Friday, August 31, 2012

Adam Buckley Wins Catalina Classic

Congratulations to Adam Buckley for winning the Catalina Classic for his second time. Adam darted through the 32 mile race in 5 hours 11 minutes going from the Isthmus of Catalina to the Manhattan Beach pier. "Early in the training season I was recommended to use Body Glove Surge instead of other sports gels. It was an easy switch as the flavors were good and they are easy to eat on the go. Through the duration of the race, I used BG Surge about 4 times. I felt great the whole way and pushed it about 90% capacity for 5 hours."

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For more information on the ingredients, check out the Surge Advantage

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Mujeres del Mar Surf Event

"When my sponsor, Body Glove, gave me the opportunity to make a contest in Puerto Rico, I thought about all the girls who want to learn to surf. So I created this event to transmit all the experiences I got from different competitions around the world. Women’s surfing has been growing around the world and I want to bring that growth to my Island, Puerto Rico. This event means another step for the surfer girls on the island. I want to make the girls feel important and show them the importance of what they are doing, surfing. People who surf know that is not an easy sport and requires a lot of practice, dedication and love to learn it. But in the end we learn how amazing it is doing the sports that makes up your life style. When I started surfing on my Island there were about five girls surfing everyday somewhere in the Island. But now we can see more than five girls on the pick at the same time. I want more girls in the water that love surfing and it is why I created Mujeres del Mar Surf Event. With this event we give support, dedication and love to all those girls who feel like surfing is in them. It is the second year that Body Glove is supporting the event, helping to the develop more women surfing on the Island. At the end of all stress, meetings, calls, etc. I can say that the event fills my soul with a lot of happiness and gets me full of positive energy, to see so many girls from all ages on the beach smiling, laughing, enjoying and of course surfing." - Maria Del Mar

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The 5 W’s with Ezekiel Lau

The 5 W’s with Ezekiel Lau

Ezekiel “Zeke” LauProfessional SurferLocation: Kewalo Basin on the South Shore of OahuSponsors: Volcom, Arnette, Body Glove, Nixon, Dakine, Fitted, Jeff Bushman Surfboards, New Era
Twitter: @zekelau
Jason: Who are your Top 5 favorite musical artists and songs that get you in the mood?
Zeke: Wiz Kahlifa “Work Hard, Play Hard” along with the whole “Taylor Alderdice” album, Drake “No Lie” featuring 2 Chains, Tyga “I’m On One” remix, 50 Cent “God Gave Me Style” and the whole “Curtis” album and The Game “One Blood” along with “The Doctor’s Advocate,” “The Red Album,” “The Documentary” and all of his mix tapes.
What is the biggest misconception that people have about you?
Sometimes I feel my personality is misinterpreted because I’m so competitive by nature. If I see something that gets me into competition mode then my mind and body just clicks on, and people who don’t know me well get the wrong vibe so I guess people take it as if I’m angry but I’m not. I know when to switch it off, I’ve learned to strive hard and focus for things that I want and I go for it with all that I’ve got but at the same time I know when to switch it off. There often is the stereotype of being an angry because I’m Hawaiian because of the stories that people hear about Hawaii or by the way that I look and perceived that I may just want to scrap everyone or being a punk really sucks because some people just expect you to be like that. Then I could get upset about it and then become that person, but I just focus to control that and let it go. I know who I am and that’s not me and they’ll learn.
Where has surfing taken you so far this year and then through the rest of 2012?
Since I’ve graduated in June earlier this year I’ve been to California for the NSSA Interscholastic Championships in Laguna Niguel to represent Kamehameha in which we took 4th place overall. That’s the best we’ve done as a team and everyone did really well! I then headed up to Huntington Beach for the NSSA Nationals in which I won the Open Men’s and Explorer Men’s divisions but the try highlight of that trip was being awarded the Andy Irons Memorial Award by the NSSA especially because this was my last event as an amateur so it was great way to go out.
I then flew out to Jeffery’s Bay in South Africa which has been one of the travel highlights so far. It took 2 full days of flying to get there but once I arrived it was worth it! J-Bay is a dream wave and I’ve looked forward to surfing it my whole life and when I arrived it was pumping! I competed in the ASP 6* Billabong Pro in which I finished equal 3rd place overall in the event.
From South Africa I headed to the “Land of the Rising Sun”. I flew out to Japan for the ASP 4* Billabong Tahara Pro which was cool cause I haven’t been back to Japan since I was really young. The food is good and the people are cool and it makes up for the the small waves. I think my stoke for Japan helped me to come away with the win and my best result so far this year.
After that I flew back to California for the US Open in Huntington for promotions and autograph signings for Volcom, Arnette and Body Glove. It was a short trip before heading right out to Nicaragua for an Arnette Surf Team trip with Josh Kerr, Mason Ho and Chippa Wilson. It was my first time down there and the waves were pretty fun. There wasn’t an event down there which was a nice change of pace, we just went down to shoot photos and film which I really enjoy.
I’m off to Virginia Beach for an ASP 6*. Yup Virginia Beach I guess there’s waves there, it will be my first trip over there and I’m interested to see what all the hype is all about. I heard it’s a mini US Open and the waves are small and the girls are wild. I’m always down to travel to new places.
Shortly after that contest wraps up I’ll be heading down to Indonesia with Dusty Payne and Alex Gray and the Volcom team to go and score some perfect waves! I love Indo, it’s gotta be one of my favorite places in the world. I’m most excited for this trip cause it’s been a few years since I’ve been down on a boat trip and I just want to surf good waves.
My last trip will be in October to Bali for the ASP Oakley World Junior Championships. This contest always has some of the most rippable waves to compete in and I’ll head down there with my boy Keanu Asing. That contest doesn’t even feel like one because it’s so laid back there and the waves are sick!
I will finish up my year in Hawaii with the 4* HIC Pro and I’m excited to defend my title! I never had to defend a title before so it will be a good warm up for the Triple Crown. I’m looking forward to competing at Haleiwa and Sunset Prime events again and I’m working to better my results from last year.
2012 will be an unforgettable one and I’m thankful for the support of my family, my sponsors, my coaches, management and friends. It’s because of this solid support crew that helps me to work hard and focus on my goals.
Why are you proud to represent Hawai’i to the world through surfing?
I’m proud to represent Hawai’i through surfing because attending Kamehameha Schools taught me everything about my culture and how special it is to be born of Hawaiian ancestry. There is a big difference of being a native Hawaiian and just growing up in Hawai’i and I am blessed to be both. I think it’s really cool that something my ancestors did as a cultural practice is actually a sport. Now professional surfing is my job and its taking me around the world and allowing me to fulfill my dreams all the while I get to see the other cultures of the world first hand and share the Aloha spirit.
When did you become closer to the Lord through church?
My grandfather is a pastor and I grew up attending church since I was very young. My whole family attends church service and it’s really helped me and my sisters to make the right choices in life. It’s a really comfortable feeling knowing that I’m always being looked upon and to have his guidance to live right is important to me. He’s helped me to achieve all of the great things that I have and will continue to in the future!
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Wake Team Shines In TransWorld Reader's Poll

Congrats to Harley Clifford for landing in the top spot once again on TransWorld WAKEBOARDING's annual Reader's Poll. After landing double flips in contests and winning the King Of Wake title, Harley really couldn't have had a better year.

With a highly successful reality docu-series on MTV called WakeBrothers,  Bob Soven's popularity has transcended wakeboarding. His fun-loving antics and explosive, stylish riding helped him seal the deal for spot number 3. Rusty Malinoski is always a fan-favorite and ended up in 4th, with a bunch of popular web videos and killer magazine coverage.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Flordia 1NVASION Tour

Team Body Glove will trek the coast of Florida on their latest 1NVASION Tour, visiting 13 shops in 3 days. The crew will include profesional surfer, Jamie O'Brien, entertainment director, Greg Browning, and sales manager, Mike Vavak as they visit the selected shops in appreciation to the core surf shops and local surfers who have supported Body Glove for the past 60 years. Make sure to visit your nearest featured surf shop for your chance at some awesome giveaways and an autograph from Jamie O'Brien. The 1NVASION tour starts September 3rd and goes through the 5th, secret shops will announced on Body Glove's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so stay tuned for the latest updates!

Check out the video from Body Glove's SoCal 1NVASION!

                                CA Invasion Tour - Episode 2 from Body Glove on Vimeo.

WakeBrothers Ep. 6 Airs Tonight!

With a new slot on Monday nights at 11 p.m. EST, check out this sneak peak for Episode 6: "Llama Drama"

Mo Freitas at the 2012 Duke Kahanamoku Oceanfest

It was an awesome weekend in Hawaii for Mo Freitas. He placed 1st in the men's U17 and 10th overall for the SUP long distance 9.5 miles race from Hawaii Kai to Queens on Saturday. He also placed 2nd in the small but fun SUP surf contest at Queens for the 2012 Duke Kahanamoku Oceanfest on a hot Sunday. 

Check out some photos of the event:

Friday, August 24, 2012

Colton Sarlo in Mexico

Check out Colton Sarlo trip to Mexico

Photos by: Paul Fisher

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Noah Flegel Wins Jr. Pro Men Wakeboard at Nationals & Worlds

By: Paulie Koch

This year, a few of my good friends let me stay at their house and ride with them in Florida to get ready for the 2012 season. One of those people was Noah Flegel and his family. At the WWA Nationals on August 4, Noah stepped up and took his first win of his Jr. Pro Men career! Two weeks later at Worlds, he wanted to take that National title and make it a World title. And by the looks of his run he was not joking around.

Noah went out and stomped a Moby Dick 540 (backflip, backside 540) on the second trick in his finals run. This caught everyone's attention.  Noah continued twith a Crow move 540 (front flip, frontside 540), Two different 720s and a massive heelside frontside 900 of the double up. Noah had the best run I have ever seen him put together! Noah took the top spot with that sick run followed by Tony Iacconi in second and Dirty Mike Dowdy in third. Congrats to Noah on getting a win at both Nationals and Worlds...  well deserved!

Follow Noah Flegel on Instagram and Twitter: @nfleegs

37th Annual Catalina Classic

The 37th annual Catalina Classic Paddleboard Race, being held on Sunday, August 26th, will be sponsored by Body Glove for the 2nd year. The 32-mile race which spans the channel from the Isthmus, Catalina to the Manhattan Beach Pier is the most historic paddleboard race in the world. Body Glove co-founder, Bob Meistrell, will lead the race in his boat, the Disappearance, for the 25th consecutive year. Bob’s grandson Jamie Meistrell and great nephew Daley Meistrell will carry on the family heritage by participating in the race for their first time. The race starts promptly at 6am at the Isthmus where all 85 paddlers will test their ability and endurance against the elements as they paddle across one of the Pacific’s deepest and busiest channels.  The Disappearance will be live tweeting updates so make sure to follow @catalinaclassic for the latest information.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Who is JOB 2.0: Waterman's Day w/ Kai Lenny- Episode 16

Jamie O'Brien hangs out with Kai Lenny for a full day of paddleboarding and windsurfing!

Click here to view the boardshorts worn by Jamie O'Brien in this episode!

Alex Gray in Mexico

Check out Alex Gray charging Mexico!!!!

60 Seconds in Tahiti with Anthony Walsh

Anthony Walsh put together a 60 second video from his latest trip to Tahiti. Thanks to his insane GoPro skills, you get to see every different angle of Walsh in these endless barrels.

Click here to view the PR1ME Surf Top featured in this video

For more videos of Anthony Walsh, check out his YouTube page!

Watermans Ball Honors Jean Michel Cousteau

The 2012 Watermans Ball was yet another amazing event this year at the Ritz Carlton, Laguna Niguel. SIMA honored Shane Dorian as Waterman of the Year, Sean Collins the Lifetime Achievement Award and Jean Michel Cousteau the Environmentalist of the Year. Check out some photos of the event below...

PT with Scott Daley, Jack Daley and Grayson Daley... throwing shakas!!!!

Kelly Slater, Bill Walton, Jean Michel Cousteau, Fernando Aguerre, and Santiago Aguerre
Kelly Slater, Fernando Aguerre and Jean Michel Cousteau

Jean Michel Cousteau recieving his award from Fernando Aguerre

Jean Michel Cousteau talking to a room of ocean lovers about ocean conservation

Jean Michel Cousteau earlier that day working with the Ambassadors of the Environment program at the Ritz Carlton.

Fenando Aguerre, Holly Lohuis and Jean Michel Cousteau

Environmentalist of the Year Award
 For more information on Jean Michel Cousteau visit Ocean Future Society or Body Glove's website.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Hola Amigos!" from Holly Beck

Hola Amigos!

It's been a while! I am enjoying summer vacation in Nicaragua - no new retreats til October, yay! I've been getting a lot more waves myself without having to put energy into helping girls improve their surfing skills. Stoked!

My Rusty boards have been working amazingly well and I put together a little video analysis of my top 3 boards with some cool surf footage mixed in.

I've been working over the last two years with a non-profit called Waves of Hope which is run by a couple friends of mine. We've been trying to promote education in the local communities and to lobby the government to green-light the construction of a high school. Currently the only educational opportunity for kids in the area after grade 6 is attending school only on Sundays. We've made a lot of progress. You can check it out here:

I recently got engaged! Yay! You can see a bit of what our life is like here:

Finally, we're also working with Waves of Hope on a sea turtle conservation project. Baby turtles are the cutest things ever!

Thanks for the support!
Enjoy the rest of your summer!!!
: )

Monday, August 20, 2012

Nate Yeomans at J Bay

Nate Yeomans stops at J Bay for the ASP tour and nails down a few clips. 
Check it out!!!

2012 Grom Prix Nantasket Beach

For all of you beachgoers on the East Coast this summer .... make your way to Nantasket Beach, MA on September 8th at 10am for the 2012 Grom Prix Surf Contest. Hope to see you all out there!

VIDEO: Harley Clifford Wins Worlds & King Of Wake

Congrats to Harley Clifford for winning both the WWA Worlds title as well as King Of Wake for the best rider on the 8-stop pro series. Check out the video of his winning run here:

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Body Glove sticks to their roots and takes the BG RV on a road tour from LA to San Diego and back, hitting all the iconic surf shops along the way.

                                CA Invasion Tour - Episode 2 from Body Glove on Vimeo.

Anthony Walsh- Tahiti GoPro Videos

To see more Anthony Walsh videos, click here to visit his You Tube page. 

Click here to view the PR1ME Surf Shirt seen in these GoPro videos!

Mo Freitas- Turtle Bay Summer Paddle Challenge

Mo Freitas is making a big splash in Stand Up Paddleboarding. At just 15 years old, Mo is already competing at a higher level than his age group. Mo placed fourth at the Turtle Bay Summer Paddle Challenge after two fourth place finishes in the sprint race and distance event. Not only is Mo an excellent racer but he also competes in the Standup World Surfing Tour. Keep your eye out for Mo in the future!

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Monday, August 13, 2012

KC Watersports Cable Park

If you're learning to wakeboard or want to challenge yourself, KC Watersports can fit the needs for all wakeboarders. Beginners can start with a slower cable to help them get up and riding. For the experts, KCW has all sorts of ramps, rails, kickers, and sliders. If you need a little help learning to ride the ramps, KCW offers lessons as well as full week training camps.

If you're only looking to watch, there is a beach with shade and a full snack bar. Don't worry about not having any gear, KCW can provide you with product for rent or purchase at their Pro Shop. KC Watersports is the perfect way to get out on the water and have fun without needing a boat!

Click here to check out the Body Glove Wake page!

Zeke Lau Pacific Pulse Interview

Check out this interview that Zeke Lau did with one of the local news stations in Hawaii 

Click Pacific Pulse to check it out!!!