Monday, July 30, 2012

CA 1nvasion Tour- Southern California

The Body Glove California Invasion tour strikes again. The second stop of the INVASION started in Orange County with coffee and donuts at Bliss Magazine. "Hide your kids and hide your wives cause we are back on the road" said Body Glove professional surfer Cheyne Magnusson.
The team at Blisss Magazine.
This part of the tour went from LA to San Diego with Jamie O'Brien, Anthony Walsh, Matt Pagan, Nate Yeomans, and Cheyne Magnusson.

"The goal of the tour is to create awareness for the brand and to give back to the stores that have been supporting us for almost 60 years", says Matt Walls, the West Coast Sales Manager.
The team with some local groms.
Saturday morning saw the team in Huntington beach at the Mauiola Foundations event taking kids with cystic fibrosis surfing. "I was one of the first people to work with the foundation in California so to get another chance to help out really meant a lot", says Jamie O'Brien. It seemed like every professional surfer in California was out here today, which is really great to see."
Mauli Ola Foundation Day at the Beach with the Body Glove Crew.
The tour headed back up to LA for the re-grand opening of ET surf in Hermosa Beach. ET has been one of our greatest retailers over the years and we were really stoked to be a part of the day with all of our team", says VP of Marketing Scott Daley. Body Glove is still a family owned business and that is seen more on the road then any other time with second generation owner Ronnie Meistrell at the helm of the bus. "Its the greatest way to really show people what the brand is about. We have a great group of athletes who really represent the brand like my uncle and dad did when they started it", says Ronnie. 
The crew at ET Surfboards
This is the second part of the tour for the team and the same question still remains, "Where is JOB?" Sunday night was sushi and karaoke with Transworld Surf in San Clemente. JOB started off the night with his version of Ace of Base "All That She Wants". Theres nothing better than karaoke to see the real side of someone and that was very true when Matt Pagan went up on stage as DJ Smooth Skin. We've spent a lot of time standing on the beach filming Matt surf but had no idea that he had that in him. "And the captains hat just put it over the top", says Body Glove entertainment's Scott Smith. 
Sushi night!!!!
Transworld Karaoke Night!
The team then headed down to Oceanside to work with the Jimmy Miller Foundation and the Wounded Warrior Ocean Therapy program. The Body Glove team spent half the day surfing with marines who have been injured during their service to our country. "The professional therapists and volunteer surfers of the Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation were thrilled to have the help and support of the awesome Body Glove team. The Body Glove surfers were great in the water and genuine in our unique Kumbaya discussion sessions with the wounded ill and injured marines." says Jim Miller. 
Anthony Walsh with a marine.

Body Glove Team riders on an Amphibious vehicle at Camp Pendleton
Wounded Warriors Ocean Therapy Session.
Next stop was one of the most iconic surf towns in California, Ocean Beach. "Its like going back in time when you get into town", says Greg Browning. "It was probably my favorite stop on and such a great last day!" About 100 kids got autographed stickers and T-shirts. Another successful tour in the books. Thank you to everyone for their help on the tour. 

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