Monday, October 3, 2011

Nate Yeoman's Places 2nd!

A special congrats to Body Glove team rider Nate Yeomans for a second place finish at the ASP PRIME Billabong Azores Islands last weekend. Nate placed second to C.J. Hobgood in an epic encounter which came down to an explosive final seven minutes with the lead changing, 17.53 to 15.33 in tricky 3-4ft wind affected peaks at Praia de Santa Barbara.

In Nates words: Azores Highlight for me was after the final being up on the podium with with 2 World Champions, CJ hobgood and Occy. Occy came up to me afterwards and said I was the preformer of the event and he was really impressed with my surfing. Are you kidding me, the all time Goofy Footed Power House telling me that he was impressed by my surfing. He said," I was the stand out of the event in his mind." WOW. I cant really say anything else except thats going to be one of the highlights of my surfing career. At that point I felt like I won the comp either way, so thanks Occy.

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