Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Photoshoot with Luke Stedman

Body Glove Wetsuit team rider Luke Stedman came down on Monday and spent the day with the Body Glove Entertainment crew.  The day started out surfing Manhattan Beach Pier for some surfing shots and wrapped up at the end of the day in the hills of Palos Verdes for some lifestyle shots.  The crew is down at Lowers this morning getting more surf shots and I will post shots from that sessions tomorrow.
Luke getting his board ready.
Greg Browning and Luke going over the photoshoot concept.
Scott Smith getting his video camera ready.
Luke wearing the new Body Glove CT wetsuit.

Paparazzi surrounding Luke as he makes his way to the water.

Greg Browning going out in the water to get some water footage.
Luke Stedman surfing Manhattan Beach

Angle from the beach.
Same shot from the Manhattan Beach Pier.

Scouting the location in P.V.

Greg filming detail shots of the suit.
Luke was great to work with that day.  He pretty much did everything we asked him to do without complaining.  
Photo on the hill with the city in the background. Picture by Mark Kawakami

Product shot of the Body Glove CT wetsuit. Picture by Mark Kawakami