Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Austin Ware's Solid Session in Central America

In the words of Austin Ware:

I went down there with my friend Jd Lewis because we saw a swell coming for Central America. I wanted to go down and get some right point surfing so I could feel confident going into the next 6* event in Sri Lanka which is so happens to be at a right hand point venue. So we booked the flight that night grabed some boards, trunks and wax and bailed for the red eye flight. We woke up to overhead surf and clean conditions. While I was there I was working on a new air (pic 2), where I grab the board pass it through my legs and slam dunk land, haha. After a few failed attempts I went back to my trusty carves and buried some rail. After 3 session's a day for 3 days I felt it was time to get home because my arms were cooked into noodles and my legs were out of energy.

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