugli shared with the WSJ. Complicating matters is the fact that Steve & Barry’s hold licenses to create apparel for the University of Michigan.
Steve & Barry’s has retained Goldman Sachs Group Inc. to obtain financing, and has also hired a bankruptcy lawyer. The company has also tapped restructuring firm Conway, Del Genio, Gries & Co., which also worked on Sharper Image and Linens ‘n Things. If Steve & Barry’s does not line up the appropriate financing, it may file for bankruptcy as soon as next week.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chance To Surf With Holly Beck In Nicaragua

As reported on Transworld Surf Biz-6/18/2008
Surfing enthusiasts and real estate investors will have a rare opportunity this August to ride waves beside a world-class champion surfer during a unique week of surfing and real estate exploration being billed as Surf Turf.
Participants on the Surf Turf tour will combine comprehensive information about Nicaragua's burgeoning real estate market with surfing tips from Holly Beck, one of the world's premiere female surf pros. Beck herself owns property in Nicaragua and is in the process of building a home at Rancho Chancletas, on Nicaragua's Pacific coast. She has teamed up with agents from Century 21 Gold Coast Realty to organize the Surf Turf tour as a way of introducing other surfers to what many claim to be the next great real estate investment opportunity.

Kristin Wilson, general manager of the C21's New Marina office says the trip with Holly Beck will not only be a great surfing experience, but will also provide valuable information for serious real estate investors. "Many individuals spend years of frustration trying to decipher the Nicaraguan market," says Wilson, "only to end up with a bunch of conflicting information from hundreds of websites.

"The value of the Surf Turf trip with Holly Beck will be the chance to see the very best properties in a concentrated period of time," she adds.

The trip begins in Managua on August 23, 2008 and participants on the tour will spend seven days surfing some of Nicaragua's most famous breaks. Organizers promise a couple of stops at places no one has ever heard of, according to Wilson. Accommodations along the way will highlight available properties in Nicaragua's most popular regions. Transportation will be provided, as will meals and other side activities.

"Our goal is to provide a complete picture of the Nicaraguan real estate market in a 7-day period, while giving out guests and incredible surfing experience," says Wilson.

Cost for the trip is $2,500, excluding airfare. More information can be obtained by contacting Kristin Wilson at or by phoning her in Nicaragua at 505-868-2228.

Nvohk-A new way to run a business

As reported on Transworld Surf Biz. 6/26/08
Community-Managed And Funded, Eco-Clothing Brand Nvohk Set To Revolutionize Brand Building

Posted 06.26.2008

Recruiting since December 4, 2007, nvohk (pronounced 'invoke') now boasts over 3,000 future members from over 20 countries ready to activate their memberships and take the world by storm. Starting June 22, 2008, the company officially began inviting members to activate their 1-year membership for $50 (USD) and submit their own logo designs at
As a member of nvohk, you get to:

• actively create and manage nvohk from the ground up

• vote on major business decisions (e.g., logo design, product designs, advertising, etc.)

• submit your own logo and product designs and win cash

• provide ongoing feedback via general and department message boards

• earn reward points (based on 35% of net profits) to buy nvohk products

Plus you get:

• an exclusive nvohk co-founder t-shirt

• member sticker

• 25% discount on all nvohk products

Using eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, and allowing its members to take the drivers seat in major business decisions, nvohk is prepared to challenge the way fashion brands are built and managed.

The limited edition nvohk co-founder t-shirt designed by Robb Havassy will be an exclusive offering to members as part of their first year membership package, and will kick off nvohk's artist t-shirt series, with a new artist every year, to be included as part of nvohk's annual member package each year.

But that's not all. Being a member of nvohk allows you to become an integral part of shaping the nvohk brand. For just $50 a year, members will vote on major business decisions including logo design, product design, advertising, etc. as well as get the opportunity to submit their own designs to win cash. In addition, 35% of nvohk's net profits will come back to its members in the form of reward points that can be redeemed to purchase products, and you also get 25% off of all nvohk products.

But the best part of the deal, especially for the environmentally conscious, is that nvohk will donate 10% of the net profits to environmental organizations selected by its members.

To learn more about nvohk or to become a member, please visit

A Closer Look At The Strategy For Lost Girls

As reported on June 26th, 2008

As I was reporting my juniors series this week, a few retailers mentioned Lost Girls sold through well this season. That mirrors what Lost International CEO Joel Cooper told me about juniors being a big bright spot for the company this year.

I decided to follow up and find out a little more about the line. Lost Girls has been around for a few years, but Lost Girls swim launched this spring. I asked Lost Clothing President Tim Garrett and Lost Girls National Sales Manager Lindsay Henkels some questions about the brand.

Why did Lost start Lost Girls?
Tim Garrett: It was natural for Lost to go into the juniors business as there is a distinct Lost Girl out there that does not want to be the classic beach girl covered in hibiscus flowers. Our girl is edgier and she wants to separate herself from the crowd.

Lost Girls was started about five years ago when the juniors market was really exploding within action sports, but it did take us awhile to truly find our balance between our girl and the hard-edge graphics for men. We built a great design and sales team that truly understand this girl and also understand business challenges today.

In 2008, we added swim to the division which helped us complete the collection and the Lost story for our retailer.

How is it helping the company this year?
TG: It’s helping on two fronts - sales and image. We have had a phenomenal first half of 2008 - we are up close to 30% as a brand during challenging times. The men’s business is definitely up, but we are seeing amazing growth coming from the juniors side. We have seen the juniors business move from 17% of our sales in 2006 to 24% last year and it is now tracking at close to 30%, which is a healthy balance.

The fact that we took longer to truly get our juniors business going has worked in our favor as the demand for unique and fresh juniors looks really has grown this year. I now believe Lost is a complete action sports brand. Growing from our core roots in surfboards, we now have a strong men’s and juniors apparel business.

What market is Lost Girls targeting?
TG: At the end of the day it’s an attitude that we are targeting not a demographic. We are firmly based in the action sports world, and we attract the girl who has more of an edge within that world as we do on the guys side. A balance between beach and street fashion as well as unique graphics are important to her.

Is the company expanding Lost Girls for Spring 2009 - i.e., more SKUs, categories?
TG: The short answer is yes, as the demand grows the size of the line has grown and it will continue to grow. We are still very focused and are capitalizing on our strengths in dresses, tees and now swim. We are also seeing strong growth in accessories as well.

Is there any interesting selling patterns with Lost Girls in stores - hot categories, looks, pieces?
Lindsay Henkels: Sweaters, dresses, and T-shirts have been the key categories in Fall at retail right now for Lost. We have seen some traction starting in skirts and our denim still continues to blow out.

What distribution channels is Lost Girls in?
LH: Core action sports, majors, specialty and boutiques.

Have more retailers picked up the line for fall?
LH: We seen additional new doors added but the significant increase has been in the current doors we are in.

How would you describe the look of Lost Girls?
LH: A girl that is eclectic and a bit of a tom boy that likes to take the basic pieces in her wardrobe and mix with fashion pieces for her own unique style. She is definitely influenced from the Punk and Indie music scene. She has a confidence about her and a “don’t care” attitude in what she does or what she wears. We like to say she is definitely not the role model girl.

What are the key pieces for fall?
LH: Chiba Dress, Jetty Skirt, Record Breaker Tank, Faux Leather Jacket Bomber, Good Day Bad Day Hoodie, etc.

Hurley revenue rises double digits for year

As reported on June 25th 2008
Hurley revenue rises double digits for year

Nike released results this afternoon for its fiscal fourth quarter and year ended May 31.

Hurley revenue grew 14 percent to $171 million in fiscal 2008, Nike executives said during a conference call with analysts.
Executives on the call discussed how the company reviewed its portfolio of other businesses this year to focus on the businesses with the most growth potential. Hurley survived that review. Two brands did not - Starter and Nike Bauer Hockey.

Year-end results for other Nike-owned business include a 29 percent increase for Converse to $729 million; a 12 percent increase for Nike Golf to $725 million; and a 6 percent increase for Cole Haan to $496 million.

Overall, Nike recorded strong international growth and slow U.S. growth. The company was pleased with its footwear performance but said apparel sales were mixed. Performance apparel did well but sportswear is lagging.

Nike company financials

Full year: Total company revenue revenue grew 14 percent to $18.6 billion. Net income rose 26 percent to $1.9 billion.

Fourth quarter: Revenue grew 16 percent to $5.1 billion. Net income grew 12 percent to $490.5 million.

U.S revenues

Fourth quarter: Total revenues up 4 percent to $1.7 billion. Footwear rose 6 percent. Apparel increased 2 percent.

Full year: Total revenue rose 4 percent to $6.4 billion. Footwear increased 6 percent. Apparel grew 2 percent.

Europe revenue

Fourth quarter: up 19 percent to $1.5 billion.

Full year: up 19 percent to $5.6 billion

Asia Pacific revenue

Fourth quarter: up 39 percent to $828 million

Full year: up 26 percent to $2.9 billion.

Americas revenue

Fourth quarter: up 30 percent to $306.6 million

Full year: up 21 percent to $1.2 billion

Future orders

In the U.S., future orders for athletic footwear and apparel were flat for deliveries scheduled for June 2008 through November 2008. Europe increased 10 percent. Asia Pacific grew 31 percent. Americas increased 30 percent. International future orders were partially helped by exchange rates.


As reported on ASR-June 26th 2008

As you probably heard back in May, Insight was the recipient of two SIMA Image Awards— Breakthrough Brand of the Year and Men’s Marketing Campaign of the Year—the latter of which is what I wanted to talk about.

For two year's running, Insight has had fantastic campaigns, and 2008 is no exception. I’m sure you’ve seen the ads, they are insane. Shot by D. Hump, each ad features an underwater scene—from surfer Jared Mell surfing over some orange egg like things to Malia Jones and Bunnyman watching Kai Otton do an off the top over them. You can check out the whole series of photos on the Insight site.

In a related note, for those of you who are as mesmerized by this type of photography as I am, I was reading an issue of Smithsonian Magazine when an article on photographer Bruce Mozert caught my eye. He did the same type of photography to promote Silver Springs, Florida in the late 1930’s and forties. Although Mozert’s differ from D. Hump’s because the viewer can only see the scene under the water (D. Hump’s are a “split view”—you see the surfer above as well as the scene below), the set-ups are just as interesting. If you’d like to see the article, click here.

BG Travels to Europe Pt 1

Russ, Bob, Billy, Jenna Meistrell, Hillary and Sarah recently traveled to Europe to attend PCS's sales meeting. Here are some of BIlly's photos from the trip. Check out Bob's orange hair.

BGI Travels to Europe Pt 2

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Body Glove Wakeboard Ad

Ad created by Body Glove Wetsuits for Wakeboard magazine.


Cool Website that covers artshows to tattoo shows

US Consumer Confidence sinks again as Boost From Stimulus Checks Wane

As reported on Style Sight/ June 24th 2008
A stimulus check can only go so far when gas and food prices only continue to rise. New data released from the Conference Board showed that U.S. consumer confidence took an even further dive in June to 50.4 on its index measurement following its declines in May that placed the reading at 58.1, making it the fifth lowest reading ever recorded since 1992 and lower than the 56 reading economists had forecast. In related news, German consumer confidence also dropped to its lowest levels in more than two years today as soaring energy prices sapped people’s purchasing power, reported Bloomberg.

“Consumers’ assessment of present-day conditions continues to grow more negative and suggests the economy remains stuck in low gear,” director Lynn Franco of the Conference Board Consumer Research Center said in a statement, adding that the silver lining may hopefully be that confidence levels “may be nearing a bottom.”
Consumers’ assessment of present conditions also grew dimmer in June with the Present Situation Index decreasing to 64.5 from 74.2 and the Expectations Index down to 41.0 from 47.3 in May.
“The confidence reading is grim,” chief U.S. economist Joshua Shapiro with Maria Fiorini Ramirez told Bloomberg. “Sure we’ll get a bump up from the tax rebates, but once that is over, we’re facing what is increasingly looking like an air pocket for consumers.”
In Germany, the consumer confidence index declined to 3.9 in July from a revised 4.7 in June, falling below the predicted 4.6 levels from economists. Similar problems to what Americans are facing are dampening German moods; rising food and gas prices. Inflation accelerated to 3.1% last month.
“The biggest problem for consumers is high inflation, the price increases for energy and food,” GfK Chief Executive Officer Klaus Wuebbenhorst told Bloomberg. “People buy food every day. Price rises for food therefore add to perceived inflation.”
Oil prices reached a record $139.89 a barrel last week and traded at $136.88 a barrel today. `

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Story from ASR BIZ-June 23, 2008
My first job out of college was working in the production department of Surfing Magazine, and one of my many duties was to collect ad film (you can see it was a long time ago—we actually used film) from our advertisers. I can’t tell you how many start-up clients came in big—with spread ads—only to be canceling their contracts a few issues later. Point being—these little guys would come in huge, with no budget, hoping to grow their brand, only to go under a few months later. So, when I was at the Group Y function last week, and Rob asked the panelists what the best piece of advice was in growing a company, I was interested to hear their answers. . .

SkullCandy Chairman Jeff Kearl said, “Surround your company with smart people.” He made a big deal about this, pointedly saying don’t hire anyone off the street just because they are cool or used to be pro. He said that SkullCandy is really careful on whom they hire, and it sounds like the potential employee has to go through some rigorous interviews. Jeff also brought up the point of not being afraid to get advice from industry leaders. He routinely calls people such as Paul Naude from Billabong, asking his opinion on SkullCandy expansion ideas. Of course not everyone has a black book full of CEO’s numbers, but it shows that networking and getting yourself out there is not a bad idea.

Dan Levine, president of RVCA says, “Own your backyard before layering on new regions, territories, and accounts. Conquer the 60 mile radius from where you are based and branch out from there.” This advice can be seen in the success of companies such as Volcom or Nixon. Volcom is synonymous with
Newport Beach—one of the first things Richard Wolcott did was get the locals on board with the Stone, the brand grew underground from there. Nixon owns Encinitas—it seems as if everywhere you go, there’s a Nixon logo somewhere. They even sponsor the surf forecasts on the lifeguard towers—genius.

The last piece of advice came from Bruce Beach, co-founder and CEO of Electric: “Running your company should be a passion—you love it and have fun doing it. Once it becomes a job, get out. In good times and bad, keep looking at the vision.”

Bruce’s advice is my favorite—it’s something we should all stick to, whether we are the CEO or the grunt making deliveries. Love what you do.

The Juniors Report from five key retailers

As reported on June 24, 2008

Body Glove Girl Ads

Monday, June 23, 2008

Purple Prose

As reported in Thanks Sarah for sending the link.

Vibrant colors are one of the mainstays of resort. Reem Acra's collection features jewel tones from emerald to amethyst.

Prints — from bold florals to diagonal stripes — are the key to many a resort lineup. With Provence and the Riviera as influences, Christian Lacroix features painterly blooms and graphic black-and-white motifs. Fanciful embroideries and beading dominate Reem Acra's dresses. John Galliano's first resort collection for his diffusion line, Galliano, is infused with an eclectic romance — muted bouquet prints worn with quirky accessories. And Barbara Tfank works wild florals in her usual retro shapes.

SNL Communications Celebrates 20th Anniversary

As reported in Transword Surf Biz


I’ve heard many executives reference the Piper Jaffray “Taking stock with Teens” survey, so thought I’d take a look at the latest results for this spring.

The study surveyed 670 teens in 11 cities around the country. The average age of the students was 16.

After reading the survey, a few highlights jumped out.

Hollister continues to dominate, landing the No. 1 ranking for clothing brands for the seventh season in a row.

Young men love action sports brands, which the survey categorizes as West Coast brands. Young women are more into fashion and less brand loyal.

Within the West Coast brands, which includes retailers such as PacSun and Zumiez, Volcom came on super strong for spring. Overall, Volcom came in No. 2 at 24 percent mindshare up from 4 percent the same period last year.

LRG is also coming on strong, ranking No. 5 among West Coast brands.

PacSun’s new juniors strategy of carrying more in-house fashion styles and denim is paying off. Within the female West Coast brand category, PacSun recorded 81 percent mindshare vs. 30 percent in spring 2007.

Here are some more details from the survey. I included three main categories: Top clothing brands overall, top West Coast brands, and top board sport brands. The percentage figures measure the mindshare of the brands with students.

An interesting survey note: The students were given blank spaces to fill in their favorite brands by order of preference rather than choosing from a list of brands. They had to come up with the brand names on their own.

Top clothing brands - all students
1. Hollister - 13 percent
2.West Coast brands - 11 percent
3.American Eagle - 9 percent
4. Abercrombie & Fitch - 5 percent
5. Forever 21 - 5 percent

Top clothing brands - female
1. Hollister - 14 percent
2. Forever 21 - 9 percent
3. American Eagle - 8 percent
4. Nordstrom - 8 percent
5. Abercrombie & Fitch - 5 percent
6. West Coast brands - 4 percent

Top clothing brands - male
1. West Coast brands - 17 percent
2. Hollister - 13 percent
3. American Eagle - 10 percent
4. Nike - 7 percent
5. Abercrombie & Fitch - 6 percent

Interesting juniors trend: Fast fashion retailers (Charlotte Ruse, Wet Seal, H & M) as a category continue to gain ground with juniors with 16 percent mindshare this spring vs. 13.9 percent last spring.

Detailed look at West Coast brands by percentage of mindshare within the West Coast category - all students
1. PacSun - 35 percent
2. Volcom - 24 percent (up from 4 percent in spring 2007)
3. Quiksilver - 10 percent
4. Zumiez - 7 percent
5. LRG - 6 percent
6. (tie) Billabong, DC - 5 percent
8. (tie) Hurley, Sun Diego - 2 percent
10. (tie) Element, O’Neill, RVCA, Zoo York - 1 percent

Top 3 West Coast brands - female
1. PacSun - 81 percent (up from 30 percent in spring 2007)
2. Volcom - 13 percent
3. Zumiez - 6 percent

Top 3 West Coast brands - male
1. Volcom - 26 percent (up from 5 percent in spring 2007)
2. PacSun - 24 percent
3. Quiksilver - 12 percent

Top boardsport brands
1. Volcom - 43 percent
2. Quiksilver - 17 percent
3. LRG - 11 percent
4. (tie) Billabong, DC - 9 percent
6. Hurley - 4 percent
7. (tie) Element, O’Neill, RVCA, Zoo York - 2 percent

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Scott Daley, VP of Marketing, at BGI went on a trip to Cabo and took some photos with his boys playing in the water with some of the products made by our Aquatics division.

ESM Ad for September Issue

Body Glove ad for ESM magazine September Issue.


Our very own Christine Braun, graphic designer here at BGI, has taken a stand against rising gas prices. Instead of driving to work she has done her research and boarded the Metro. She took the bus to work and paid only $1.25 both ways. The trip from Long Beach to Redondo Beach took 1 hour. She brought magazine and caught up on her reading. One persons way to deal with the crazy gas prices that is souring out of control every week.


BGI artdept created new business cards for our in house film guys Greg and Scott. Here's a peek at the new Body Glove Entertainment cards with the new "Just Push Play" logo. This will be the logo that will appear on the ad campaign that is being currently worked on for 09.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


JUNE 12, 2008 From a post on

There seems to be a trend of iconic surf brands moving into discount retail chains. First we were shocked by Shaun White cutting his sponsorship with Volcom and announcing a soon-to-be line of clothes by Target. Next we find out that Wal-Mart will be the exclusive supplier of OP. After that we learn that Kmart will be producing their own surf branded clothing (is that an oxymoron or what?). And what about the Laird Hamilton line in Steve & Barry’s? So maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised to learn that Kohl’s has obtained the right to license the legendary Hang Ten brand and will be offering it in 240 of its stores. And, I shouldn’t be surprised to read that Quiksilver will be designing it. But, I am. I guess that they’ve had such great results with their Tony Hawk partnership that Kohl’s would like them to design the Hang Ten apparel as well. I don’t know, to me it just seems . . . weird. Everything is crossing over, it seems as if all brands are now incestuous, which doesn’t seem right to me.


As reported on Style Sight website: June 16th, 2008
The association of surfers with unmotivated, youthful, pot-smoking slackers is long gone. In its stead is the growing and predominant image of robust and vibrantly healthy men and women, young and old, with a zest for life. It is a mix of surfing’s professionals and these newest ambassadors that are transforming the surfer world into a thriving market opportunity now aggressively being tapped by retail’s biggest players, including Nike, J. Crew, Abercrombie & Fitch and even Nissan Motor Co., reported Bloomberg. “Everybody wants to be part of this,” general manager Ronald Enriquez of Jack’s Surf Shop in Huntington Beach, California, told Bloomberg. “Everybody’s looking for the fountain of youth.”

U.S. surfing and skating stores raked in $7.5bn in sales in 2006, up 15% from 2004, according to the latest statistics from the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association.
Quiksilver is a leader in this market. According to its CEO Robert McKnight, the key to success is “you have to bleed it in your DNA; you cannot fake it. These kids know which companies are cool,” he told Bloomberg. Founded in 1976 as a maker of surfing shorts, Quiksilver now generates sales worth $2.4bn.
“We have this theory around Quiksilver that half of the world’s population lives at or near the beach and the other half cannot wait to get there,” McKnight added. “Everyone has a good experience with the beach.”
The leaders of the sports themselves are also finding success in retail. Surfing icon Laird Hamilton recently inked a deal with Steve & Barry’s retail chain to distribute a clothing line inspired by his life on the waves called Wonderwall. “It represents a fantasy but also a goal — someplace to get to,” Hamilton told Bloomberg of the allure with surfing.
Everyone else is now working hard to get a piece of the action. Nissan Motor Co. promotes “surf safaris,” and chemical maker Saudi Basic Industries Corp. runs ads featuring surfers chasing the perfect wave.
Nike Inc. executives are said to have visited Enriquez’s store to learn what customers liked. According to Bloomberg, sales at Nike’s Hurley International unit, which caters to the surfing and skateboarding market, rose 33% in the third quarter. Hurley “is connecting with our core consumer and with the broader action sports market,” Nike Chief Executive Officer Mark Parker told analysts on a March 19 conference call.
J. Crew features surfers Buzzy Kerbox and Campbell Farrell on the cover of its summer catalog, while Abercrombie & Fitch sells Southern California lifestyle clothes through its Hollister unit, which targets teenagers interested in this market.
Wal-Mart Stores Inc. recently launched a line of young girls’ sweaters aimed at the surfing crowd, a move that attracted the attention of Quiksilver, which promptly sued Wal-Mart for copying the firm’s Roxy trademark.

Monday, June 16, 2008

2008-09 Snow Acces: Backpacks and Boardbags

A page from Transworld Surf Biz from March 27th 2008. Good ideas and reference on Backpacks and boardbags for snow.

2008-09 Snow Acces: Backpacks and Boardbags


This article is a few month's old, but another example of brands collaborating with artist and coming up with unique product designs.



Dragon Goes Independent
June 13, 2008
Source: Transworld Business

Still soaked from a champagne celebration and coming off a 72-hour period with no sleep, Will Howard, founder and CEO of Dragon, showed up Thursday afternoon at Transworld Business to announce that his brand had just become independent of parent company Luxottica.

The deal, which closed less than three hours earlier, was a time consuming project that he and Dragon’s General Manager Aaron Behle had been working on for the past six months. By branching out in a separate direction and becoming a privately-owned company, Dragon – which produces sunglasses, goggles and accessories - hopes to reconnect with the core retail specialty shops and renew the energy that originally drove them to create the brand.


Lightbox POP created by Body Glove Wetsuits for Spyder Surf in Hermosa Beach, Ca.

Transworld Surf Ad for September

New ad created for the upcoming September issue of Transworld Surf Magazine.  Featuring Cheyne Magnusson in the Magnum fullsuit.


Part of a retro ad campaign that Body Glove Japan is running. Their aim is to target the guys who surfed and lived the lifestyle back in the days and grew up with Body Glove. There is a big audience in Japan who love the retro stuff and don't have access to view it. So BGJ is bringing it to them. To go with the campaign they offer a line of retro suits and when we were there last year they were all over the beach. Good job to George, Matt and Yugo over at the BGJ offices. Keep up the good work.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

80's Retro Watch designs

Break out your old Body Glove Neoprene day glow wetsuit and bikini's.  The 80's are back.


Body Glove Aquatics division held their sales meeting in Kona this month.  Russ, Billy and Bob flew out to Kona to participate and had a great time.  


New ad created by Body Glove Japan for FINE magazine.  Good work Yugo.


As reported on June 11, 2008

Pac Sun CEO says boardshorts selling in June.

Vans, DC and Nike shoes staying in PacSun

As reported on 6/11/08

Vans, DC and Nike shoes staying in PacSun

Quik to design Hang Ten line for Kohls

As reported on 6/11/08

Quiksilver to design Hang Ten line for Kiohls

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How Surf Brands Stack Up In Tough Economy

Article on as reported on June 10, 2008

How Surf Brands Stack Up In Tough Economy


This has the best tag line:  2008 is the new 1984. So true.


New Body Glove Wetsuit ad for Mundo Rad magazine from Puerto Rico.  Ad features Cheyne Magnusson in the Magnum wetsuit.  Photo was shot earlier this year by Mike Balzer down in Manhattan Beach, Ca.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Link to a website that has pictures of what people are wearing across the globe.

Hat Design Inspiration

Great hat designs that is on the pacsun website.  Reference for logo treatments, placement, colors and all over prints.


Great ideas for pattern treatments on bags. These ideas can be applied to other BG products.  Some of these patterns would look great as a treatment on the music cases and cell covers.

T-Shirt Graphic Inspiration

T-shirt designs from VANS that I found interesting.  They used pictures of the shoes and compose the skull and the second one is the texture from the bottom of their shoes.


Boardshort trend report from Style Sight website.  6/10/08


Further evidence that fashion isn’t just about clothes and handbags anymore comes from Christian Dior who this week launched their branded cell phone. It comes after competitors such as Prada and Dolce & Gabbana have turned their versions into significant businesses. Priced at over $5,000 these phones are mostly targeted toward new fashion-brand crazy markets in China and Russia.