Monday, January 19, 2009

Body Glove Surfing Team

This weekend the Body Glove Entertainment crew was out filming and photographing the Body Glove team riders with the recent swell that rolled in.  Shooting continued into Monday and possibly Tuesday.  Scott Smith also went over to Mexico with Cheyne Magnusson to get video down there. Here are some shots from the past few days.
Alex Gray in the 5/4/3 Vapor down in Ventura. Photo by: Mike Balzer
Dusty Payne in the Fullsuit Vapor. Photo by: Mike Balzer
Holly Beck in the South Bay in the Women's Vapor. Photo by: Mike Balzer
Chandler Parr surfing down in the South Bay in the Women's Vapor Fullsuit. Photo by: Mike Balzer
Alex Gray getting tubed in the ECO Fullsuit. Photo by: Greg Browning
Body Glove V.P. of Marketing: Scott Daley. Photo by: Greg Browning
In between sets Greg Browning getting the inside barrel shot. Photo by: Greg Browning

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