Saturday, March 12, 2011

Monday Night BBQ At Jaime's

So we went shopping and bought stuff for a bbq at Jamie O'Brien's house on Monday night. Lot's of great food was cooked. During this time Jamie and his friends decided to catch some fresh fish to add to the mix.
Jamie grabbed his poles and walked out to the surf.
With the bait on the line Jamie paddled out to sea to set the line.
They set the poles and threw a bell on each so they can hear when they have a bite. It didn't take to long. Maybe 45 mins later they had a bite. They reeled in their catch to see what they caught.

They ended up catching a shark. So they took the hook out and threw him back. They left the other line out most of the night. Now keep in mind at night the beach is pretty much pitch black. Somebody was riding a ATV across the beach and coming across where the line was set out. Now you know where this is going. The guy had a flash light with him so all you see is his light going straight across the beach. He couldn't hear the guys yelling at him and the next thing you know you hear the bell from the pole ringing like crazy and you just see this light flickering all over the place. Next thing you hear is the ilde of a ATV and light on the ground. A few seconds later the guy (or gal, since it was pitch black we never saw who it was) got up and rode off. Needless to say the pole stayed out and they ended up catching another shark and letting him go. BBQ ended with some good food, cold beers and some great stories to take home.

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