Thursday, September 30, 2010

Diving with Sharks in Denver

We had the amazing opportunity of diving in Denver, Colorado’s Downtown Aquarium with Shane Taylor from A1 Scuba. We dove 22 feet with Sand Tiger sharks, Brown sharks, Zebra sharks, Nurse sharks, Saw fish, barracudas, Guitar fish and so many other aquatic critters. The sharks were literally inches from us! A 250+ Lb. A Pacific Green Sea Turtle loved hanging out with us. He sat on Francey’s head and shared a few love moments with me gazing into my eyes! It was love at first sight.

A1 Scuba, located in Denver, CO works hard bringing awareness to the depleting shark population. Divers who find a shark tooth while diving in the Aquarium, are invited to take these teeth found and in return, A1 Scuba asks for a donation. 100% of the donation is used for shark conservation and field research projects. A crazy fact is that some sharks will loose over 30,000 teeth in a lifetime!

It is important to remember, that annually, nearly 100 million sharks are being removed from our oceans; in fact, some shark species have been depleted by 80% in the past couple of decades (including hammerheads and great whites). The majority of which are being killed only for their fins. In most cases they are caught, stripped of their fins (which do not grow back) and tossed overboard to die a slow death as they suffocate sinking to the ocean floor.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to A1 Scuba for this incredible experience.

For information on how to sign up to dive in the aquarium please visit:

And more information on A1 Scuba’s conservation efforts can be found at:

Keep Your Ocean Blue!

Shark Shot.

Check out those crazy teeth!

Shark teeth we found in the aquarium.

Matt Chernega, Francey Marzicola, Jenna Meistrell and Shane Taylor.

The aquarium from the outside.

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