Saturday, July 3, 2010

Surf, Yoga, Volunteer with SYRV and Holly Beck 8/30-9/6

We are excited to announce that August 30 - September 6 (Labor Day Holiday) will be SYRV's Surf Yoga Volunteer Adventure VI with your hosts Monique Evans, Holly Beck, Christine West (Yoga) and our awesome ground crew Gerry, Luis, Mike and Jane.

Our team and past travelers have accomplished so much this past year!

We have now almost completed building the community center which will store BioSand filter materials for clean water, computers, sewing machines, art & music supplies, sports equipment, organic gardening, English classes and more.

We'll be headed to Jiquilillo for 4 nights and then south to San Juan del Sur for 3 nights.

Expect amazing (beginner & advanced) surf, yoga, heartfelt volunteering and great company!

We will be working on the completion of the SYRV Community Center, clean water projects, feeding the children that live at the dump yard, giving out donations and more.

As for extra activities, we will have surf, fishing trips, volcano hikes, kayaking, horseback riding, zip lining and more!

Get in the water and learn or enhance your skills with a pro!

Private sessions with Holly Beck available for supplemental fees -
One hour Surf Lesson (guaranteed to have you standing up) $75
One two-hour Coaching Session $100
Three Coaching Sessions $250

All inclusive prices (airfare not included) start at $1000. Airfare is approximately $400-$500 from LAX.

All details available at - or email

This trip has limited space so if you are interested fill out the registration form on the site.

For a recap and photos from our last 3 trips check out this link -

SYRV is partnered with Project Lagoon (nonprofit w/501(c)(3) status focused on Nicaragua development). All donations and a portion of your SYRV trip to Nicaragua are tax deductible.


"What a profound journey, life altering experience, and eye opening adventure. My perspective is shifted and my body is still buzzing!"

“The experience is beyond amazing. I invite anybody even just THINKING about it ... GO! it may just change your life in the best way imaginable.” –Kim R.

"This trip really gave me the opportunity to use my skills and knowledge to give back to the community, as well as enabling me to experience the beauty and culture of Nicaragua in a very hands-on and personal way. Donating just one week of my time I was able to collaborate with a great team to provide clean drinking water for hundreds of school children for many years to come. More than any other project I have completed during my career it was the water purification shelter that made the years of education at architecture school worthwhile. It is amazing to see how even the most modest project can have such a significant impact on the lives of those that are in need." – L. Hoad

"An eye-opening, and wonderful trip." --Shayla Paxton

"Make no mistake: you will have fun on this trip, but more importantly, you will never forget the experiences you have and relationships you forge, and having made a real difference in people's everyday lives, you will return to your own with a new understanding of what you really need." -Hank O.

"I can't say enough about the connections we made with each other and the personal growth I experienced while on this trip. Every day, while learning about this new culture and each other, I was also learning about myself. I'm so grateful for that." - Jennifer M.

"Words cannot accurately describe my recent trip to Nicaragua. It was fulfilling in ways that I could not imagine. Unexpected surprises occurred daily and friendships were formed during some unforgettable excursions. The volunteer work we did turned our surf/yoga retreat into a divine spiritual adventure. Many of us were overwhelmed by the children in Jiquilillo and Chinandega. It didn't matter what they were receiving-- a bowl of soup, a surf lesson, a new pair of Adidas tennis shoes or even a toothbrush, the kids were always grateful. And despite having very little--- their hearts would be busting with joy every time they caught a glimpse of us riding down a dirt road, in an open vehicle. Sharing with others less fortunate, communing with nature and getting to know new people made my entire experience worthwhile and I would not hesitate to do it again." - M.De Ruse

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