Thursday, July 12, 2012

South Bay Dozen SB12 7/7/12

South Bay Dozen SB12 7/7/12
Waterman/Waterwomen Competition Torrance Beach CA
12 events Men & Women with a "Bakers Dozen" 13th Event with a mix of everything & everyone at the end of the day...All proceeds go to The Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation JMMF...

A beautiful day at Torrance Beach, couldn't ask for better weather

Hard at work representing the "Any hand, Anywhere..."

Baby Girl Finn Murphy having a fun time with the Body Glove hands

JMMF Intermission to let the families know why we are there, and to give thanks to all the sponsors 

The "13th" event

Lifeguard Tom Seth's board repping Body Glove

Body Glove HS Team Rider Rachel Tominaga participated in the days events...

A great day of sun & family fun!!!! Thanks SB12 & JMMF for letting us be apart for your awesome event!!

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