Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Disappearance

Out shooting The Disappearance today.  The boat is owned and operated by co-founder, Bob Meistrell.

Body Glove Photoshoot

Spent yesterday hiking down hills to do a photoshoot for Body Glove Dive Wetsuits.  Needed shots for a upcoming ad to appear in Sport Diver Magazine.  Scott Smith, Cheyne Magnusson and Holly Beck all came out to be the lucky models to do the hike for the photoshoot.

While I had Cheyne down in the South Bay I had to shoot him for Body Glove Japan apparel.  Cheyne will be appearing in the upcoming Body Glove Japan apparel campaign in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Body Glove's South Bay Sluggers WIN!!!

So for the first time this year Body Glove's softball time can chalk one up on the VICTORY side!! It's been a long hard road but the Sluggers came out on top 22-15. It was a great game with some awesome fielding, Nicole ripped it up the outfield catching fly balls, Jen snagged them on first, Christine hustled out in right, Cole caught some line drives aimed at his dome and I might have had a few stops at 3rd base! There was some excellent pitching and catching between Sky and Jenny, but I think the hitting was what got the win. Kavika brought the Hawaiian heat, Sky, Marcel and Cole ripped some home runs and the ladies brought out the bats with some solid frozen ropes. Great work team Body Glove!!!!!

PS Not every one made it out to the celebration dinner after the game but these were all the shots I could get! Until next Sunday sports fans!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Body Glove on iTunes!!!!

Body Glove Videos Available on iTunes

Redondo Beach, CA – Body Glove Entertainment videos are now available to download directly to your iPod. Just type “Body Glove” in the search bar and click Body Glove Podcast for a free subscription; get up to date videos of the entire Body Glove crew.

Check out everything from team videos, adventures in Japan and our always popular “Behind the Scenes: Body Glove Bikini Photo Shoots.”

“Body Glove’s Entertainment Department is working very hard and producing some incredible videos,” said VP of Marketing Scott Daley, “We want to make our content as accessible as possible; having a podcast on iTunes is just another great way to reach our consumers.”

With over 40 videos already loaded to the podcast, and many more to flow, stay up to date with your favorite surf brand. Start with the Bill and Bob Story to find out how the world’s first wetsuit was invented and why Body Glove is still the oldest family owned surf company in the biz.

For more information on Body Glove and our team go to and our blog at

Monday, April 27, 2009

Japan:Learn to Surf with Cheyne Magnusson PART 2

Cheyne doing a little "Blue Steel" for Body Glove in Japan.
Tina, Cheyne, and Tetsuo all get ready for their first session on Niijima, an island near Tokyo.  Beautiful.
I think this one is Magnusson's "Magnum" look.
Cheyne gives Tina a few pointers before she gives surfing a try.  I think it involved, "Paddle, stand up, and ride the wave."
Here, Cheyne has already paddled, stood up, and is now riding the wave.
Usually longboarding, Japanese rider, Tetsuo, cruises down the line on something a little shorter for the quick steep waves on Niijima.
Cheyne showing off a little for Tina.

This was a crazy wave because Cheyne actually made this elevator drop straight down onto practically dry sand.  It's probably when he broke his fin... and later the nose of his board.
Making good use of a closeout. 
Tina had fun and absolutely charged all day.  Were pretty sure she's hooked!
Taking it all in and probably taking some notes while I (camera guy, Scott) am now getting my quick surf in.
Later we cruised to a local house that had a half-pipe in the backyard and all three of us gave it a try.  Cheyne is much better than all of us put together.  And as a result, my knee still hurts.  Stay tuned...

Rusty Malinoski Wins Air Nautique Wake Games

Body Glove's own Rusty Malinoski took home the top prize beating out Jim LaRiche, Adam Errington, Andrew Adkison, and JD Webb (respectively) for the top prize.

More info on his win to follow shortly........

It is the first stop on the King of Wake series.

Friday, April 24, 2009

New Body Glove Japan Ad

New ad for Surfin Life magazine in Japan

New Alliance Wakeboard Mag Ad

New ad coming out in Alliance Wakeboard Magazine.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Japan:Learn to Surf with Cheyne Magnusson

Cheyne Magnusson and camera guy Scott Smith (myself) arrive in Tokyo.  It was my first time to Tokyo, and to my suspicion... no one else had red hair.
The Body Glove guys in Japan hooked us up!  30000 Yen to play with!
We were pretty proud of ourselves for going out when it was 4:15 AM to us really.  But we were amped for sushi.  It was #1 on the To Do List.  So that motivated us and we got to it.
This guy was rad!  He pulled a fish out of the tank, held it up, yelled something in Japanese, laid it down on the cutting board, and then chopped its head off and started slicing it up... then we ordered some.  It doesn't get much fresher then that.
Saki... always fun!
Lovin' it.  But then it was finally time for bed.  Got to work in the morning.
Hard at work on my birthday outside of the surf shop, Beach Sound, in Tokyo.
Tina was our soon to be "Surfer Girl" that we geared up at the shop.  1/2 Japanese + 1/2 British = Beautiful
This guy loved Maui Fever
Told you it was my Birthday.
Had to do a "time lapse" of the infamous crosswalk.  Look for it in the video.  It's like the Times Square of Tokyo.
The next day we boarded a boat that starts out in the water and then sets down some hydrofoils and goes 60 mph across the water in route to Niijima where the surf was.  I think Laird Hamilton created it.
Cheyne, Japanese team rider Tetsuo, and Tina after arriving on the dock in Niijima.  Take note of the awesome paint job of those hydroplane boats.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Canel riding with James Balzer

So the day I left the Tiki Shack  the crew still was there to get more video.  After a unsuccessful first round at the Canel's down in Parker, Arizona they decided to go back and look for another spot to ride.  Now I'm assuming Jeff McKee took these photos because he was the one I left the camera with when I left.  He seemed pretty excited about shooting photos.  Maybe because he didn't get to participate in his own "I Want Your Job!" rider/photographer switch contest he had done for Alliance Wakeboard Magazine (May 2009).   

And then there is always Bob doing his best to get in on the action.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tiki Shack Photoshoot

Daniel getting his groove on for the photoshoot.