Monday, April 6, 2009

Wakeboard Team Tiki Shack Trip

Last week the Body Glove Wakeboard team drove out to the Tiki Shack to begin filming for the upcoming Body Glove Wakeboard movie.  
Body Glove Entertainment setting up the boom on the Body Glove Boat for filming.
Shelby hamming it up for the camera.
Rusty ready to drive the boat.
Shelby Kantar
Rusty Malinoski
James Balzer
Daniel Doud
Bret Smith
The team went out and bought supplies and began building a rail.
Daniel Doud helping out.
The finished rail.
Transporting the rail to the water.
After struggling to get it into position they finally got it where they want it.
Part of the project involved some green screen and some new characters to the team.
Shelby filming her part.
Daniel Doud
Rusty Malinoski
Bob Soven
Jeff McKee
James Balzer
Also part of the project was setting up a trampoline.
James Balzer doing some tricks on the trampoline.

And to finish off the day of working and riding, Rusty hit the rail for some night shots.  Tune in tomorrow for Day 2 activities.

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