Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fancy That: A Neoprene Laptop Bag That Doesn't Say Wetsuit

Article submitted by Christine Braun-Body Glove Int.-Designer.

From the website called *geeksugar 8/6/08

As a lady, and worse, a lady who cares about the design of her computer as much as the design of her clothing, you know how hard it can be to find a nice-looking laptop bag. Sometimes I'll be on a roll, posting a pretty laptop bag almost every day, but I hunt for those suckers! For every gorgeous, slouchy leather laptop bag, like this one by Hayden Harnett, there's scads of ugly, ugly bags.
Generally, it's the fabric that brings the tone down; for some reason, some manufacturers think that our laptops will be the target of bullets, battering rams, and other things the army — and not a girl going to work — needs to worry about.
Neoprene used to be on my list of offensive fabrics, but I have to reconsider this material because of this Rose on Red Laptop Bag ($45). The fabric loses its industrial-ish, masculine edge with a rose stamped into its side, but on the same token, the near-imperceptibility of the image prevents it from screaming "I'm a chick!" Well played, bag people.

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