Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MIke Losness Makes Taylor Steele's Top 10!

Taylor Steel’s Innersection has narrowed the field and Body Glove rider, Mike Losness, has made it through to the top 10. Not only did Losness qualify to the next round, he is sitting in first with a score of 38/40.

Innersection.tv invited 50 of their members — people who viewed everything, commented on the sections, and rated fairly (not just 10s and 1s) to send in their Top 10 lists. The first 40 Members that replied became their first official judges. Every name on their list scored 1 point — so, for example, Mike Losness was on 38 of those Top 10 lists...he scored 38/40.

1) MIKE LOSNESS — 38/40
2821 views, 599 ratings, 6.0 average

2) NATE TYLER — 37/40
3) DYLAN GRAVES — 37/40
4) MIKALA JONES — 32/40
5) TAYLOR KNOX — 31/40

Mike ‘s section, “Insurfnia,” brings light to a condition where many surfers may find themselves as newly diagnosed patients. “Insurnia” is defined as the mental disease that tricks the victims mind into believing that sleep will never be achieved; brought on by strong, adrenaline inducing thought patterns of surfing. Filmed from Bali, El Salvador to Barbados and back, Losness’s case of Insurnia is an accurate diagnosis in his premier part.

We are proud to have Mike Losness representing the Body Glove family and encourage you to view, vote, and set up your very own top 10 list of riders, with Losness on top of course. To view Mike’s section and secure his spot on top, go to http://innersection.tv/video/46. Voting will commence on March 20th. Sign up now and rep your boy!

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