Monday, September 12, 2011

The Words of Holly Beck

Buenos dias amigos!

It's been a crazy past week. I've been in El Salvador with a non-profit called Surf For Life, working to build a high school in the town of El Cuco. In between three hour surf sessions with Jay Nelson, Danny Hess, and a crew of San Fran Ocean Beach chargers, we spent hours in the hot sun shoveling and working with cement. Good times. More photos and videos coming soon, but check out the video below for a little taste of the action.

Building a High School in El Salvador with Surf For Life:

The week before I was in Nicaragua scoring fun little waves within walking distance. Longboarding at the Bay in Nicaragua

The eco-friendly cabana we're building is close to finished. For a look at what it takes to source palm fronds for a thatched roof in Nica, see below...
Building our cabana - palm fronds for the thatch roof

The non-profit that I work with in Nica is going strong, working to improve the lives of local community members. One part of the project is an afternoon kid's club that builds confidence, teamwork, and is also a lot of fun.
Slip and Sliding out of Trouble with Waves of Hope

See you around,
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