Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Holly Beck Update Before Heading Home

From the mouth/keyboard/pen of Holly Beck

Good Morning!
I hope you had an awesomely sunny, red white and blue 4th! It was my last weekend in California for a while and I caught up with my friends from Body Glove in Hermosa Beach. We just got back from Fiji filming another Drop Zone where we surfed epic Cloudbreak, swam with manta rays, and dove with bull sharks!

Check out my blog for stories and a few photos from Drop Zone Fiji. The film will premiere sometime in November.
For more stories and photos from the rest of the crew (Alex Gray, Cheyne Magnusson, Bede Durbidge, and Maria Del Mar)
Body Glove also finally released the short film "We Love Sharks" by Scott Smith which shows me getting a chance to be a part of tagging a whale shark, travel adventures in Mexico, and outside of the cage with great whites. Awesome experiences!
You can watch the 17 min film here:
I was also featured in the Athleta catalog recently. Surprisingly, they didn't airbrush away my logos! If you didn't receive the catalog in the mail, check it out here!
Finally, in less than 48 hours I will be headed back home to Nicaragua! I can't wait!!!
I'll be co-hosting a surf, yoga, volunteering trip with SYRV.org August 30 - Sept 6. We'll be surfing, doing yoga, and helping to complete the community center which will allow the local village access to sewing machines, computers, after-school programs, and clean water! Join us!!!
More info here: http://surfwithhollybeck.com/Giving_Back/Entries/2010/6/30_Surf_Yoga_Volunteer_with_SYRV.org______Join_us_8_30_10_to_9_6_10.html
That's all for now!
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