Monday, October 31, 2011

Alex Gray New Videos- Tahiti- Fiji, Mexico and More

Alex Gray has been a very, very busy man lately and his winter has not even started. Between scoring two separate massive swells in Tahiti, he squeezed in all time Cloudbreak in Fiji with Kelly Slater and some ridiculous barrels in Mexico with Dane Reynolds. He also launched a blog called TurkeyMelt, helped Body Glove win the Transworld Imaginarium with Jamie O'Brien and Cheyne Magnusson, taught kids how to surf, judged a dog surfing event, scored heavy Shipstern's Bluff in Tasmania and went to Japan for some Sumo wrestling. We can't wait to see what happens this winter in Hawaii, California and anywhere else where the waves are pumping. Please enjoy the fruits of Alex's labor.

Odd-size Baggage - Alex Gray from Body Glove on Vimeo.

Chevron learn to surf day from Turkeymelt on Vimeo.

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