Thursday, October 18, 2012

Body Glove's 2012 Fall Wetsuits

Using the latest technology we have insulated the entire lining of the suit with our Advanced Pyrostretch composite material from the chest down and added Glideskin neck lining for ultimate comfort. The entire suit features Vaporlock seams covering every inch of which is locked tight with our Fluid seal lining. Nano Tri-tech kneepads and an easy-entry slant zip make this the easiest suit to get in and out of. 

The Vapor is the most tried and proven wetsuit in existence. Approaching its tenth year on the market, it remains second to none. It sets the standard for warmth, flexibility, and comfort. Its unique  100% Vapor Stretch water repellent technology is often copied and never perfected. The Vapor also features 100% Vapor-lock seams, Thermofiber from the chest down, and Nano-tritec kneepads. This wetsuit is available in 5/4/3, 4/3, and 3/2. 

The CT wetsuit is for the competitive surfer, who needs the lightest suit available to help make those fast sections and keep those airs lofty. With 100% Magna Flex, this is Body Glove's highest performing stretch material and is 10% lighter than standard neoprene. The CT comes in a slant zip chest entry with a concealed left shoulder bib cinch for reduced water flushing. It also features vapor lock seams, an interior Thermolite chest panel, and Nano Tritec kneepads.

The brand new Legends wetsuit was made in honor of Body Glove founders Bob and Bill Meistrell and designed for the more mature surfer. You'll have no problem getting in and out of this suit, and here's why. The Legends wetsuit has a fuller torso cut and extended back zip, for maximum ease of entry and exit. It is made of 100% Eco Flex, the purest form of non-toxic material on the planet, environmentally friendly non-petroleum Bio-Stretch rubber, with anti-microbial properties. 

The Legends also features Vapor-lock seams with 100% exterior fluid seal, an interior floodgate to keep that chill off your back, plus Nano Tritec Kneepads. Its equipped with an unfinished collar, wrist, and ankle cuffs helping to eliminate a major point of water entry and a right arm exterior zip key pocket. If you're an old guy that still rips, you deserve the best product and the Legends wetsuit was designed for you. 

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