Thursday, March 3, 2011

March Update from Holly Beck

As we have said many times Holly Beck lives a very exciting life. She stopped by Body Glove headquarters and gave us a little update between trips.

Woo hoo! Just got back from an incredible trip with the Sector 9 girl's team to Ecuador and the Galapagos. We spent 10 days Sector9ing, surfing, playing with baby seals, snorkeling with hammerhead sharks, kicking soccer balls, making friends, and pulling into beach break tubes. I got so much good GoPro footage and photos and videos that it's gonna take me a while to get through it all.

I'm off to Thailand for 12 days tomorrow morning, so here's just a small sample of what's to come.....

Sneak peek at swimming with baby seals

Team Sector 9 at a Skatepark in Guayaquil. Video by Sumbawa Surf Shop

Hitching a ride from a plane on my Sector 9 Skateboard:

Testing out my GoPro Tail Cam and Body Glove Wetsuit in Redondo Beach

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