Tuesday, June 19, 2012

International Surfing Day- June 20th

Every year sometime around the summer solstice, surfers and ocean enthusiasts celebrate International Surfing Day. This year on June 20th, International Surfing Day will unite surfers around the globe for a fun filled day full of surfing and learning about sustainability of the ocean.  

Here is how a couple of Body Glove surfers are celebrating International Surfing Day.

“Everyday is International Surf Day in my book! I spend most of my time in the water and if it's flat, I'm at least looking at the ocean somewhere. ISD to me is a day where I want to spend time in the ocean surfing somewhere and also a day where I can give back to something that has given me so much. Whether it be picking up trash, donating to a local cause and/or educating myself on something I didn't know about the ocean, that's how I plan to spend my day!”

“I plan on surfing whether its flat or not just to get in the water. ISD is an important day to surf with your friends and get involved with a beach cleanup.” 

“ISD means a day to celebrate surfing and all the joys it brings.  It also raises awareness for our oceans and what we can do to prevent our negative impact.  The oceans are such a blessing, so to be able to give back a little bit is awesome. On ISD I am going to help out with the Surfrider Foundation and do a video interview with Transworld.”

Check out the ISD web-a-thon available live via the internet on TransWorldSurf.com
intlsurfingday.com, surfrider.org, and smelive.com.

Also listen in to KNX 1070 at 8:20 am to hear Alex Gray talk about International Surfing Day with anchors Dick Helton and Vicky Moore. 

For more information on International Surfing Day please visit: http://isd.surfrider.org/

To view events near you, go to http://isd.surfrider.org/events-7/events-6/

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