Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Body Glove Backs Malibu World Surfing Reserve

Major Brands Back Malibu World Surfing Reserve Paul Mitchell, Body Glove and
Billabong pledge their support for surfing reserve at Malibu

September 30, 2010 - World Surfing Reserves and Save The Waves Coalition
announced that Paul Mitchell, Body Glove, and Billabong have each agreed to
be Blue Ocean Supporters of the Malibu World Surfing Reserve. The companies
will provide financial and organizational support for the dedication and
ongoing management of the Reserve, which will be dedicated on October 9th,

"The Malibu World Surfing Reserve is an innovative way to focus
international and local communities on protecting our precious coastal
areas," said John Paul DeJoria, CEO of John Paul Mitchell Systems. "It's
directly in line with our organization's ongoing philanthropic work to
protect clean watersheds, and we're delighted to support the effort."

Scott Daley, VP of marketing for Body Glove and frequent Malibu surfer,
agreed. "Malibu not only is a world-class surf break, but also a beautiful
area with a fragile ecosystem. We've got to put increased focus on improving
water quality and stewarding the area, including the Malibu Lagoon and

World Surfing Reserves protects world-class surf breaks and their
surrounding areas by promoting the many positive environmental, cultural,
and socio-economic benefits of these coastal surf zones.
The program serves as an international model for environmental protection
and creates a bond between World Surfing Reserves and the global surfing
community. Malibu is the first surf break to be officially designated in
what will be a global network of surfing reserves.

"This is an idea whose time has come, utilizing the rich culture and
heritage of surfing to rally the community around environmental
conservation," said Graham Stapleberg, VP of Marketing for Billabong.
"An iconic place like Malibu is also the perfect site for this."

On October 9th, the first WSR will be officially designated during an
enshrinement ceremony at Surfrider Beach in Malibu. The California surf
break has been recognized as one of the world's "perfect waves"
but has been continuously and adversely affected by poor water quality due
to sewage runoff from the city of Malibu and other environmental pressures
from the greater Los Angeles area. The Malibu World Surfing Reserve aims to
bring important community awareness around the issues of coastal
preservation and surf break protection.

The Malibu World Surfing Reserve events on October 9th will include a
sunrise Chumash ceremony and surfer paddle-out, as well as an 11am
dedication at Surfrider Beach in Malibu, followed by an evening celebration
at Duke's Malibu. More information at www.worldsurfingreserves.org

About World Surfing Reserves: World Surfing Reserves is an initiative
launched by Save The Waves Coalition in 2009 in conjunction with National
Surfing Reserves - Australia, and through additional partnerships with the
International Surfing Association (ISA) and Stanford University's Center for
Responsible Travel (CREST). World Surfing Reserves proactively identifies,
designates and preserves outstanding waves, surf zones and their surrounding
environments, around the world. For more information, please visit

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