Thursday, January 7, 2010

Diving With Alex Gray and Erica Hosseini

The Body Glove Entertainment crew took Alex Gray and Erica Hosseini out on Wednesday for a little dive adventure.
Erica was excited to get on the boat and go diving.
Alex and Erica loading up their gear on the boat.
Greg Browning filmed the dive adventure. Look for it soon on
Alex gave Erica a helping hand in getting geared up.
Erica ready to go. Greg was giving her a few last tips before dropping in.
Scott Smith who films and edits for Body Glove is also a certified Scuba instructor. Here he is taking Erica down on the anchor line.
Scott had her do a few skills at the bottom as a refresher. Once she finished that we went back up and got Greg and Alex and went back down.
Alex and Erica swimming around the bottom looking for lobsters.
Scott Smith grabbed a good sized lobster.
Alex Gray talks about his diving adverture.
Erica was next and was excited to talk about her diving experience.

One of the lobsters Alex caught along with one of the few scallops he brought up. The lobster had a death grip on it. It was a beautiful day for a dive and the conditions below were awesome. Everybody came back up with a big smile on their faces.

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