Monday, June 21, 2010

From The Camera Of Chewy

Pictures from Body Glove Team Manager Matt "Chewy" Chernega's own camera.
Scott Smith getting his video gear together at BG Hq.
Matt Pagan in the El Porto parking lot.

Natalie Anzivino
Alex Gray, Matt Pagan and Austin Ware one winter morning in the El Porto parking lot.
Austin Ware
Chandler Parr going for a surf.

Aaron Checkwood, Photo Editor of Transworld Surf, came down to the South Bay one morning to shoot.
Matt Pagan and Alex Gray in the El Porto parking lot.
Nate Yeomans
South Bay Surf Photographer: Mike Balzer
Bikini Models!
BG tradeshow booth entrance.
Chewy taking a picture of himself on a banner above the tradeshow booth.
Swimwear models relaxing.
Brett hanging with friend at the show.
Orlando at sunset.
Driving at night on Orlando freeways.
Brett making the best of a lousy situation.
Back at home, Holly Beck going out at El Porto.
Mike Balzer and Holly Beck talk strategy on the best place to get the shot.
Natalie all smiles

Matt checking out his broken foot.

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