Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Girls Next Door and Hugh Hefner

Dave Jensen from Dive N Surf has been teaching scuba diving to the three girls from the Playboy tv reality show, "Girls Next Door". Yesterday the 3 girls, Holly Madison, Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt showed up at Dive N Surf to buy gear and then head out to Bob's boat, The Disappearance. Dave was taking the three girls out to finish their scuba training with 2 open ocean dives. I was on board to take photos of the event. As you can see I got no photos to post. Turns out their own photographer was supposed to be on the boat so they asked me to shoot photos they can use. Then they changed their mind and Hugh didn't want any other photographer shooting any shots. So I had to empty my card in front of them so I wouldn't use it for our company. I had to put the camera away and sit on the boat while the girls did their dives. First dive they couldn't finish so they came back in and took a rest. Second dive one of the girls couldn't do it any more and the other two went down and finished a set of their skills. We came back in and waited for Hugh Hefner to show up with his entourage of more girls. They hung out on the boat and watched the other 3 put their gear back on and jump in the water again at the dock. Keep an eye out for the episode and see tons of Body Glove Bikini's and Wetsuits featured on the girls. The show airs on E! channel.

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