Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bob Meistrell Surfing The Cove after 40 years

The Body Glove Entertainment crew jumped on the Disappearance today with Bob Meistrell and set off for the "Cove" off of Palos Verdes.  The mission was to get film and photos of Bob Meistrell surfing the Cove where the last time he surfed there was 40 years ago.  Approaching 80 years old at the end of this month Bob got on the surfboard and paddled into the line up.  A few sets rolled through and Bob was able to paddle into a few and ride.  Scott Smith got some amazing water shots while Greg Browning filmed from the boat.  Bob had said one of the reasons he married Patti Meistrell was because she would help him carry his surfboard down the long dirt trail.  The next mission is to go diving with Bob on his birthday.  

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