Monday, December 22, 2008

The Drop Zone Executive Producer: Robbie Meistrell
Greg and Jaime Browning
Working the ticket sales: Nicole from Dive N Surf
The Drop Zone creator Greg Browning doing a interview

Body Glove co-founder, Bob Meistrell, Jenny Lane and Patty Meistrell

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Don said...

I just read about Robbie Meistrell's ideas for a wave pool in Redondo. As a resident of Redondo Beach I can only say 'FANTASTIC'! I'm a 66 year old who would love to try surfing but find the dumpers at Redondo too fearsome for me to even think about it. And the idea of having a first class facility that Robbie proposes would be an economic boon as well. I'm emailing Mike Gin and Steve Aspel to say "You Go Guys!'
Don Gould