Monday, April 16, 2012

Harley Clifford Lands First-Time Move At Wake Games

Harley Clifford & Rusty Malinoski
In the "Expression Session" contest at Wake Games on April 14, Harley Clifford landed the sport's first wake-to-wake 1080 (without the use of a double up) from a switch toeside approach. Rusty Malinoski landed the move off the double up in Reno, Nevada two years prior. Harley took home $5,000 for his efforts and shared the podium with Olivier Derome, who also landed the same move right after Harley -- a true moment in wakeboarding history.

Also, congrats to Bob Soven for taking 3rd in the Pro Men Final as well as Josh Twelker, who landed in second in Junior Pro Men.

Watch Harley's 1080 here:

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