Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Body Glove Team Rider's New Years Resolutions

We asked our OH SO TALENTED team riders what their New Years Resolutions were. We got some pretty wild responses... hope you enjoy!!!

Jeff McKee: I'm looking to put together the best video section of my career this year for Slingshot's "Lipsmack" team video premiering in May. If that goes according to plan, I'd like to celebrate by going to my first ever rave. Take all my friends in an RV out to the middle of nowhere and then dance our asses off. We may have to go to Germany for this, not really sure...Hopefully the field is filled with soap bubbles too. That would blow my mind.
We are waiting for our invite!

Matt Pagan: My new years resolution is to build a piece of furniture, considering my dad is a building contractor and to win a big event this year :)
We hope you'll win a big event too!

Austin Ware: I am going to make an effort to be more creative in my way of life.

Cheyne Magnusson: My new years resolution is to not make resolutions. It’s also to get a haircut.

Alex “Wisdom” Gray: Find the meaning of life, pull the sword out of the stone, and dance all over the 8th world wonder.

Chandler Parr: Work out/ train every day with world class trainer Rob Parr (my pops) haha
Finally get dive certified!
You know where to go to get certified!

Nathan Yeomans: My new years resolution is to rock my Prime wetsuit every session and get the best neck tan line on the west coast. Booo Yaaaaaa

Clay Pollioni: My new years resolution is to use less plastic bottles!
So are we!!!

James Balzer: Ride a board every day of the year (skateboard, snowboard, wakeskate, waterboard, or whatever), Learn how to swim, Spend over $5000 on boat gas. That’s like 250 sets (man i would be so good), Not swear (oh crap this going to be an easy one), Hold my breath for over one minute, Land the flip (wakeskating, of course), Never cut my hair, Cut my lawn to look like a baseball diamond all year.
Balzer you are too crazy!

Rusty Malinoski: Stop eating fast food three times a day.

Harley Clifford: Invent a bunch of new tricks this year, Win King of the Wake again, Get good at surfing, Go to California and eat In N’ Out Burger.
mmm In N' Out!

Bob Soven: Run a four minute mile. It’s been a childhood goal. If 2012 is going to be our last year in existence, then I’m putting my heart into this one.

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