Thursday, August 23, 2012

Noah Flegel Wins Jr. Pro Men Wakeboard at Nationals & Worlds

By: Paulie Koch

This year, a few of my good friends let me stay at their house and ride with them in Florida to get ready for the 2012 season. One of those people was Noah Flegel and his family. At the WWA Nationals on August 4, Noah stepped up and took his first win of his Jr. Pro Men career! Two weeks later at Worlds, he wanted to take that National title and make it a World title. And by the looks of his run he was not joking around.

Noah went out and stomped a Moby Dick 540 (backflip, backside 540) on the second trick in his finals run. This caught everyone's attention.  Noah continued twith a Crow move 540 (front flip, frontside 540), Two different 720s and a massive heelside frontside 900 of the double up. Noah had the best run I have ever seen him put together! Noah took the top spot with that sick run followed by Tony Iacconi in second and Dirty Mike Dowdy in third. Congrats to Noah on getting a win at both Nationals and Worlds...  well deserved!

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