Thursday, December 22, 2011

Local Sessions with Sean Herman

Sean Herman rides for South End Surf Shop in Wrightsville Beach, NC and gets flowed suits from Body Glove. This picture is in the new Local Sessions December / January Mag, that will be at the Orlando Surf Expo. He is also in the South End Surf Shop add in the same magazine.

6 Weeks with Anthony Walsh

6 weeks with Anthony Walsh from anthony walsh on Vimeo.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Body Glove PR1ME Named Best Wetsuit By Surf Portugal

Body Glove’s PR1ME wetsuit has gone global and the surfers of Portugal are dubbing it the season’s best. Pitted against suits from Billabong, Hurley, O’Neill, Quiksilver, Rip Curl and Xcel, the PR1ME was crowned with top honors.

Surf Portugal found that in this modern time even though all of the wetsuit makers had quality materials, it was the PR1ME’s ease of entry, top of the line EVOflex neoprene and advanced Pyrostretch insulation that sealed the deal.

A big thank you to the surfers and shop owners who tested the suits. Glad we were able to supply you with killer suits!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ripples in the Sun Videos

Our good friend Mike Pagan has created an amazing short video series from his time in Hawaii called Ripples in the Sun. He follows Matt Pagan, Nate Yeomans, Matt Mohagen, Austin Ware and more on the north shore and catches plenty of surf and the amazing natural vibe of the North Shore of Hawaii in winter. We hope you enjoy!

Ripples in the Sun from Mike Pagan on Vimeo.

Ripples in the Sun 2 from Mike Pagan on Vimeo.

Ripples in the Sun 3 from Mike Pagan on Vimeo.

Ripples in the Sun 4 from Mike Pagan on Vimeo.

Haze in the Horizon from Mike Pagan on Vimeo.

Anthony Walsh Riding Barrels and Sky Diving

Check out Anthony in Go Pro's "Shoptgun Barrels at Pipeline"... A powerful GoPro sunset Pipeline session on record. Mark Healey, Mikey Bruneau, Anthony Walsh, Jamie Sterling, and Koa Smith get spit out of rifling barrels.

And some photos of what he has been up to in Hawaii...

Monday, December 19, 2011

Take Body Glove Survey Get Free Stuff

We are interested in your thoughts. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey about Body Glove and a potential new product and we will hook you up with a promo code that offers you 50% off just about every product at and will put you in a drawing for a brand new fullsuit wetsuit. You need to complete the survey and provide your email address to receive the promo code and be entered into the drawing for the wetsuit. Thank you very much for your time and your opinions.

Survey Available at

Noah Collins in the South Bay Surf Series

Photo by Brad Jacobson

Everyone involved with the South Bay High School Surf League is talking about Noah Collins. They say the Mira Costa High freshman is better than Costa alum Dayton Silva, currently the number one ranked college surfer in the NSSA. He’s being compared to Palos Verdes High alum Alex Gray, an alternate to this year’s Quiksilver Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational.

At 5-foot-4, 120 pounds, the 15-year-old goofy-footer looks like Hawaiian pro Derek Ho. Collins lives in Manhattan Beach and surfs everyday, no matter what the waves are like. His favorite local spots are 26th Street and Rosecrans where he and fellow Costa team members Cody Stamos, Kyle Brown and Wyatt Boyd work on their progressive styles.Collins rides 5-foot-3 and 5-foot-5 surfboards made by Roberts in Ventura. He’s already sponsored by Body Glove, Spyder, Free Style Watches, Sanuk Shoes, Waterman’s Sun Screen, Sector 9 Skateboards, Waxy Wax and Dakine.

Demi Boelsterli Gets the Santa Barbara Independent Cover

Check out the cover of Santa Barbara Independent with BG team rider Demi Boelsterli. Demi is a 21-year old Rincon local that enjoys Finger Painting. Hopefully we can post some of her art soon!!!

Get Rad

Holly Becks Simple Life in Nicaragua

The words of Holly Beck... "I’ve been in the States for two weeks and I’m getting desperate to be back home. After a year of living homeless, bouncing around from one available cabana to the next, sleeping in a tent, the back of our truck, friend’s houses, my parent’s house, it was so good to finally have a place to call home. Somewhere to unpack, put books on a shelf, cook whatever we wanted for dinner, sit on the porch quietly, watch seeds sprout."

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

North Shore Splurge: by Jeff McKee

Today is our final day here at the North Shore and we are going out with a bang. I caught more waves today than any other day of the trip, and in one particular instance got pressured into a wave by Chewy, the surf team manager, which I ripped the face off of but apparently cut off a local who was paddling my way with some serious aggression when it was all said and done. Whoops. I told him it was Chewy's fault not mine and he quickly scattered. ; ) Anyways, here is my final photo dump from the trip. Mahalo from the haole.

Got the chance to surf Rockies with all the team which is by far the shallowest spot I've ever been.

I'm a sucker for sunsets, and the North shore is the spot to be for my type.

This dude was seriously prepared for war out in the waves. Check out his old school BG camo vest. Agro.

20 people in the house and approximately 60 surfboards on the premisses.

Last night we had a Rave underneath this blue tarp. A lot of weird stuff went down.

Alex Gray posing for the camera in the all new Prime suit.

My humble abode, aka the master suite closet. I have to sleep with my knees bent otherwise it's head and feet to the walls.

The crew spectating from the back porch overlooking sunset. By far the best seats on the shore.

This is the scene from yesterday's waterfall shoot where the Beck sisters and Chandler Parr showed off the newest BG bikini's. Then we all got the chance to jump the cliff into the watering hole. It was about 50 ft. High enough to bruise Helina's ass all the the way to the knee's. That's what happens when you land on your back. Luckily she came up with a smile on her face.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ratopia Surf Classic

The Ratopia Surf Classic is an annual surf contest created to raise awareness and funding for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). From the 1st Annual Ratopia Surf Classic event back in 2005 to present day, the Ratopia Charity Fund has raised over $62,000 in donations to the LLS. For the past 6 years, the contest has successfully hosted over 120 surfers each year. Surfers from all skill levels (amateur to professional) are in attendance, traveling from California, Hawaii, and Australia to compete for great cause. If you surf... sign up for this amazing event. If you are in the area stop by and show your support!!

The 7th Annual Ratopia Surf Classic will be held on December 17th, 2011. Sign up online at: Eventbrite

Monday, December 12, 2011

Jamie O'Brien Places 5th at Pipe Masters

We are so stoked for Body Glove team rider Jamie O'brien. He finished in 5th place in the 2011 Pipe Masters taking down top surfers Dane Reynolds in Round 1, Raoni Montero in Round 2, Adriano DeSouza in Round 3 and Joel Parkinson and Kalani Chapman in Round 4. Check out photos of Jamie chargin 15 foot Pipe below:

Clay Pollioni Hawaii Shots

Check out some photos of Body Glove East Coast surfer Clay Pollioni... plus some extra scenic shots that we just had to post.
Body Glove East Coast Surfer Clay Pollioni

Sunset Surf

There is nothing better than rainbows in Hawaii :)

Greetings from the North Shore by Jeff McKee

Greetings. Today I am writing you from the floor of the master suite closet in Body Glove's Sunset Beach palace. This humble 30 square feet has become my own private paradise on my first ever trip to Hawaii. I've got my computer to my left, my clothes to my right, and a makeshift bed in- between. In a New York City I'd be doing well, so in this Hawaiian Island I'm on cloud 9. In the great words of Jeff Spicoli, "All I need is a cool buzz and some tasty waves." Now I know exactly what that guy was talking about...

Now that is a tasty wave...

JOB Waxing up 1 of his 3 sticks for a Pipe session. The first day of the event there were 14 broken boards.

I was happy to be safe in the sand while snapping this pic.

Our backyard. Literally.

The North Shore is actually nothing like I expected. It reminds me of Costa Rica. One grocery store, one gas station, and an overwhelming amount of epic surf. It's the only thing people seem to live for over here, and it's also amazing to me how long they can discuss the topic. I guess there's just so many variables in surfing that the discussion never ends: The wind, the sand, the swell direction, the size of your board, the amount of people out, and also whether or not the Red Bull DJ is pumping the jams off Jamie O'Brien's back porch. This is apparently a new feature on the North Sore, but the concept is genius.

I've learned something about Hawaiian's while I've been here...1 ft. Hawaiin = 2 - 3 ft. mainland, so when they say the swell at Pipe Masters is 12 foot, that actually means 25-30 and completely death defying. I've never seen a barrel that you could drive your car through, so the past week has been pretty unbelievable. Also getting to hang out with my favorite surfers like Alex Gray and Cheyne Magnusson while we sit on JOB's back porch and watch him get a double barrel during the event has all been pretty insane. Alex also owned it at the Surfer Poll awards when he won the best barrel award and followed it up with a kick ass speech, then yesterday Cheyne took us on the car ride of a lifetime (close to 6 hours) as we cruised across the island to check out Waikiki, do airport runs, and blast house music out the windows of the suburban throughout. That guy knows how to keep the vibes rolling strong all day long. We actually longboarded waikiki last night and the swell was about half a foot (Hawaiin scale). I was on a wave at the same time as this 50 something year old mom who told me to "bend your knee's, sweetheart," so apparently i've still got some work to do on my surfing. Guess I better get out there and practice...So Peace out Bloggers, talk to you soon.

Friday, December 9, 2011


30 Days of PR1ME

Body Glove is celebrating 30 Days of PR1ME by giving away a free Body Glove Trucker Hat for anyone who walks into one of the core surf shops listed below and tries on a PR1ME Fullsuit. We know that it is the most comfortable and warm wetsuit in the market and we will give you a hat just for trying it on. Walk into one of the shops below and ask for the PR1ME Fullsuit Wetsuit.

Body Glove Crew at Pipe Masters

Jamie O'Brien after his first heat yesterday

It is that time of the year. Some people are stressed out about holiday shopping... but not our team. The Body Glove crew made their annual trek to the North Shore of Oahu and this year they are getting killer waves. Team Riders Anthony Walsh, Alex Gray, Cheyne Magnusson and Matt Pagan are bunking up with VP of Marketing Scott Daley, videographers Greg Browning and Scott Smith and Team Manager Matt Chernega for probably the best 10 days of their December. Body Glove's native north shore resident and pipe line charger Jamie O'Brien is competing in this years Pipe Masters. Stay tuned for updates!

Jamie O'Brien Wins Both Heats at Pipe Masters

photo from

Jamie O'Brien has a deep history with Banzai Pipeline... he grew up and still lives in a house right at the infamous Banzai Pipeline on the North Shore, he is one of the youngest surfers ever to win a Pipe Masters challenge, he took 4th place at Pipe Masters in 2001 after recovering from a knee injury, he took 1st place at the 2003 Hansen's Pipeline Pro and 1st place in the 2004 Pipeline Masters.

Yesterday was an amazing day for Jamie and the Body Glove team could not be more stoked for him. Thos of us who are not in Hawaii watching him from the beach ahd our eyes glued to the TV screen in our office watching him surf both rounds. Jamie showed no mercy to fan-favorite, Dane Reynolds, handing him a 14.77-3.24 loss. Jamie even finished a double barrel with a triple claim for 9.27. In his second heat he had a one wave victory to Brazillian surfer Raoni Monteiro.

Results from the first day:

Round 1 Heat 8 : Jamie O'Brien (HAW) 14.77pts ; Dane Reynolds (USA) 3.24pts
Round 2 Heat 6 : Jamie O'Brien (HAW) 5.33pts ; Raoni Monteiro (BRA) 2.83pts

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wake Team Update: December 2011

Rusty Malinoski
While a lot of riders are using the off-season to rest, play video games and drink, Rusty is taking the opposite approach. The guy is in the gym with a personal trainer almost every day, cutting a little weight and riding every chance he gets. Yes, he has taken some time away with his wife on trips to Vegas and Hawaii, but there is no way Rusty is heading into next season out of shape. Check out the recently-released video of his stalefish double back roll from the Wake Awards, a move that's never been done before with this grab.

Jeff McKee
The last month has been a great opportunity for Jeff to finally chill out and make some plans for the off season in Orlando. He's been busy building rail set ups with the Slingshot team, shooting for Lipsmack, and also producing tech videos for the new Sligshot products including one for his signature board called "The Response" ( Of course there is never a dull moment with this guy. "I also rode naked for the first time in a quest to accomplish all the tasks printed in the Response board graphic, and have been wake surfing a bunch in my new PR1ME team suit," McKee said. "Now I'm sitting here in Hawaii with the Body Glove crew getting ready to head over to Jamie Obrien's house and watch all the BG surfers practice at Pipeline for the Pipe Masters event this weekend."

James Balzer
This man of action has been in his homeland of Canada where the lakes are 45 degrees and his winching spots freezing over at night. That hasn't stopped him, because Balzer is a true waterman, and you can't keep those guys out of their element no matter what. Last week, he needed a break from the cold and made a trip to Body Glove headquarters. "It's always nice in Redondo Beach, so I flew down to hang with the boys and get my winter wave count up." Balzer said. "Everyone was getting ready to head to Hawaii to shoot all the new gear with the surfers. It was a quick, but fun trip."
On his way home, he stopped in Northern Cal to ride with Grant Roberts for a few days on the Delta. "We got some shredding in, but it was so windy and all those Delta guys just want to play beer pong." Now he's back in Vancouver getting ready for Christmas. "Big thanks to Body Glove for letting my swing by and for keeping me warm all winter in their sick suits."

Bob Soven
Happy Birthday to Bob, who recently turned 20. "Anti-climactic." He said. "The one year countdown begins." Bob's been staying warm in the water with his PR1ME full suit, and commented randomly that he really misses Balzer.

Trever Maur This rider/videographer shows you how to easily mount your GoPro video camera onto a "wand" to get some creative and smooth shots.

Australian Update!

Harley Clifford After scoring the cover of Australia's WAKE Magazine, here's a look at Harley shredding on his home turf in Oz. Check out TransWorld's Wake Awards digital publication, highlighting Harley's win as "Best Wakeboarder" for 2011

James Windsor
15-years-old and riding way ahead of his age, James dominates in
Pro Men's events and won his first title at the International Rail Jam in Penrith last year, before recently finishing second in a pro men's competition in Germany. He is one of those really nice kids who just loves to ride.

James Boggia
James is an absolute shredder at the cable park he always throws down. He has built up a solid rep both in Oz and overseas as one of the best cable riders to come out of Australia. After being off the water for six months with an injury, James is fully recovered and hungry, riding beter then ever.