Friday, February 26, 2010

Holly Beck Opens Women's Surf and Yoga Retreat


Photo by Nikki Brooks

        After spending the last ten years traveling the world for contests and photo shoots, pro surfer Holly Beck will combine her passions for surfing, yoga, and inspiring others to present a unique opportunity for female surfers. Ladies of all ages and surfing abilities will be invited to travel to Nicaragua to surf uncrowded waves in warm water while receiving professional-quality coaching and friendly encouragement from one of the icons of the sport.

      Suave Dulce Women's Surf and Yoga Retreat will initially be based in a beautiful beachfront home in Northern Nicaragua, but will eventually offer multiple locations throughout Central America and further abroad. Guests will spend time surfing, practicing yoga, eating deliciously healthy cuisine, and also be presented with opportunities to interact with and positively impact the lives of local community members. Beck is partnering with several non-profits already at work within the country to allow visitors the chance to make their vacation more meaningful by doing some good and sharing smiles. Some possible projects include making art and music with local school children, bringing lunches to the poor kids that live at the dump, building water purification systems, and planting trees.

       Another main difference between Suave Dulce and other camps is the experience and abilities of the founder. Unlike other women's surf camps where the instructors and guides are often only intermediate surfers themselves, guests at Suave Dulce will be coached exclusively by professional surfers including Holly Beck and her friends.

       "The thing I miss most about doing the tour is going surfing with my friends, who happen to be some of the best female surfers in the world. I'm really excited to have this opportunity to bring them down to Nicaragua to surf great waves in warm water and help me inspire other ladies to achieve their goals in surfing while also having a positive impact on the local community," said Beck.
Suave Dulce will open in April 2010.
For more information, see or contact at

Dusty Payne Interview on Surfline

Great feature story and interview with Body Glove's Dusty Payne. Dusty talk about last year on the WQS, this year on the WCT, Lil Wayne, golf, hanging at home in Maui, his new surfboards, filming the Modern Collective and his diagnosis of having Type 1 Diabetes. Check out and learn more about one of the most exciting surfers in the world.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

BCF Wins 2009 Body Glove Aussie Retailer of the Year!

Congrats to our friends over at BCF for winning the Body Glove Aussie Retailer of the Year! This is the second year in a row BCF has earned this accolade and there are no signs of stopping. BCF is greatly responsible for the elevation of the brand in
Australia after its strategic away from price point apparel to quality watersports equipment. BCF team members are confident they will grab the award again in 2010.

Pictured: Richard Langtry, Hillary Meisels, Michael Arenson, Glenn MacArthur, Nat Cooper and Ronnie Arenson

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Best Winter Ever Photos from Body Glove's Backyard

The photos from the winter of 2010 keep coming into the office on a daily basis. Here are a few more of some local legends and visisting Body Glove surfers in our backyard. Best winter in recent memory for sure. Enjoy!
Anthony Walsh from Australia rips and will be wearing Body Glove this winter
Team Manager Matt Chernega
South Bay Legend Steve Howe
South Bay charger and Body Glove team rider Matt Mohagen
Far Bar- Go ahead and try to find it
Scott Johnson is 50 and surfs more and better than you
Keith Brewer making up for his twin brother Derek's shoulder injury with a backside hack
Body Glove VP of Marketing Scott Daley loves the Far Bar
San Diego's Austin Ware making a visit to the South Bay

Friday, February 19, 2010

Turbo Bodyboards Pipeline Pro Online

The 2010 Turbo Bodyboards Pipeline Pro Presented by Body Glove has begun today in solid 6 - 8 feet waves. 144 of the very best international bodyboarders will throw it on the line to claim the ultimate crown in the sport. The line up of riders surfing in this competition includes multiple world champions such as Mike Stewart, Ben Player, Damian King, Jeff Hubbard and Guilherme Tamega. Rounds 1 - 3 of the competition will be surfed today. High Res photos will be distributed through out the day, NEWS FEED also available upon request. The waiting period to the 2010 TURBO Bodyboards Pipeline Pro is Tuesday the 16th of February to the 26th, check out for the live webcast and results.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cold Water East Coast Wetsuit Product Testing

A great story from Body Glove Wetsuits Surf Brand Manager and all around great guy- Matt Walls.

This morning the stars all aligned and the storm that just blanketed the east coast with snow moved out to sea in the Atlantic. As a going away present the storm sent some shoulder high super clean surf back our way. Just before dawn, my good friend Andrew Funk called to tell me that the surf looked fun and he had a board in his car for me. All the roads were covered by snow and the thermometer was showing 30 degrees. We drove to the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City New Jersey and parked.
Being from California and never having surfed in the snow before, I had so many questions for Andrew. “So Andrew, where the hell are we going to change into our suits? Andrew gave me this look of “you dumb ass”. Andrew quickly informed me that we were changing in the street with a towel just like you do everywhere else in the world. The trick was to stand on your shoes while you took your pants off and put your suit on. In this instance good balance is essential to avoid falling on your naked ass in the snow. Once suited up I realized that changing in the snow was not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. I soon realized the “not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be” was going to be the theme for the day. We grabbed our boards and headed for the beach. On this occasion walking to the surf closely resembled walking to the mountain to snowboard only with different equipment under my arm. The snow crunched the same under your feet; the ice was just as slippery with booties on as with snowboard boots, the cold air burned the same against the naked skin of your face.

As we walked over the little hill and across the boardwalk we saw this little machine of a left peeling off the south side of the Steel Pier. “Ok”, I thought to myself “it is on.” “We are doing this.” Seeing that little left was all that it took to eradicate any nervousness or doubt that I may have had about surfing in 38 degree water and 30 degree air. I could not wait to get out there.

This little left was so fun. It was just Andrew, myself, the snow and the chilly morning air. We surfed for about an hour and then I rushed off to the Action Expo surf trade show and Andrew rushed off to open up Surfers Supplies Surf Shop. As I recount the session in my head, I am amazed by the power of our own preconceived thought that are manufactured in our minds. Yesterday, I thought surfing in the snow was going to be one of the most painfully grueling things a person could submit themselves to and in reality; it was not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

10 Questions in 10 Minutes with Nate Yeomans

1. BG: Where were you born and raised?

Nate: I was born right down the street at San Clemente Hospital and born and raised here in San Clemente till I was 10 and then moved to San Juan Capistrano.

2. BG: How did you get into surfing?

Nate: My dad surfed. He used to do a youth group. He was a pastor for a youth group and he would take kids every summer up El Capitan camp ground. I think I was 5 when I first surfed. It was actually at El Capitan camp ground. My mom and dad would go to the beach every summer and I would body board a lot when I was little. I would get beat up in the waves and then around 9 or 10 is when I started to surf pretty much all the time.

3. BG: Who are your influences in surfing?

Nate: I say now, just the guys I surf with. I really like the way (Mike) Losness surfs. Just kinda a different approach. I surf with the Gudauskas brothers a lot. But the guys when I was younger I really liked Cory Lopez, Chris Ward, Ed Crombley, Andy Irons and when I was really young Tom Curren.

4. BG: What was your most memorable moment on the WQS last year?

Nate: For me the most “good” memorable moment would have been the Santa Cruz for sure. With all the events you do there’s a lot of memorable things, but competitively it was probably Santa Cruz. My parents were there, my wife was there. We rented a house. So it was kinda like a vacation/contest all in one. It was really cool.

5. BG: How has the win at Santa Cruz changed your life?

Nate: It was the main reason why I got onto the WCT. That was a major change. To go from just a competitive surfer to one of the best surfers in the world and compete on that level. It’s basically where I’ve been trying to get to for four years now. It was a big step that got me on [the pro tour]. Throughout the year I had results, but that was the high point and most points that solidified me qualifying for the WCT.

6. BG: What do you hope to accomplish on your first year on tour?

Nate: “Rookie of the Year” is definetly one of my top goals and then my other goal is to make the top 15. To do that you just have to have a consistent good year and always be on your “A” game. Come in and surfing smart and getting the right waves. Just at that level the guys are really good. Rookie of the year is my main goal and re-qualify through the ‘CT.

7. BG: What do you look the most forward to on tour?

Nate: Win a event!! I don’t know there’s a bunch. It’s just an adventure competing. Now there are whole new venue’s that I haven’t surfed. I really look forward to Tahiti. The first contest at Snapper, the prestige of Bells. I don’t think it’s one thing it the whole-it’s just “The Dream Tour.” I don’t think you can sum it up in one word.

8. BG: What the best thing about being a Pro Surfer?

Nate: I get to surf for my job. I would do it anyway. To be able to do it as your job and your income and do what you love. A lot of people don’t get to experience that. Yeah, I’m blessed. It’s pretty rad.

9. BG: What is the worst thing about being a Pro Surfer?

Nate: I would say it’s kinda like a Catch 22 with me being gone so much. It could be tough. Like I’m getting ready right now to leave for 10 weeks straight. So it’s hard for people to relate to, but being gone for 10 weeks is tough. Just being away from my wife, family, friends and still having to operate while on the road to cover your expenses. It could be tough, but I’ve been doing it for awhile so I’m used to it. But for the average person and trying to do it you could be overwhelmed. 10 weeks gone is a long time.

10. BG: Any advice for kids who want to make the WCT?

Nate: I would just say is set your goals and enjoy it. There’s a lot of disappoint. It’s a individual sport and there could be jealousy and all that kind of stuff, the judges or there’s a lot of things that can get in your way. Don’t sweat the small stuff and just enjoy it. Enjoy the process of getting to where you’re at. One of the things I was forgetting was the things I accomplished. In a contest there’s 200 guys and there’s 1 winner. So majority of the time your losing and you kinda get down on yourself, but if it’s really something you want to do. Hopefully your making some money and getting paid to travel the world. So that in itself is a rad experience. Work hard, keep at it, don’t sweat the small stuff.

All photos and interview by: Mark Kawakami

Monday, February 15, 2010

Alex Gray-Surfline's Sequence of the Week

Check out Alex's barrel from a few weeks ago on Click here to see.

Photos By: Mike Balzer

BG-Pure! The Answer to Purified Water

Body Glove is excited to launch BG-PURE! Experience the purest water. BG-PURE is a four-stage reverse osmosis drinking water system that delivers crystal clear water. Continuing a tradition of green, environmentally-friendly products, BG-PURE consumes less water than competitive unites, and features sustainable filter housings instead of non-recyclable cartridges. The 25-gallon per day system has been engineered with the highest available contaminant reduction efficiency of 95%.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Holly Beck Loves Winter in California

Between mid October 2009 and mid January 2010 I didn't spend more than five consecutive days in my own bed. Sometimes only two nights at home separated a couple of three week long adventures. Sharks in Mexico, well-pumping in Nicaragua, waterfall climbing in Fiji, the holidays in Baja, posing in Panama. It was amazing. But it was exhausting.

 By February, the best winter for surf in So Cal since I've been a surfer was going full steam. Back to back to back long period swells, days and days of pouring rain. At one point I just stood in the kitchen, a soapy plate in my hand, and stared at the rain pounding the earth in a sudden drenching for the fourth or fifth time that day.

It feels good to be home.
I wake up at 5:30. My boyfriend brings me a cup of strong coffee and I geek out on the internet until it starts to get light. I use a fit ball as my computer chair and every ten minutes or so I roll backwards to glance out the window, checking the flag for wind direction and strength.
 Black turns gray and I pull on a beanie knit by my sister, grab my Sector 9 and skate a few blocks to the beach. If it looks good I'm pulling on my 4/3 Vapor and booties, grabbing a Cliff bar to eat while running back down, sneaking under a fence, and trying to block out the ice cream headaches to get a few empty waves before the sun brings the crowd.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dive N' Surf's 34th Annual Yard Sale

Don't forget to head down to Dive N' Surf's 34th Annual Yard Sale before the end of the month. Located at: 504 N. BROADWAY REDONDO BEACH, CA 90277.

Body Glove and Save the Waves Surfline Giveaway

Body Glove has partnered with Surfline and Save the Waves for a great giveaway. Save the Waves has pinpointed 25 of the most sacred waves and regions on the planet and is looking for your help to guide them with their goals to protect the most important places for surfing. Go to Surfline and choose your most "sacred wave" and earn a chance to get a Body Glove Eco prize package including a Eco 2 Fullsuit Wetsuit.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Body Glove - 1988 style

We hope you enjoy this short clip from the Body Glove archives.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Cheyne Magnusson , Vapor Boardshorts and Security

Went down to Oceanside today to shoot photos of Cheyne Magnusson for a couple of projects. Greg Browning needed to shoot some intro footage for the Cheyne Show. So after we were done shooting photos at Cheyne's house we went down to Oside City Hall to get some film footage.

Greg and Cheyne were trying to get a quick shot, but from out of nowhere came security and shut down the filming.

James Balzer in Redondo

After an early morning flight from Orlando to LA, James Balzer stopped by the office to kick it with his extended Body Glove family. Tomorrow, he and the rest of the Body Glove Wake team, along with team manager Sarah Lalau and Body Glove Entertainment, will be headed to shoot the last key component of Slick City in Australia. Today, Balzer decided to experience Southern California's best winter ever.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Red Rockets Ah Plummeting

Not just one, but two red rockets fell from the sky that starry night in Bali. Body Glove Entertainment's "Chayne Show" releases its newest episode, "Red Rocket", and it's crazy. Cheyne Magnuson decided he wanted to bungee jump - then with a BMX bike - then with the red rocket. Go ahead and watch the jumps evolve over at Body Glove TV.

Dusty Payne Featured On

Dusty Payne, Body Glove rider and recent WCT qualifier, has been receiving some much deserved love from the surfing community. Most recently, ESPN's Jake Howard featured the rider and his path taken to success. Congrats to DustyP and the recent come up!