Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bob Meistrell's Submarine Dive

Today I was so lucky to be able to go and watch my Great Uncle, Bob Meistrell go on a practice dive in his submarine to get ready for his deep dive this Saturday. Uncle Bob owns the submarine with Kurt Siverts, son of Don Siverts. My grandfather Bill, Uncle Bob and Don have all been partners in this submarine for over 30 years. Don and Kurt are the designers and creators.

On the boat today we had Jack Laisure, who helped make the submarine and has worked with Kurt for the last 22 years. He made the port holes, hatch and ceiling system and handles communications and tracking while the submarine is underwater. Mike Brider grew up with Kurt and still works and dives with him. He was friends with my grandfather Bill Meistrell and thinks it is fabulous that everyone is still diving together. Larry Ott has been working with Kurt on the submarine for 6 years running the boat the "Mother Goose." He drives the boat and manages the underwater tracking, making sure to maintain signal with the submarine. The youngest crew member, Hanson, Kurt's son, has been working on the last few jobs. He looked like a natural out there. He has been down in the submarine to 111 feet. Jocko, Uncle Bob's Dive Safety Officer is always close by. Jocko said a submarine " is a safe way to explore the ocean floor. You don't get wet and you don't have to worry about Nitrogen. I think that for his age and how active he is that he is continuing to prove himself as a pioneer of the ocean."

The Submarine- it only fits two people laying down... tight quarters!!!
Redondo Beach Harbor
Bob Meistrell and Kurt Siverts
GPS system that using Pings to follow their dive
Bob and Patty Meistrell with the Submarine
Bob getting ready to get in the Submarine
Its a tight fit!!!
The inside of the Submarine.
Getting situated.
Hanson Siverts sending the Submarine off...
Me and Aunt Patty waiting their return!
Off they go!

It was a great day out on the water! Stay tuned for more photos and a video of the dive this coming Saturday...

Over and out!

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