Friday, October 30, 2009

Allen Sarlo debuts "Work To Surf"

Almost ten years in the making, Work to Surf chronicles the life and
times of Allen Sarlo, one of the surfing world's most accomplished and
committed performers. From the earliest days in Venice's Dogtownr
haunts to earning his place in the legendary Malibu lineup; from the
birth of professional surfing to the cutting edge of big wave tow-in
surfing; from ultimate local to consumate world traveler, Allen 's
story is as diverse as the sport itself. Yet Allen's has not been the
typical surfer's path. The foundation of his lifelong obssession has
been an extraordinary work ethic that has afforded Allen the balance
necessary for an intregal surfing life—the true measure of success and
an inspiration to surfers and non-surfers alike.  Shot and edited by
renowned surfing cinematographer Dave Ogle , Work To Surf takes us
from the beaches of Malibu to hidden barrels in Mexico, from Oahu's
thundering North Shore to the wild islands of Indonesia, from desert
Baja pointbreaks to 30-foot Island outer reefs. Featuring the surfing
of Mark Foo, Kelly Slater, Jay Riddle, Rob Machado, Yadin Nicol, Pat
O'Connell, Bobby Owens, Jay Adams, Peter Cole and Derrick Doerner,
mixed to a dynamic soundtrack that includes songs by Ben Harper, Work
to Surf is a colorful portrait of a surfer who has made it work, year
after year, swell after swell, wave after wave.

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