Friday, August 12, 2011

Body Glove sits in with Jason Ellis live on Sirius XM

On Thursday, July 28th, Body Glove's Scott Daley & I, Jenny Lane, went out to Los Angeles to Sirius Radio to hang with Jason Ellis on his radio show....

Scott Daley being a fan of the Jason Ellis Show and the ultimate waterman, invited Jason Ellis to get certified to dive with Body Glove so, we got invited out to his show to talk about it...

We came barring gifts i.e. BG hats, tee's, board shorts and of coarse, some Body Glove wetsuits...There was a lil catch, Jason & I had to race against each other to get the wetsuits on, and the loser had to "pee" in his or her "dry not in the ocean" wetsuit...

Jason Lost...c'mon we're the wetsuit pros!!!

After the wetsuit race, we got him in Vapor Boardies!!! 

Jason: ""

Check out the replay of our visit  these next 2 weeks on Sirius XM Radio, as we will be on the "best of Jason Ellis shows" while Jason's on vay-cay!

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