Thursday, September 30, 2010

Diving with Sharks in Denver

We had the amazing opportunity of diving in Denver, Colorado’s Downtown Aquarium with Shane Taylor from A1 Scuba. We dove 22 feet with Sand Tiger sharks, Brown sharks, Zebra sharks, Nurse sharks, Saw fish, barracudas, Guitar fish and so many other aquatic critters. The sharks were literally inches from us! A 250+ Lb. A Pacific Green Sea Turtle loved hanging out with us. He sat on Francey’s head and shared a few love moments with me gazing into my eyes! It was love at first sight.

A1 Scuba, located in Denver, CO works hard bringing awareness to the depleting shark population. Divers who find a shark tooth while diving in the Aquarium, are invited to take these teeth found and in return, A1 Scuba asks for a donation. 100% of the donation is used for shark conservation and field research projects. A crazy fact is that some sharks will loose over 30,000 teeth in a lifetime!

It is important to remember, that annually, nearly 100 million sharks are being removed from our oceans; in fact, some shark species have been depleted by 80% in the past couple of decades (including hammerheads and great whites). The majority of which are being killed only for their fins. In most cases they are caught, stripped of their fins (which do not grow back) and tossed overboard to die a slow death as they suffocate sinking to the ocean floor.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to A1 Scuba for this incredible experience.

For information on how to sign up to dive in the aquarium please visit:

And more information on A1 Scuba’s conservation efforts can be found at:

Keep Your Ocean Blue!

Shark Shot.

Check out those crazy teeth!

Shark teeth we found in the aquarium.

Matt Chernega, Francey Marzicola, Jenna Meistrell and Shane Taylor.

The aquarium from the outside.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Holly Beck teams up with to do some volunteer work in Nicaragua is an non-profit dedicated to making good happen. Over the last few years the SYRV crew has been working hard to create a community center to benefit the people of the Northern Nicaraguan town of Jiquilillo.

This time around Holly Beck teamed up with the group to donate musical instruments, jam out with the kids, help release recently hatched sea turtles, put the finishing touches on the community center, do some surf lessons, yoga, and make some amazing new friends.

Check out the video highlights below:

Monday, September 20, 2010

Body Glove Surf Team Photos from Hurley Pro at Lower Trestles

Unless you have been living under a surf rock or have been too busy surfing your favorite waves during the last run of swell you probably saw some of the incredible footage from the Hurley Pro where they scored 3 days of pumping south swell Lower Trestles in San Clemente, California. Event winner Kelly Slater put on quite a show but so did the Body Glove Team of Dusty Payne, Gabe Kling and Luke Stedman. Here are a few shots from an incredible week. All photos by Mike Balzer!

Luke Stedman Double Grab
Luke Stedman Warm Up Surf
Luke Stedman Mid Heat Power Gouge
Gabe Kling Happy to Make It Back on Tour for the Lowers Lefts
Gabe Kling Big Airs Could Not Quite Take Down Event Champion Kelly Slater
Gabe Kling Doing the Lowers Rock Hop for a Warm Up Surf
Dusty Payne Putting it on Rail in his Round 4 Heat
Dusty Payne Free Surf
Dusty Payne Was Ripping during the Expression Session
Dusty Payne Man Hack

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Team Dantar-Western Oasis Wakeplace-Nevada

Team Dantar is at it again. This time in Minden, Nv at Western Oasis Wakeplace. "Cable parks like this are going to become the norm and really help wakeboarding grow and expand participation." says Daniel Doud. The park is run by a family in Minden, Nv and they have plans to expand the park and make it a major wake destination. Photos provided by Kyle Rowe.

Daniel Doud

Shelby Kantar

Monday, September 13, 2010

Body Glove Hosts Alex Gray Innersection Video Viewing and Voting Party Thursday!

Body Glove Announces New Stand Up Paddle Board License

Welcome to the Family Amanzi and the Contrarian Group

Redondo Beach, CA – September 8, 2010 – Body Glove, Amanzi and the Contrarian Group have teamed up to distribute innovative stand up paddle board (SUP) products to market under the Body Glove brand. The new board line will be available at Surf Expo Friday September 10, 2010 in booth #1301/1401

With this new partnership Body Glove, Amanzi and the Contrarian Group will debut the broad range of SUP board models for resorts, beginners, rapids paddlers and experts. From epoxy to molded boards there is a SUP for every skill level and body of water.

“Body Glove sees the stand up paddle board market as having huge growth potential and Amanzi and the Contrarian Group are the best possible partners for us to maximize that potential,” said Billy Meistrell, Executive Vice President of Body Glove.

“Amanzi is excited to join forces with Body Glove and bring new and modern paddleboards to the growing segment of outdoor enthusiasts,” said Corran Addison, R&D and Design Head of Amanzi Inc. Addison is a renowned kayak designer and 3-time World Champion medalist and has competed at the SUP World Cup. The strong water background provided by each team member was a crucial element for both Body Glove and Amanzi when they decided to join forces.

With investment funding from the Contrarian Group, headed by Peter Ueberroth, Amanzi Inc. has been able to expand its offerings and establish its business in San Clemente, CA. Ueberroth, former Chairman of the US Olympic Committee and Commissioner of Baseball, said, “We are very pleased to join in these strong relationships to bring innovative products to this growing water sports market segment.”

The Body Glove SUP line will debut 5 inventive models, with extras that include storage hatches and bungees, and multiple accessories to add to the SUP experience.

Board Models

Vector – Recreational Racing Standard Class Board. Designed to take you out on the open ocean swells for downwinders and swell riding. Fast and maneuverable you can load this board with several days’ worth of gear.

Glider – All Around Board. Recreational board that converts into a kayak. Large hatches for easy access to the inside and a flip up seatback and heel rests you can paddle seated. Extra room for storage.

Velocity – Expedition and Fitness Board. Perfect board if you’re looking for speed. This paddleboard will take heavy loads for multi-day expeditions, just as well as it will race recreationally at your local event.

Wave – Surfing Board. The ultimate board for anyone getting into stand up paddling for the first time. Wide, easy and stable, it will get you out and onto the waves easily.

Rocket – Work Out and Recreational Racing Board. The Rocket is our fastest sub race class design and you feel it every time you pull. The deep v bow turns smoothly into the rounded narrow full and exits through the efficient tail. Large hatch for overnights and a neat foot controlled rudder keeps you on track through tough side wind.

Body Glove install at Jacks Surfshop

Kevin and Eric from Body Glove Wetsuits were busy on Friday installing new signage down at Jacks Surfshop in Huntington Beach.
First they went to go get the prints made.
Wrapped a pole.
Wall papered a wall.
Put the display back together.

Finished area. Now go get your Body Glove Wetsuit. Go job guys.

Santa Cruz Surf Shop

New window signage went up over the weekend at Santa Cruz Surf Shop. If your in the area check em out.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Body Glove Athletes Vie for a Spot in Taylor Steele's New Movie

Check out and vote for the South Bay's own Alex Gray and Matt Pagan. These two pro surfers have been working hard to find the best clips to prove to you and Taylor Steele they deserve a shot at his next movie. So go on, tell your friends to go on and let the boys know what you think of their videos.

Body Glove Athletes Dominate the Catalina Classic

Congrats to Adam Buckley from Hermosa Beach for winning the 2010 Catalina Classic Paddleboard Race. Huge congrats to other Body Glove paddlers Anthony Vela, National Sales Manager Matt Walls and all of the other finishers! Here are some photos from the finish of the epic 32 mile paddleboard race. For the full story check out the Easy Reader story. All photos by Mike Balzer

Winner Adam Buckley heads to shore after 32 miles looking solid in his Vapors
Leo DiCaprio showed for a "king of the world" moment on the Disappearance
3rd place finisher and LA County Lifeguard Anthony Vela nears the finish at the MB Pier
Champion Adam Buckley celebrates at the finish in front of the local crowd
The finishers lineup of the Catalina Classic

Friday, September 3, 2010

Body Glove Covers Red Bull Flugtag Long Beach

Great video from Red Bull Flugtag Long Beach. Looking forward to Philadelphia on Saturday 9-4-2010.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Body Glove Wakeboarders Surf Too!

Check out two shots of Team Dantar heading out to the surf in Morro Bay!