Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Body Glove Surf Team in Nicaragua

Erica Hosseini- Look out Reef Girls
The Body Glove Team of Cheyne Magnusson, Erica Hosseini and Maria Del Mar have been down in Nicaragua hanging at Holly Beck's house surfing and shooting for some upcoming boardshorts and bikini campaigns. Below is an up to date post from deep in Nicaragua from Holly Beck.

First let me say we scored really fun waves this morning and got some great shots. We split up the team to maximize our productivity. Cheyne and Rob Giley went to check out a super shallow slab for tube shots and Mike Balzer, Scott Smith, and the ladies took a panga out to a big open water left reef. We all scored. It was a couple feet overhead but pretty mushy. Great for photos with a big drop and a solid turn but not at all scary.

Maria Del Mar Getting her fashion shoot style
Day one the beach out front was solid and hollow and good. The next day we went to a smaller playful beach. It was waist to chest high and mushy, but good for turns and photos.

Yesterday afternoon we went on an adventure to go check a bunch of other spots which involved some cool local scenery and off-roading, tide pool shell hunting, etc. We have been surfing a ton and getting some great shots. I hope you enjoy the first couple behind the scenes shots here. There will be a lot more coming.

Cheyne Magnusson Doing His Thing

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