Friday, July 2, 2010

Body Glove's Nate Yeomans Works with Surfer's Healing

ASP World Tour Campaigner Nate Yeomans Gives Back with Surfer's Healing

DOHENY BEACH, California/USA (Thursday, July 1, 2010) - Nate Yeomans (USA), 28, is one of California's greatest ever exports. A lightning-fast forehand and backhand approach that mixes no-nonsense carves with a full array of progressive fin-free and aerial maneuvers, Yeomans has been at the vanguard of futuristic surfing for years. Into his rookie year on the ASP World Tour, Yeomans finds himself in the fight of his life to crack the Top 32 following Tahiti and stay amongst the world's elite. Despite all this, Nate still takes time to volunteer with Surfer's Healing (an organization that takes Autistic children and gets them in the water surfing), where he was a major attraction to the kids at Doheny yesterday.

"I have a cousin that suffers from autism," Yeomans said. "I actually got the call from a friend yesterday to come down and help out. It was amazing to see how it really soothes the kids when there out there surfing. I was talking to a mom of one of the grommets and see said, 'It's a sensory overload for them out in the water. All the different feelings that are going on really mellows out the kids.' It's just like us. That's why we surf, and to be able to share that with them was one of the raddest things I've done. The only bummer was none of the kids wanted to leave. One of the boys, Jordan, got done surfing. They brought him in, and as soon as he touched the sand he turned around and ran right back to the water and started swimming to get back on a board. Its was awesome."

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