Friday, March 2, 2012

Wake Team Poised For Madness

With most of the wake team based in Orlando, Spring is in the air. Unless you are James Balzer, then you are braving icy Canadian waters in a PR1ME full, while your buddies are posting pics of 80-degree sunsets over glassy waters on Instagram. Regardless, it's most definitely go-time for the boys, and this summer is going to be nothing short of complete madness.

Bob Soven
Things are really going your way when you have a current mag cover shot, a new contract with SPY Optics and a MTV video crew posted up at your house every day. Check out this article and video about the "World's Tannest Ginger," Bob Soven on

 Rusty Malinoski
After celebrating his 4-time TransWorld WAKEBOARDING Exposure Meter victory run, Rusty just scored a sick tail grab shot in the new April issue (shocker). With no off-season, he's looking sick on the water, pulling moves like huge osmosis 540's, where you let go of the rope, spin while holding your mute grab, then grab the rope again before landing. Not easy. Watch for Rusty to make a huge run on the King Of Wake Tour this summer with the all-new MasterCraft X Star and he will also be filming with Bob on MTV's reality series.

Harley Clifford
Another dude who is looking surprisingly jacked up, Harley has been killing his home waters in Oz, and making trips to the US for some big time shoots, like Oakley's 3D TV promo video with Philips, as well as, of course, Bob's MTV reality series. Here are some pics of Harley stopping by Body Glove headquarters on his way through LA.

 James Balzer
While on vacation in Hawaii, Balzer made himself available for comment from his deck chair with Mai Tai in hand. "Right now I'm on a little vacay with the fam, but back home I've been spending a lot of time in my PR1ME full riding up in Canada. It's been hit or miss with the weather but we've had fun. I'm trying to get boat-ready for Wake Games in April and have been riding the cable a bunch. I'm gonna try and do as many of the cable events as I can this summer. Other then that, I've been winching a lot of cool spots and trying to stay away from the snow."

Jeff McKee
This "Gentleman Of Leisure," as coined in his Pro Spotlight in the April issue of TransWorld WAKEBOARDING, Jeff McKee is fully recovered from a back injury and has actually been going non-stop, riding and helping produce Slingshot's team video, Lipsmack, which will premiere in May. "I also caught my biggest bass ever at The Projects for the Alliance fishing tournament which will be in the next issue of Alliance Wakeboard Mag," McKee added.

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