Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Best Winter Ever Morning Message from Holly Beck

Here is a nice morning update from Holly Beck about her epic winter. Stay tuned for more to come

Happy best winter ever in Southern California! Even though I haven't been home nearly enough to fully savor it, the days I have surfed close to home have been pretty darn amazing. Hope you've been scoring as well. If this morning's ridiculously high tide has you waiting around in front of the computer like I am, here are a few links you could check out while waiting for the tide to drop.

1. A really detailed audio and visual jaunt through pre-earthquake Haiti. You've seen nothing but destruction and chaos on tv lately, click here to see how it looked before the ground shook and the buildings fell, along with a taste of what the waves are like. Turn up your volume. The accents of my fellow travelers are definitely entertaining.

2. A quick little feature on my travel philosophy and addiction. No surprise to many of you, but a nicely put together article and photos.

3. Jettygirl.com unfailingly supports women surfers, even the dedicated ripping girls you've never heard of, unlike the rest of the surfing world. They put together a cool feature comparing the answers of an incredible number of surfing females to the same five questions. Here's a link to my answers, then you can scroll down to a list of names of others who answered as well.

4. Finally, with a couple weeks at home I got to work updating my blog.
Click here and scroll through for the three most recent posts:

or pick and choose from what you find most interesting:

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Spending ten days in the same pair of jeans in Baja: http://hollybecksurfs.blogspot.com/2010/01/i-like-spending-ten-days-in-same-pair.html

I'm not a model, except when I am: http://hollybecksurfs.blogspot.com/2010/01/im-not-model-except-when-i-am.html

That's all for now. Time to skate down and check out the ocean! See you out there!
: )

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