Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Body Glove Founder Bob Meistrell is 82 Years Young!

It is not often you hear of an 80 year old man trying to one up his birthday
every year. When dealing with Bob Meistrell he wants to do something bigger
and better each year, doing what he loves to do. Two years ago on his 80th
birthday he dove 150 feet with vintage equipment from the 1950s. On his 81st
birthday he dove 162 feet, 81 feet for himself and 81 feet for his late twin
brother Bill.

This year Bob Meistrell brought in his 82nd birthday in usual style. On
Wednesday, July 28th he dove in a two-man submarine to a depth of 82 metres/
269 feet ( a meter for every year) off of Catalina Island.

Two days later, On July 30th, his brother Bills birthday, the Meistrell
family celebrated by diving with all three generations: First generation:
Bob, Second Generation: Robbie, Randy Ronnie, Billy, Julie and third
generation: Tracey, Jamie, Matt, Nick, Makayla, Kenna, Robert, Rhoni, Randi,
Jenna, Daley, Jake and Jared. There were a total of 19 Meistrell¹s diving
off Palos Verdes all of whom still Dive and Surf and were stoked to be
diving for Bob¹s birthday.

It was great to see how proud Bob was that everyone has followed in his
footsteps and are certified divers.

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